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Mi Luoxi location in Hunan Hunan has been training young experts Wang Shihai former Greentown replaced since then, he bid farewell to football, has been floated in the West.
    In fact, the Miluo Xi is a genuine first come to China to teach for the former Yugoslavia coach, Wholesale football shirt shop even the all-powerful Santrac is over after him. However, in comparison, and Sonny, Mi Luoxi that in addition to third in Sichuan, has been the lack of sufficient performance to their team coach to add weight to a higher level. 7 years in China, he basically is not the end of the season to be driven after class.
    Latter half of 2006 after school, Mi Luoxi go to the Middle East. For many of the former Yugoslavia coach, in addition to this market in China, another colony of their survival is the West, and a good number of big-name coaches like Petkovic this level with the national team coach can go in the Middle East Some of the clubs, to the annual salary is high, a small number of well-known coach, you can only choose not to occupy the mainstream in the Arab world, Bahrain, Oman, Syria and other countries led the league to go.
    Miluo Xi is like China, Chongqing in 2003 he coached before, but also received from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia world cup football shirt and Slovenia's invitation, but he chose to Lifan. "I can not forget the Chinese, from Chinese club any invitation to me, as long as good faith, and I are willing to accept."
    Mi Luoxi leaving China, received a team from Bahrain linked 赛巴塞蒂德 invited him to a season coaching there. This is a middle in Bahrain is the team, the greatest honor the history of the 2002/03 season is to get a cup of Bahrain, and that the club is not the best team in football, but volleyball. This is not the first time Miluo Xi Bahrain team coach, left the Lifan 2003, he went to the Bahrain Islamic coach Terry Law, which is the 1995/97 season he coached the team. Later, he Lifan Hunan many players with too, so he was early termination of the contract with the club came to China in Bahrain, but did not think had wages and are forced to leave things.
    Coached one season in Bahrain, the Mi Luoxi returned to his hometown of Rijeka, where the three-tier league club gave Gloria the club than the middle of the coach made a season, 1993/94 season, where he also taught . Season before coming to China is the second in Oman through the league, the coach of the team is DHOFAR. Italian Football Shirts This is also Miluo Xi's old club, the 1994/95 season, he was here goof. It seems difficult to explain why the third Miluo Xi returned to Hunan, because he is a man of nostalgia.
    Mi Luoxi the time most players have their own dedicated Rijeka, 1975 to 1984, he represented the team played 618 games. Moreover, from 1979 to 1981, Rijeka club hired a legendary figure in their history, in this year's Super League, he is definitely the man, this person is Blazevic.
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When the outside world is expected to take over the Olympic Su Maozhen news came few days after the renewal of Shanghai Shenhua and Blazevic topic, have still not conclusive. As of today, Shenhua senior commander in the cloth adhere to avoid infinitely close to the coach with the Olympic rumors of Shenhua handsome contract with the cloth, while the results, but insist: "We and handsome cloth communication, Soccer Jersey negotiation, and so everything is still continuing, but there is no final outcome. "

Although not familiar with Shenhua put on a handsome cloth in contact with the Olympic posture, but now all on the team Shenhua things in an orderly proceeding. Access to the world, whether quietly marshal's action, the Commissioner or sent to South America, in close contact with some foreign teachers to choose the pace of foreign aid is strong, Shenhua did not have signs of slowing down. In addition, a good news also recently finalized: 2011 season, the Shenhua team will officially return to the blue color of the shirt national soccer jersey .

"This is what it says we, the 2010 season was indeed the reason of taking into account the Expo, as the Shanghai team, we have a special symbolic significance of the collection of shirts and red and blue, but now we sponsor has been finalized 2011 season, the team's return to the blue home jerseys, while the white away jersey is still mired in basically a set down. "Shenhua investors Jun Zhu, also recently confirmed the first time fans will be returned to a favorite shirt," Shenhua blue "color.

In addition, in handsome cloth into a seesaw battle with the Shenhua while contract talks, now have another source said: "The recent addition of Shenhua Xuanshuai in handsome cloth never stopped working. Shenhua contacts in the candidates, in addition to Shenhua explained again and again for the AFC top developed market, is looking beyond the world of marshal, in fact, some well-known coaches, especially in some of Shanghai's nationality is idle domestic marshal, has also been expressed through various channels to Shenhua with affection. and they all said they stood ready to try to knock a variety portugal jersey of ways Shenhua this gate. "

