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The defense decided not to renew his contract with Racing. At 37 years and more than 15 years in the elite of world football, hung up his boots.
The central defender Roberto Wholesale Football Shirt Shop Ayala retired professional activity today at age 37, after communicating to the leadership of Racing will not renew his contract which ends tomorrow with the club.

The entrerriano played 115 games and scored seven goals for the Argentine national  team between 1994 and 2007, a period in which he won the gold medal at the Olympic Games Athens 2004 at the latest achievement.

With blue and white jersey, central defender played in the World Cup France 1998, Korea-Japan 2002 and Germany 2006 and played until the final World Cup Football Shirt  loss to Brazil (0-3) in the Copa America in Venezuela.

After Javier Zanetti (137),of same age ,Ayala is the second player with most appearances in the history of the Argentine national team.

The player arrived Racing earlier this year, which never had continuity, after a long career National Football Shirt in European football.

Ferro Carril Oeste debuted in 1992, two years later played one season at River Plate, which was enshrined in the opening `94, and then left for Napoli in Italy, his first club in Europe.

In 1998 he transferred to Milan, a year later the Italian league champion and in 2000 went to Valencia in Spain, where he played seven years and was chosen as the best defender in the history of the club.

Ayala won the Spanish league in 2002 and 2004 with that institution as well as the UEFA Cup Man U Shirt and European Super Cup in the last season.

In 2007, Villarreal bought your pass but traded him to Zaragoza, where he played three years, suffered a fall and returned to first before returning to Argentine football.
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SANTIAGO, Dec. 30 (Reuters) - The Catholic University of Chile soccer club reported Thursday, the team decided to Argentine midfielder salida Marcelo special, who arrived in the local winner of a new Soccer Jersey loan Boca Juniors team in his country.

The midfielder, 20, will join the club "crossed", whose mission is to replace his compatriot Dario Bottinelli, who had a brief return fans to join this month in Brazil, Flamengo idol.

"This is an outstanding midfielder salida Marcelo agreement with the Catholic University. Thursday confirmed the news, and on Thai Soccer Jerseys Tuesday afternoon in San Diego (...) walking round, closing transactions, will be connected to champion Chile The entire 2011 season, the club said on its Web site (

Catholic led Argentina and Spain Juan Antonio Pizzi, playing next season's Copa Libertadores.

Continental Championships in the traditionally Catholic group and 4 in Caracas, Venezuela, Argentina and Spain Sarsfield between the EU and key areas in Bolivia, the Bolivarian winner.

The "cross"local back from San Diego Algeria soccer jersey before signing Argentine striker Pablo Calandria also.

Bottinelli, who is back this summer with the flamenco in the Catholic Church signed loans of about 3,000,000 Mexico, Atlas, according to media reports.

Meanwhile, representatives of Cañete, Rodrigo Vilarino said, the players are expected to benefit from the cabinet, he Algeria Jersey World Cup has recently become a movement in Brazilian exports in the construction of football midfielder from Chile.

"You have to enjoy economic prosperity, Argentina, Chile hook, "said the player's agent.
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Table albo won 2-1 at Everton, leaving the team without a triple championship marine biology.

Women's football has a new champion, Soccer Jersey beat Colo Colo 2-1 to Everton and left without triple championship, as viñamarinos had lifted the trophy in 2008 and 2009.

In the game that closed the league, two boxes arrived with 6 units, since they had defeated the Spanish Union and Thai Soccer Jerseys University of Chile, so the meeting was a real final.

At 15 'in the first half, a penalty was sanctioned for albo box, that goal changed Ojeda Yipsy defeating Endler Christianne smoothly.

From then on the match became round and Usa Soccer Jersey either of the two tables may have increased the score.

After the break, Everton were all for victory, but it was the colocolinas which increased his lead with Karen Araya scoring at 76 '.

