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This weekend Real Madrid will be facing Levante, and although Jose Mourinho did not want to admit this but he has place all the important players in the match against Lyon that will happen three days later. According to him, the squad in Football Shirt will change in three or four places but there won’t be any major change because their main players will attend. He may Albiol instead of Pepe, but he did not think this can even count as change. In one word, whoever feels tired can get some rest.

Considering each players different condition and the UEFA champions cup, Real Madrid will sent out Sergio Ramos, Albiol, Carvalho and Marcelo as defenders to make sure that Pepe can get some rest before playing in next week’s UEFA champions cup. Cristiano Ronaldo has been in almost every match for Real Madrid in la liga kits whether he can play or not, Mourinho did not give any answers but he said he wanted him to play.

In Mourinho’s coach career he has never been defeated in any home field, so everyone thinks that this time they will also defeat Levante in Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. But Mourinho said if there is only ten minute left in the game and the score is still tied even though his team weared real Madrid shirts he would be worrying about whether they can win title instead of his personal record. And the only thing he’ll think about in tomorrow’s game is to score not defending his own record.

Lyon’s game will be Ligue 1 will happen in Friday daytime, Real Madrid have made an petition asking them to compete in the evening but was refused. Mourinho express his discontent about this decision stating Sevilla have to face Porto right after the match on Sunday and they should get some rest like their opponent.

This season’s competition is almost over, to be exact the following 100 days will determine whether they can win title or not. Mourinho refused to predict any ultimately result, he said the most important game is always the next game and right now Real Madrid will think of nothing else except their upcoming match with Levante. He said there is no “the most important 100 days” in his life, the upcoming 100 days are not any more important than the past hundred days. Levante is a great time and he thinks everyone should give them the respect that they deserve.  

This time Real Madrid will be playing ahead of Barcelona, reports said this Di Maria shirt will put so much pressure to Barca. But Mourinho disagreed he said if we wins tomorrow then the gap between us is 2 points, but if they wins if will grow to 5 points again. Football is a fare game and the pressure is equal.

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The two giants of Spanish football would like Cesc into his command, the next few months, they and Arsenal will negotiate about Cesc and his Soccer Jersey Arsenal's attitude is clear: to get Fabregas, the buyer must pay 60 million euros. Like last year when Barcelona want to spend 45 million euros to purchase David Villa, the inability to pay such an expensive re-introduction of Fabregas’ transfer fee made this impossible. Barcelona sent a counter-offer of 30 million euros, but were flatly refused.

Nearly a season later, Arsenal has not changed their position, but in the battle on Cesc Fabregas, a new competitor Real Madrid entered. Currently, Fabregas has become Real Madrid president Florentino’s must sign play this summer, he prepared to pay 60 million euros for Fabregas maybe without his Premier League Jersey As a result, Barcelona will face fierce competition if they still want Fabregas. So, taking advantage of the opportunity that Champions League campaign is in London, Barcelona, led by Chairman Russell asked the officials who are near Fabregas of Arsenal. Sources said President Russell told Arsenal that Barcelona request Arsenal give them the first choice when selling Fabregas. In fact, 8 years ago in Barcelona, Vice-Chairman Russell White for the first time said in public that he hoped the club can have Cesc, but at that time he did not have the right to do so.

In the meantime, Real Madrid have not been idle. Although they have not started formal contact with Arsenal, but Florentino has been participating in the recent series of commercial negotiations in Abu Dhabi for the transfer of Cesc in Arsenal Jerseys and also to raise funds for this summer’s signing in Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. Florentino knows it is very important for Real Madrid to buy Fabregas, so be prepared well in advance is very important.