It is understood that the relevant high-level leaders responsible for the Shenhua and the desire to teach local coaches in contact with Shenhua in the process, most of the time of stay in the tactics of football, the idea of some aspects of communication, the contract did not involve a real coach . "Shenhua is now estimated in the final message of old cloth, and cloth handsome if the renewal of Shenhua some problems, these efforts made by Shenhua now, apparently the first time will have a team of rapid response it, rather than appear No situation can be handsome. "
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A 90-minute football game of the most poor score? It is said that the Yugoslav league in 1979, there was a staggering 134 to 1, when it was predicted that the "unprecedented." But 23 years later, this record will be ruthlessly broken, to accomplish this "feat" is from the African island nation of Madagascar's two Wholesale football shirt shop teams, who on October 31 in the national Championship Round 6 has created more than 149 0 record of terror.
The winning party is called AS A Dema team, but this is not a goal of 149 AS A Dema players from the foot, all the goals come from the failure of one party - the players create their own Olympic Amy. In other words, a party dedicated to the defeat 149 opponents own goals.
The process of making history is this: the coach of Olympic Amy La Zhaka in the game with the referee when the value of the dispute, the results of the players for the Olympic Amy purpose of venting their anger frantically stormed the side door. world cup football shirt Whenever I get from kick-off circle, the team players to their own goal line neatly Nushe, one by one goal to the other players Dai Li when the Church, and the referee also did not terminate the game, eventually more than 149 0 - The history of world football's first poor score was born.
League of Madagascar in two phases, the first phase a total of 7 teams participated, after the round robin stage of the former four into the second double-play cycle, first won the championship. AS A Dema Amy with the Olympic games in the last round, before AS A Dema plot 9 points and 6 points within the Olympic Amy, who won as long as two goals ahead of the competition can get the title. It is in this context nerves snapped, subjected to unfair treatment within the skill out of the Olympic Amy so surprise.
But the last game was not recognized by FIFA and the Football Association, the Olympic coach, and Amy in spanish league football shirts the field all the players are fined lifetime ban.
Official recognition of the current record is Australia Oceania World Cup qualifier in 2002, the United States is in the game in 31:0 Summaya
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As of yesterday, a total of 88 games this season, at least one score of 81 points or less, with this in mind, Bryant's feat of 81 points can indeed be regarded as "a person against a Soccer Jerseyteam." One day, Bryant's 81 points and even Wilt Chamberlain's 100 points are likely to be beyond the later ones, but they soon as the five-story, will become classics in the word of legend.
Basketball history just over a hundred years,
Although such a crazy situation to score rare, but not rare. Here are some staggering enough to the "one team":
● recorded basketball game, most players scoring a national soccer jersey Swedish teenagers. February 5, 1974, Wo Meilin team in a game to 0 victory over 272 competitors, 13-year-old Wo Meilin arranged all of this team's score.
● 1953, the Los Angeles team to the state colonel over 206 champagne than 82 junior teams, John Barber scored 188 points, 106 more than the opponent team points.
● Women's basketball is also no lack of hero, Boyd high school girls in 1929 to 3 163 in a game hit 156 points, the highest high school girls basketball scoring record, with 79 points from free throws.
● 1954  2 13, Foreman big school players to Serbia to help their team defeated Newberry College 149 than 95, he not only contributed in the race 100 points, people are up to 62.1 shooting %.
● In the 1904-1905 season, a college league, the University of Wisconsin Steinmetz hit 44 points to help the team achieve victory in 80 than 10, to know when each team in scoring, but two or three very .
● NBA history, the "triple-double king" Oscar Robertson is back in college master grab points, he was in a game for the University of Cincinnati by 56 points, which seems nothing, but his rival Seton Hall University received a total of only 54 points.
● basketball legend Louis Ossetia was the first player to use one-handed jumper, New Year's Day 1938, spain soccer jerseys he scored 50 points as Stanford University, to enable the team to beat Duke 92 vs 27 Disney University.
● John Anderson is the beginning of the last century, the darling of Buck Cornell University, who in 1903 with the Philadelphia University in a game of 80 points that game than the final score was 159 5.
● In 1921, William Miller, University of Michigan and Indiana University to vote in a game in 14 minutes, someone will say that this is not a feat, but the game's score was 14 to 0, and Miller, who arranged an audience for a all score.
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World Cup four-year cycle to the world's attention will focus on South Africa. At the same time, the clothing brand's duel played the same battle.  Wholesale football shirt shop This is a commercial society. Football has become the leading brand of clothing brand promotion, a powerful tool to gain market share. World Cup have become a rare case of the clothing brand fierce battle of the time.
World Cup players wearing a jersey contest publicity is great. Appears on the screen when the big players in robust figure, the jersey will soon greet a trademark chest audience eyes. In particular, first-class players will be wearing a sports brand focused attention of fans around the world. World Cup has already become a fashion brand battlefield battlefield. This can be brought confirmation on the World Cup qualifying team  world cup football shirt .
32 teams in the World Cup, but the sponsor's brand jersey was only 7. Three major sportswear brands Nike, Adidas and Puma sponsored a total of 28 teams.
9 Nike sponsorship, heavyweight Brazil, the Netherlands and Portugal. Nike jersey is characterized by environmental protection, said by 8 per shirt is made of plastic bottles dissolved.
Adidas is the number of first prize, as the official partner of the World Cup were sponsored by 12 countries, heavyweight France, Argentina, Germany and Spain.
Puma's killer is a former world champion Italy, the Puma shirt design times for Italy also won the Red Dot Design Award, jersey cut through the study of human motion data by design, said the technology, called BattleSkin athletes in each sport with a minimum of force. In fact, the Puma's base in Africa, almost all African national soccer team sponsored by Puma, Puma marginalization of this year to take from the success English Premier League football shirts of guerrilla marketing strategies, low cost of sponsorship effect is very good, the maximum extension of the Puma brand.
We can smell the world the taste of the business community to better feel the marketing everywhere, but these are the giants of the game, for we still have real grass-roots marketing is to do, not to have to BRIC with a block of stone to build their own foundation.