Just 4 minutes later, Valeska Arias put viñamarinos off and went for the feat, but could not break a second time to Catalina  New Zealand Jersey Rodriguez and had to watch as Macul held the crown and the qualification for the Copa Libertadores 2011 female.
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The resignation of 15 officers forced to call elections in the Catalan federation
Jordi Casals, President of the Catalan Football Federation, went to bed happy Tuesday night after 30,000 fans witness the Wholesale Football Shirt Shop rout of their selection of Honduras in Montjuïc. Instead, yesterday, after getting up, was found in his desk a letter to the resignation of 15 of its executives, over 50% of the board, which forces him to call elections within three months.

"It was a stabbing," Casals said, "I did not expect." In any case, said the two leaders of "treachery", the historic World Cup Football Shirt  and Josep Andreu Subies Llao, and was baffled by the presence among the quitters from the representative of Barcelona, Jordi Mestre: "I do not think that the club is involved in all of this or that by Catalan coach Johan Cruyff had anything to do. Mestre should have declined. "

The resigning say in his note that they have lost confidence in some of his colleagues - "with a fait accompli and  Football Shirt Thailand unilateral decisions" - and also differ in economic management.

Casals, elected in June 2009 and had expected a government crisis meeting in January, has been in the minority and will now chair a management board after announcing he will return to stand for elections.

"We did the cleaning we had to go," concluded regarding Subies Casals, who will likely articulate another candidate. The  New Zealand Jersey Catalan federation is virtually ungovernable since the departure of John Roche in 2008.
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Since 1995, when Moratti became the big makers Inter Milan, cultural performances of the track are always much unknown. Basically it depends on his "comic monologues.” Not doing well, the coach did not eat the natural; character is not good, the same did not either.
15 years of greeting sent, Moratti works hard like a little bee, and even Benitez included a total of 14 off the coach, of which 12 coach, and another two interim head coach.
The people who would dare argued with Moratti one is past Benitez and Jose Mourinho is another. Portuguese head today in the Replica Soccer Jersey team with the mighty big brother Florentino together, never bowing encounter is not happy, pound the table directly criticize recognition.
Florentino Bimoladi has big temper, but Mourinho is worse than Florentino. So in the city of Milan, Massimo Moratti has finally been in possession of a return. Benitez does not depend on personalities, estimated to be borrowed from former experience, Moratti against each other, to achieve autonomy in cultural performances; nonetheless, he is not Mourinho.
Mourinho whose team wearing Real Madrid Jerseys Soccer could be two years instead of six months, not only because of large temper, but also because of his specialty. Last season, before him, accidentally, out of a Triple Crown. You know, big ears Cup Moratti dreaming for years, but little lover. What is a strongman, Jose Mourinho this paragraph is that the absolute strength of character, ability strong.
At Inter, the light has character does not work, no character is never do. Moratti with National Team Soccer Jerseys this person likes the interference in team affairs, particularly in the star child in front of the soft ears, the expense to players coach fired. You couldn’t be in Inter Milan and even dare to get it in unless you’re a genius. Benitez would like to remind the successor.
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King's Cup last week, 8 to 0 Real Madrid Levante swept up and down can be a very carefree mood to celebrate Christmas. Although a vacation, the big players are not idle, December 23 evening, a friend Cathy Friends team with Replica Soccer Jersey match with Luis Figo has attracted many people's eyes. In this the "care children's future" as the theme of the show, Butragueno, Hierro, Zidane, Figo and other retired star will all be present, while in Turkey this summer to flee their hometowns Guti also add to the fun . Although the main audience for children, players are playing quite seriously, and ultimately with their friends Figo 5 to 4 win.
Competition Stadium in Madrid, Raul was absent. The former vice-captain Guti of Real Madrid still wearing the seems to have the most convincing statement. On behalf of Teams participating Guti Casey said: "I think Real Madrid are now getting close to the goal pursued by Mourinho. The team as a whole formed in a step by step, the team's discipline and desire to win than ever before. To highlight, this is essential for a team to succeed. Despite the achievements in the pursuit of Real Madrid kicked the ball missing the point people used to the Bernabeu performances, but fans should be tolerant to this short-term Real hard to ask for the moon. "
Out of a sincere friendship, , people are more concerned about the rich Terre Mourinho: "I firmly believe he will succeed at Real Madrid. Jose Mourinho is a coach with a high level of professionalism. Fc Real Madrid Jerseys In Porto, Chelsea and Inter Milan have achieved proof of his ability. In reality, he is a humane and amiable friend, and his press conference on the pitch and the image difference. "
As the captain of Real Madrid, Casey is really busy, just finishing a small fan then having to show thanks to the adult fans. Florentino greetings to the fans first toast: "Real Madrid fans are a very large group. Their demands on the team are very high. At the end of 2011 we hope to get at least one trophy. Real Madrid is a young, talented and ambitious team by Coach Jose Mourinho who today can lead the world's best. This is the most reliable guarantee. "
As a team leader, Mourinho is optimistic about the prospects for 2011.”For now, we have shown our ability in the three-game Portugal National Team    strong competitive edge. The team worked well. Why not do the best hope for the New Year? I have to imagine the goddess of the harvest in May to celebrate the picture of the square." Jose Mourinho said enthusiastically, following an additional language to better explain his ambitions, "I hope this is not the first time I visit the Harvest Goddess Square, but the Real Madrid game winning streak beginning of a cycle."
What is the key to success in the team? The team is still needed? Captain Iker Casillas and Ramos did not hesitate when he said: "The most critical is the unity within the team, in order to form the overall combat effectiveness." "New Year and I hope most of all the wounded rejoin as soon as possible, so that Mourinho can adequate manpower resources at hand and very leisurely, because from February onwards, we will face the difficult task of three lines of battle. "
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The Christmas Tournament V grassroots Clubs Association of the District of Cartagena (AFCT) starts on Monday 27 December. In total, involving 60 teams representing more than 20 clubs in Cartagena and the surrounding area, Wholesale Football Shirt Shop which played around 80 matches in the football rules football 5 and 7. This year's tournament will be played at different venues.