So, what does Fabregas think of all this? As we all know, Fabregas’ body has Barcelona’s blood flowing, Barcelona is his first choice, but he would not rule out the possibility of signing Real Madrid. Last summer, Russell’s commitment to Fabregas about "rescuing" him from Arsenal ultimately failed. Fabregas has been hope that Barcelona will made up their mind, but that has not happened yet. Barca have repeated that they want Cesc Fabregas for many thimes, but with all that’s said they did not seem to have done any action.
Perhaps few people know that the real reason Barca have not paid the amount required for Fabregas is because they did not need him. The reason they want to have Fabregas is more an emotional one than an football tactics decision. But on the other hand, Real Madrid want Cesc wearing Arsenal Jersey because they need him. Jose Mourinho has said that Fabregas would be midfielder Alonso’s perfect partner. So maybe Fabregas will choose Real Madrid.

While the fans hope that their beloved players can support the club that they love, but in the real football world, rationality over emotion will often become a key factor in making a decision.  Fabregas may be no exception.
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Now Real Madrid has a great plan. That is to form a super midfield group composed by Cesc Fabregas, Alonso and Ozil with the Football Shirt that can be as good as the group composed by Busquets, Harvey and Iniesta with Barcelona football jerseys.To complete this perfect plan, Real Madrid have to complete the eliminating task. According to Marca on Friday, the board of directors knows that they should finish the work of selling players in order to buy Fabregas with 60 million Euros. Barcelona doesn’t have many players and they are not expensive so they can’t sell so many. Real Madrid is different from them. They have so many players and their price is high. It is said that Real Madrid’s senior staff have listed 8 players such as Pedro Leon, Lahrs, Benzema,Garay,Parejo,Granero and Gago into the selling list. They are confident. “We will gain 100 million Euro income from the transfer.” The senior staff are very clear that in order to comlete a big operation such as buy Fabregas,they should sell some border players with good price. And they are very confident “The selling in this summer will bring us 80 to 100 million Euro. Real Madrid owns some footballers who are very popular by buyers in the transfer market. They can bring a great deal amount of money for the club to complete the big operation. Ala in all, completing the selling work is the key to signing the expensive contrast.”
In fact, some players with Real Madrid football shirt were planned to be sold last summer. The club had met a lot of managers for that. According to Marca, Pedro Leon, Lahrs, Benzema,Garay,Parejo,Granero and Gago with the la liga kits are in the selling list. If they can’t not extend the contract with Pepe and the Portuguese midfielder will be sold too. Real Madrid will also sell Kaka. And the players mentioned above, but some of them can be sold in a good price actually.
The market situation in this winter let Real Madrid know about how much they can sell their footballers. It is known that in January this year, Real Madrid received offers of the players mentioned above from other clubs. Real Madrid knows that many clubs are very interested in these footballers with Real Madrid football jersey. And at the end of the season they will continue to offer. Benzema with the real Madrid shirts is one of the most expensive stars in the transfer market. Besides, Lahrs is very popular in English Premier League. The senior staffs of Real Madrid hope to sell these two players with 45 to 50 million Euros. That is to say, after selling these two players, Real Madrid has the basic guarantee to buy Fabregas. Real Madrid once earned 100 million in the summer transfer market. After Florentino returned to be the chairman of the club, they did it. They sold Roben, Sneijder with the Di Maria shirt and many other stars. And that’s a big income. This summer, they hope to reach this target again.
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Chelsea has spent 50 million pound in buying Torres with Liverpool soccer jersey and 25 million pound on Benfica’s Brazilian footballer David Louis. After spending 75 million pound at the day the winter transfer window closed, Abramovic with the Soccer Jersey sets his summer target at the midfield players. Though he is very interested in Brazil’s future core Ganso and Palemo’s midfield player Ilicic, what Ancelotti misses all along is Kaka. According to Daily Post, Chelsea’s boss Abramovic is going to buy Kaka in summer with 25 million pound. In 2003, Kaka transferred from Brazil Saint Paul to AC Milan coached by Ancelotti with 7.2 million pound. During the period he served for AC Milan, Kaka has played for 193 Serie A games and scored 70 goals with AC Milan football shirt. And he has represented for Milan for 270 games, scoring 95 goals and assisting in 48 goals. He helped AC Milan gain one European Champion, one Serie A Champion, one FIFA world club Champion, two UEFA Super Cup and one Italian Super Cup.