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December 4, 2010 Xinye first organized, disciplined, on the scale, the bosses have investment returns, salary players, sponsors of advertising effects, there are passionate fans of the new soccer field officially into the formal world!

    Our team slogan is: a hundred years to the "world"!

    Belief in our team are: Football is love,  Wholesale Soccer Jersey Supplier so that more people playing professional football on the grass!

    Three years ago, Ayala several guys on the pitch the ball, we have inadvertently referred to a fixed contact! Thus the QQ group: 90400587 football for the contact group set up, within a year after we all cried in the top play, good results! Also organized two games, a Nanyang Polytechnic, a Nanyang Teachers.

    Last year, the group entered hibernation. We only occasionally shouting numerous kicks to the Fairview Park to play soccer, but also has some effect, we can go and see, half a "vegetable" is draw with the.

    This year, after the World Cup look younger than my point of few brothers have taken up the team's beam! Make the goal, national soccer jersey buy number himself, and then buy jerseys. In our joint efforts, the team also went to Nanyang attended the first "happy growth" Cup (formerly the Fire Cup), and took fourth. In our joint efforts, we found the owner (shareholder one brother), so our three-year effort has finally borne fruit - the new wild world football!

    We need new force! If it is rushed through the spectators, you know Xinye have a dream that has been hard for the young soccer. If there is an investment capacity of the elegant, you know, when the company can also play football. If so want to play with, here is your real home. If the fans can support the life you have a  Germany Soccer Jersey home team.

    Hope all Xinye love of the game are more concerned about the concerns of the villagers under the roots of our own team - the new wild world soccer
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While on a commemorative jersey with a World Cup star is not too long, Adidas has designed a Spanish version of the national team jersey, this jersey will be accompanied by  thai jersey Spain in the 2012 European Championship qualifier.

New Jersey added a dynamic blue stripes to match the color of shorts. An increase in a yellow collar at the thin line to correspond to the Spanish flag colors. The chest is france soccer jerseys need to carefully observe some of the details: Football Association logo on the left chest of a Western star pattern, and right chest of the 2010 World Cup logo.

A new dress in the Spanish national team's friendly against Portugal on Wednesday for the first italy soccer jersey time on the court appearance.
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I expect tonight's game and the result is similar to the results of 0 to 3 is normal. But the IOC played a bit petulant calls. I do not know if this is the arrangement of the Olympic coach, player or fear of losing heart, afraid of South Korea. South Korea is South Korea, and China is not the real China as the last.

   Just getting to feel the Olympic playing field a bit out of line, the midfield link is not enough, especially the midfield and up front.  Wholesale football shirt shop Chinese team has five midfield, but we can clearly see when the Chinese attack on the ball when the organization, only 2 of the midfield, the other player? All run and play up front to go. I am eager to understand their meritorious service, but football is a group project, individual alone is not enough. To coach the second half has not played a role in the adjustment, but out of touch more serious, which is inevitable lose.

   The gap between China and South Korea soccer game then we can clearly see, we can not put all the blame to the coach who can not blame players. Deep-seated reason is the time when we people in the fixing of matches in the Development League, our youth system is a mess. The people around us now is to play less and less,   world cup football shirt  I remember I was there summer home in our sporting goods store to buy uniforms, the boss said no one jersey for a long time to buy, they would prefer to not enter the football clothing, said now playing Tingduo basketball people.  football national teams Asian Games, Chinese sports delegation Zhaijinduoyin look, we can not help but sad for the Chinese soccer, football as the first big movement in China is still so backward. Advantages in the development of the project we must also make up for our weaknesses.