The competition begins on Monday, from 10.00 am in the municipal area of the trough, which will host matches of the teams more pre-baby, in the form of Football 7. On Tuesday 28 December from 10:00 pm and meetings will play Benjamin in the municipal Sanchez Luengo, El Algar.

The matches will be played cadet Thursday 30 December at 10.00 hours in the resort of Playa Paraiso. Once in the new year, January 3, 2011, from 10:00 pm-class matches played in the field fry Juan Angel Zamora, of Garden City.

All matches will be played World Cup Football Shirt on artificial turf surface, after the conversion and remodeling suffered in recent months in various sports facilities Cartagena.

In the polygon

Meanwhile, FC Cartagena, which is going for free, hosts its own Christmas tournament. Will be this Sunday, 26, from 09.00 am on the lawns of the sports city Gómez Meseguer, in the polygon Cabezo Beaza. Involving 15 teams including Fulham English and French St. Priest. The FC Cartagena has also invited the Real Murcia, Almería, Kelme, Rane and Pinatar, among others. At the end of games, the club invited children and parents how a giant paella.

Finally, the company has organized a tournament Cabisuar equipment benjamines residential estate in Santa Ana will be in the form Football Training Equipment of triangular, pitting teams from the EF Santa Ana, Franciscans and Real Murcia. The games will take place again this Sunday on 26 December and will begin at 11.00. Finish at 13.00. After the awards ceremony, there will be food for the players.