In 2009 summer, Kaka transferred from AC Milan to Real Madrid with 56 million pound. Six months before that, Manchester City wanted to get Kaka with a hundred million. During the season Kaka worked for Real Madrid, he scored 9 goals and assisted in 8 goals in 33 matches.
Though Kaka will be 29 year old in two months, Ancelotti with the Premier League Jersey is always appreciating this favoriet who used to wear the AC Milan soccer jersey. He thinks Kaka will bring some positive changes for Chelsea’s midfield. In Mourinho’s Real Madrid, Kaka has been a indispensable player. In terms of Chelsea, they can persuade Real Madrid to sell Kaka with 30 million Euro. Because Abramovic with the Chelsea Jersey believes that excepted for Chelsea and Manchester City, no other club will spend more than 30 million pound on Kaka nowadays. As to wing person selected, Daily Post says, Chelsea is very interested in Ebecilio with Ajax soccer jersey. The 19-year-old Ebecilio is a member of Holand U21 national team. He has represented for Ajax for 5 games this season and performed well.
Besides importing strong aids, Abramovic also needs to excavate potential players inside the club. The 17-year-old talent McEachran is an outstanding player of Chelsea’s youth programme. Olaf Brighton, who performed very well this season with Vela football jersey, said that England’s future would be depend on McEachran. “I watched he played before and I was very impressed. His performance is absolutely super. He didn’t lose a goal for the first time until the 85 minute in the U21 competition against Italy. He is absolutely an unbelievable great player. What attracts people most is that he is very unflappability when controlling the ball. He with the Torres Jersey is England’s future. I am very sure about that. He is bound to have a very good future.” by @
Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson with the Football Shirt believes Wayne Rooney with Manchester United football shirt scored in the derby are the winning goal at Old Trafford is one of history's most brilliant goal, even with his childhood idol, Dennis. In the first 77 minutes, Wayne Rooney for the team winning goal out of this in mind, and after, Nani and Manchester City's David Silva each scored a goal; the play's score is 1 to 1. After the match, Ferguson recalls the classic goals at Old Trafford, Wayne Rooney and Dennis, he said. Lo similarities, "a few years ago, in the Newcastle game, Rooney also has a volley recorded shot of the goal, almost like out of a withdrawal, at Old Trafford, of course we've seen a lot of wonderful goals, but did not Biruni more exciting this goal. " "I must say that when the ball flew into the net nest, Rooney with Manchester United football shirt reminds me of Dennis. Lo, Dennis. Shitailichen Romania can play such a shot, I'm not sure, really is hard to believe, one thing is certain, I've never seen such a goal, it is amazing, so incredible it! "
Earlier this season, Manchester United with the Premier League Shirts had a guest to 0 to 0 draw with Manchester City, but today, Ferguson confident Manchester United more worthy of a final winner. "I admit that Manchester City have a good start, hit two behind Patrice Evra, Toure and Silva have the opportunity to score, which create a threat to us many times, but after 15 minutes, I think the team with Manchester United football shirt began to kick some wonderful match.” "We made good use of the width of the pitch, Ryan Giggs in the case pressed by his opponent, can still handle the ball very comfortably, Nani is always a dangerous person, breaking the defensive player, shot, and some good the mass, we should be ahead of the competition before the end of the half. "
Manchester derby with the Man U Kits in the world wave after scoring, Rooney admitted that it had the ball he scored the most beautiful goal. "Yes, I think so." Rooney Manchester United football shirt said: "When Nani pass, I just try to find a good shooting position. I saw the ball flying into the box, I thought 'Why not barbed shot it? 'So I try to do so, fortunately, the ball at the angle of the network. "
"This kind of shot 9 times 10 times over the bar or will be missed, but was lucky the ball today in the angle of the network." "This is a shot made by instinct. You do not have time to consider what to do." "I tried a bicycle kick in the school shot higher, to be honest, this is the first time after I became a professional player barb broke. I am really happy." In addition to their satisfaction to play, but Wayne Rooney is also happy to beat Manchester City. "In the last round lost 3 points, we can keep the gap with Manchester City with the Man U Shirts is very important. It was a close game, but I think we created more chances and we deserved to win." "After last weekend, I think we owe the fans an exciting performance and 3 points. This victory, we continue to finish first, so we are very satisfied." by @