   Losing is not terrible, terrible football national teams  is indifferent, do not let us bring the Chinese football is Unfair. Chinese football long way to go, let us look forward to Chinese football tomorrow.

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Japanese team jersey:

FASHION Asia and around the world as the focus of Japan, the jersey is very particular about the design. Jersey is the traditional dark blue, the sea, the compliance
Island surrounded by the sea image. Note that the jersey does not indulge in the flag "disclosure" in the body, its main color instead of red and Wholesale football shirt shop white flag in the Chinese team jersey reflected in the (Chinese team home jersey is white, even the pants are white, Oh , seems to be a white flag to surrender?) elements of traditional culture was added to make more unique Japanese aesthetic value jersey. The latest jersey design theme is "Revolution", the design is the meaning of "to lead the revolution of the feathers." The biggest highlight is the inclusion of the Japanese Bird "black gold" feathers, feathers accumulate in the shirt to form a complex pattern of positive, bless every member of a Japanese national team. Shirt collar area below the red square represents the Japanese people, on the left chest of the Football Association has placed the logo at the top side of a small Japanese flag, logo below is the English word JAPAN. Japan Football Association since 1999 and Adidas collaboration, today it is providing Adidas Japan's seventh national team jersey pieces, starting from the 2006 World Cup jersey, gradually adding the traditional Japanese elements, now strength of the Japanese national team is not only growing the team, the team has completely stood the packaging world. Jersey before the flame appeared in the cuff /  world cup football shirt wave pattern has also been unique.

South Korea Jerseys:

Red Devils of Asia, Korea Taiji Hu sponsored by Nike shirt, tiger is the Aspect logo, jersey also used the "tiger stripes" as a floral, simple prompt, and overall very strong. Printed on the back of the shirt collar "Korea" (Korea) patterns, was Korea's national flag inside the collar pattern. South Korea team logo embroidered in the lining of usefulness of traditional Korean calligraphy writing "Tuhon" ("fighting spirit") pattern, it is encouraged.

Chinese team jersey:

Adidas also sponsors, I do not see anything special, bloggers see for yourself. Yes, the Chinese team's alias is "Long Zhidui", now called the printing of "worm of the team." It is said that a home has changed to red, red and white for decades has been among the decision-making was.

Adidas has a slogan on the shirt: one shirt, a story (EVERY TEAM NEEDS A SHIRT WITH A STORY).
Our story?

The following is the story I found:

For the outside world the Chinese team jersey style debate, Adidas has become quite helpless. "Because we design is complete, there should be sent to the leadership of the Chinese Football Association review, by their approval to put into production." But the Football Association officials on the clothing, "the more white the better" requirement, which is also the designer was scratching its head. Jing Tao Sports cheap football shirts thailand Marketing Manager explains: "For example, the Chinese team in 2004, the game design service, streamlined shoulder decoration, we would have designed to yellow, which makes the overall effect is very good clothes. But look at the leaders of the Football Association After over design, adhere to yellow to white. probably not the same as it is aesthetic point of view.

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Football is undoubtedly find their own discussion boring, this is still no exception. Asian Games men's soccer, the Chinese Olympic team at the gates of  thai jersey  mercury spilled in a camel has the same disparity score (zero to three) total defeat of Japan's Olympic team composed of students in the military and South Korean Olympic team. This confrontation has been growing into a tasteless, as big as the Asian Games gold medal is no winner who suspense. Every time before the fans are silly naive hope that a miracle, the results are not a miracle every time (Oh, yes, a miracle occurred in 2002, Japan and South Korea did not participate in qualifying circumstances, the only time the Chinese team into the the World Cup finals and shot a record 270 minutes without a miracle!).

Against the Chinese team has long  Cheap Soccer Jersey  been without the ability. In my opinion, in fact, East Asia has long been the traditional semi-finals only three strong, Asia, Japan and South Korea is absolutely first-class team, proud facade propped up in Asia, has also been the strength of socialism in China, the DPRK over (although others are nationwide system, but people in the World Cup Brazil at least break a goal!). Chinese football has been in debt, has been ...... debt and debt repayment rate faster than the speed, which?

Cai Zhenhua finally on the stands watching the game no patience, depressed left the stadium in advance ......
After the match Sun's Olympic coach that name still use a lot of "if," "may," this series of virtual word of his closing argument, of course, a matter of fact can not blame him ......( cliché, Nan Yang Xie also Bureau yard too!)

Talk about game jersey, jersey interest because I obviously larger at this time. One question I do not understand the long-term, why the Chinese national team jersey long ugly. I still can not understand it, there is no friend  italy soccer jersey  for my solution doubts, the same Adidas jersey, not fashion designers in mainland China? China did not engage in the management of sports image design? Or as otherwise tricky?
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