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Chechnya goes to training. It seems more an adventure of a professional challenge ...
Two things. I think this will be an interesting adventure, but also a great challenge in my career. I am the coach, took a year and a half without training and I train. I had a proposal by Japan and Spain, but none satisfied me. The Russian Soccer Jersey league itself that attracts me. I opened a new space in my life and I hope that I may have the momentum.
Even if have to go to Chechnya?
For me there is a problem. I used to live outside my house, to adapt quickly. Chechnya go with caution but without fear, knowing that I must respect their customs. Football unites people and makes them forget the war. Terek Grozny and play a peacekeeping role in Chechnya. In addition, my family is here. Now I say this as a joke that is my wife sends me to Chechnya.
How to treat?
A year and a half, a Swiss intermediary, my Thai Soccer Jerseys friend, Gaetano Marotta, I discussed the possibility of going to train Terek Grozny. The interest was hatched after a few meetings in Geneva with Deputy Team Chagayev Bulat, until last Tuesday, also in Geneva, has signed a contract for one season.
What convinced, beyond money?
I convinced the Russian league. Russia will host the World 2018 and want to greatly improve their football. In football next year in Russia will be more important than it already is.
When incorporated?
January 5, began the season in Switzerland Soccer Jersey Turkey, a sports center Terek President eastern Anatolia. There will be more or less a month, the formation and movement of friendly matches. The championship of Russia did not start until the first week of March.
Have some of Terek Grozny before signing?
Not only was the first Russian team. Several days ago I was watching videos. I have a month to evaluate the team and another Ukraine Soccer Jersey for the form. We must fight for leadership positions in the ranking.
Supporting carers?
My team always works: Raúl Longhi, and Eduardo Manuel Lapuente Basigalup. We live in a residential city which is 100 kilometers from Grozny.
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Montevideo, 21 dic (PL) Montevideo, Dec. 21 (People's Newspaper) Uruguayan President Ho Semuxika attended today's 100 shirts of the "blue ", which determines the national soccer team, the Capital Theatre Adela preta anniversary ceremony.

   Mujica, vice president, Danilo Astori present,  Wholesale Football Shirt Shop people from different political and national sports from attending the celebrations.

Head of State issued a former soccer player Alcides Ghiggia, world champion in 1950, the unique goal of life and recognize the victory of the year end in the final against Brazil in favor of the Charruas 2-1.

August 15, 1910, in Montevideo, Uruguay, over the course of the Lipton Cup in Argentina 3-1, the sixth edition of the Belvedere, the countries facing the Rio de la Plata.

Argentines of this commitment with their trademark white and blue uniforms, and praised the host of the sky resounding victory in  World Cup Football Shirt the river bed local club selection.

With a similar coat color, along defeated April 10, 1910 in Argentina and then invincible alumni in Central Park area, in the city.

Uruguay's victory opened the first South American championship as the path to the success of Belvedere (1916), two in the Olympic Ligue 1 Football Shirts  Games (1924 to 28 years) and two World Championships (1930-1950) of the gold medal.
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Montevideo - With the political and national sports figures in 1950, Alcides Ghiggia world championship under the leadership of the Government of Uruguay on Tuesday to celebrate the Soccer Jersey 100th blue shirt, the recovery after winning fourth place in South Africa in 2010, gloss.
Traditionally associated with football, dedicated in 1930 and 1950 world champion of the world, the sky was passed in Uruguay coat other sports.
"This is a long time to take than other sports, but what he is symbolic that the blue color of the original Thai Soccer Jerseys sweater is not enough," he told AFP sports journalists Franklin Morales, the author of several books Uruguayan football history.
Blue shirt was released in August 15, 1910 in Montevideo and Uruguay, a traditional rival in the race, neighboring Argentina, in Belvedere, Lipton Cup, and then compete  Romania Soccer Jersey in the two countries each year stage.
Decided to adopt the blue shirt was Meet the Uruguay River Plate club, it had spent a lot of the color coat, when they are in a few months ago, Buenos Aires, Argentina beat the best team in the beginning of the last century, alumni .
Prior to this, the Uruguay national team wearing a blue diagonal white, white, blue and red on the corner of the chest or white, and blue shirt like Argentina, without  Brazil Jersey a final standard, white.
Belvedere play in the Uruguay team beat Argentina 3-1 and trophies, as the local playing an unprecedented achievement.
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