The opening dialogue between the parties is very easy, a reporter mentioned that the World Cup in South Africa, Spain and Germany's semi-final, when the value of referee jersey Xavi with the Soccer Jersey not to do. "Yes, there were two minutes from the end of the game, I said a minute ahead of time if you can end the game, I'll give you shirt." Then a reporter asked the players to the Premiership which impressed him, has repeatedly with the Premier League clash seriously Harvey replied: "Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes, Fabregas, Nasri and Ryan Giggs In addition, I also - John Barnes, Waddle and Matt Le Di Seer fans. Although we play in different ways, but I also like - Paul Ince and Roy - Keane, if I go England play, I hope they will be my teammates. "
Harvey then paid special tribute to the Manchester United veteran Paul Scholes: "Over the past 15-20 years, I've seen the best and most competitive midfielder Paul Scholes is, I Harvey - Alonso discussed many times, we agreed that Paul Scholes is a player with all the special. If it is in the Spanish League, and that his value will be greater. "Harvey, 30 years old led Spain won the world Cup, while Paul Scholes with the Premier League Jersey has 29 years of age to retire from the England team. In the Harvey opinion, the root causes of this difference are caused by two different national cultures: "You are a nation full of fighters. For example, in the Liverpool game, if Jamie Carragher peen hammer with a strong to kick-off, then he will certainly be a move cheered by the fans, but that will not happen in Spain. Different cultures mean different things, if your players when the ball showed cowardice, that the fans will certainly be used boos entertain them. "
Barcelona and Arsenal there is an intersection that is Cesc Fabregas, the Spaniard was the first captain at the Emirates Stadium, but Barcelona has always wanted him back to the Nou Camp, including Harvey included, many players with the Man U Jerseys have openly talked about Barcelona transfer method is too small. In this issue, Harvey formal apology to the Arsenal: "A lot of times we say the same thing when they did not think too much, we really selfish, but we also take into account for a small law, we know that winning the championship in the Nou Camp a major trophy of his dreams. Of course, he is now Arsenal captain and talisman, in fact, the effectiveness of the team and he is now very similar to Barcelona, Wenger is also his fate played a big role. Barcelona now tactical system is very clear, so not everyone can succeed here, to really integrate into the team, not many people, but the law is certainly a small one of these people. "
Harvey, nearly 19 years of age have to leave Barcelona: "At the time the family said: 'You have to leave!' I am also considering it, but can I go? If I change the team, everything possible will change very difficult, so then I decided just how to better stay in Barcelona. "It was with this experience; Harvey was very little understanding of law:" He told me to leave Barcelona is very similar to the year, but he has now worth a lot of money. I've been thinking, if the players can decide where to play it, it was natural for the Fabregas with the Man Utd Jersey choose Barcelona. by @
Argentina national team is going to have a friendly match with Portugal national team at 21:00 pm on 9th Feburary in Geneva Switzerland. This is not only a competition between two national teams but also a competition between the two stars Messi and C.Ronaldo. They both score a lot in clubs but their performance in national team is not satisfied. This time they both hope to beat Football Shirt the opponent with national team.
Messi and C.Ronaldo both have excellent skills and ability to shoot. Natuallly people compare them. After all, they are both the best. Messi scored 6 goals crazily in the recent four Spanish League games and even scored 3 goals in the competition against Atletico Madrid. He once got a lead in the scorer list.But then C.Ronaldo with Real Madrid Argentina Football Shirts scored 2 goals in the game against Real Socidad and recpatured the No.1 in the scorer list. At present, C.Ronaldo has scored 25 goals in 22 games while Messi has scored 24 goals in 22 games. There is no doubt that the two stars will score 40 goals this season. They will also break the record kept by Sara and Hugo Sánchez who scored 38 goals in one Spanish League season.
C.Ronaldo has become the player who had scored 50 goals in the least competitions (51 competitions) in the history of Real Madrid, breaking the record set by Ferenc Puskás. Messi with Barcelona BOCA Juniors Football Shirt has cored 40 goals. It is not difficult for him to break the record kept by himself and Ronaldo together that scored 47 goals in one season. Flores, the coach of Atletico Madrid sees Messi as 21st century’s Alfredo di Stéfano. But the Real Madrid general manager Valdano says C.Ronaldo is the real successor of Stéfano. The dispute also leads to a controversy between Madrid media and Catalonian media. But a true man loves the mountains; a wise man loves the sea. This is obviously a problem that hard to reach a consensus. But one thing for sure is that the competition between the two stars will satisfy the fans. The competition in Spanish League as so fierce happened in 60 years ago. In 1950-51 season, Cesar with Barcelona Boca Jrs Gear and Sara with Atletico Madrid football shirt sored 26 goals and 25 goals respectively in 22 games. Finally Sara gained the golden boots with 38 goals at the end of the season.
But in Messi and C.Ronaldo’s resumes, there is one chapter that they are not willing to be mentioned. That is their performance in national team. And they have to get a breakthough in the national team if they want to become a star that surpasses their times and steps into the football history level. Messi could not kiss the World Cup. He has participated in the World Cup for twice but were both eliminated soon. This makes him always be inferior to Maradona. After all the old star with Argentina football shirt has once won the World Cup. by @
Pui Meng broke the first overtime, but the yellow contains the source 120 minute equalizer. Penalty shootout, with three players Zizhe South Korea, Mr Li with the Soccer Jersey the Hong exactly no one hit the final total score of Japan beat South Korea 5-2 to enter into the final.
From the results of the competition, the Japanese team's victory on behalf of Asia, just verify their status in world football, but also a further verification of the identity of the king of football in Asia, which seems to be authenticated as the beginning and do not believe that the results take over a scan, turned out to be you, So you're his. This is the result, the results often can be only one winner, but from the point of view the process of competition, South Korea and Japan with the National Soccer Jersey are no doubt the leader in Asian football, but also for the overall future development of Asian football has played a role in piloting and benchmarking, it plainly in the future to those who dream to succeed in the Asian football team, the first is to carefully weigh the situation and at the gap between Han Shuangxiong, on this point, we passed about learning or can be divided into several areas. In psychological terms, that our kangaroos and Central Asia, from yesterday's contest between the wolf to come to the conclusion, in fact, Uzbekistan is not the disgrace of a keeper with the Marseille Jerseys  but the Central Asian region's overall lack of football heritage. I believe we all can have a comparison, even our Chinese team, assuming that the semi-finals yesterday and Australia into our opponents, even if the goalkeeper is not playing, I think it will not As for the collapse to the point, think about the same in Asia Cup semi-finals, there are not a good impression of. In South Korea and Japan, the psychological fear that has become their leader in Asia's secret weapon. First look at the Japanese team lost the first ball, a little innocent and is the meaning of miscarriage of justice, but does not appear we have the familiar scenes of the siege of the referee, one of the reasons for its study, performed throughout Japan, is a player with the  Olympique Marseille Shirt confident attitude, whether it is behind or ahead, confident his team will also tie the game, this attitude like their nationals to take whale meat dishes as simple as, perhaps a habit already, do not even have battle re-strengthening. by @
As Vice President Chelsea captain Frank Lampard with the Cheap Soccer Jersey is not something strange, but to wear the England armband, led his teammates before the game player through the channel, for the first time Lampard Although the goal was canceled a fly in the ointment, but the victory was enough to bring England after the game he was Lampard is not the first time you tasted the captain of England in November 2007 against Austria in the game, the field was briefly on the bracelet was temporary. But before the game can be officially appointed as England captain or leave his family are excited, the son of Frank Lampard 62 years in that post to become a captain in the game for a ticket on the morning of Copenhagen, the non-stop in place to assist the family proud Frank Lampard. As time has rolled back Rio Ferdinand and Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard to Fabio Capello with the National Soccer Jersey as England captain was in the 6 th, and can become a captain in the first game win, Frank Lampard is also of joy to know that in his six England captain David Beckham before, Michael Owen, John Terry, Steven Gerrard, Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney, Michael Owen and captain John Terry only to win the first game, and the other four are the first lose even official.
He played only 45 minutes is not really the best state performance of Frank Lampard, but the captain's armband, and the result was able to win when you is: "I am very proud to be captain of England I feel good with people, that played for England many times before, when the captain finally be able to win is great. "In fact, Frank Lampard, the game had been organic to abandon its first edition in a captain before the end of the first half, Walcott seems to go to the restricted area of the shooting appears to be full of Lampard with the England Soccer Jerseys in the middle after use Reiki heel scored the goal, but unfortunately the linesman a little more demanding to see Frank Lampard offside half-length, so that left him a little sad.
Lampard captain was a fan of children, he and his partner, Will Hill, Capt. Lan "learn something very, very fit, makes the emergence of such players, Weier shots from Seoul strike Xi halfway, his Arsenal debut in this age group can play at this level is very good and the coach let him go is not an easy decision, from now on, you can certainly do better and better.” As the captain before the game that he and Terry will make the difference between sayings, Frank Lampard also joked, "taking the captain's armband for tonight is a great honor for me, but Terry remains a core team leaders with the England Shirt, if the cuff is a great captain.”
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Despite the 0-1 defeat to France, but this game also had a productive session of the Brazilian team, especially the defense, Lucio with the Wholesale Soccer Jersey Supplier and Juan in the absence of both the base case, AC Milan, Tiago - David Silva and Chelsea - has formed a new central defender Luis combination of both is to become a partner of 10 years of advocacy Seleção. First look at the results of the two: 22 minutes, Malouda tried before the field reaches the closed ball, but David - All Quiet on the looting of Lewis, suddenly the ball at the feet of the French and later ran the midfield before the ball near the line with their peers, the first 52 minutes of David - Lewis steals the ball under pressure from the closed border, but the midfielder lost possession near the line, but has not returned from defense, but look for opportunities to steal the ball over and over again until the pressure, broke in the first field the ball outside the restricted area of Pato, plus David - Lewis was given the opportunity to compete corner opportunities to score another in the restricted zone.
In the cleaning sheet of the team, David - Lewis and Tiago - Silva should have some responsibility, the right side of the face after Menes pass the restricted zone, Louis not to block the ball before that point, Seoul After tiles entry point did not respond, the results are easy to overflow Benzema with the National Team Soccer Jerseys instead of pushing men Shekong success. But the loss of an entire line of defense for the Brazilian team has the responsibility to re-brand anti-Robinho errors, Andre - Santos was unable to stop the spread of Menes, Cesar moved to the street on the corner proximity, and Brazil is not even close to the mark a player man Benzema, so that losses of Lewis and not all the blame Silva, however, two in Brazil, have few opportunities to work in partnership on the back, in a tacit agreement As with the other increased. Brazil in recent years, the main central defenders, Lucio will be held in May this year over 33 years, John has 32 years, Brazil's 2014 World Cup, probably can not support the defense of the Legion of Samba and injuries Chelsea central defender Chris Alex also leads others to rebuild the team Dayong de Menezes, while Brazil as soon as possible to find a new pair of overalls half imminent.
Now they need most are the national training events, the team of 26, Tiago - Silva now represent the Brazilian national team played 10 times, 23 years, David - Lewis plays less and less in August and the U.S. is their first friendly match Seleção with the Brazil Soccer Jerseys selected after the game with France, who only played four times for the country, and so Lucio, Juan, compared with the sophistication of the guard, Luis Competition also is a bit immature, but in January This year, he moved to the Premiership giants Chelsea, the fierce physical confrontation, and Terry, Alex and others around the opportunity to learn, no doubt, let it grow too fast. America's Cup in Argentina this summer, David - Lewis and Tiago - Silva is likely to pave the way for the absolute identity of the articulation of the first two most important competition is the way it is shown capable of replacing Lucio with the Brazil Jersey Juan is an excellent opportunity.

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