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Manchester United 2-0 win over Schalke 04, one foot has entered the 28th of next month's Champions League final at Wembley. If all do so, it will be 3 Manchester United into the last four seasons Champions League final. The latest war in Europe in the European club championship, Manchester United past 5 years to reach 148.071 points, ranked first in Europe, ranking higher than the nearly 13 points 2 Barcelona; ranked 7 out of Football Shirt Real Madrid nearly 46 minutes! But more far-reaching significance than these lies a game which tied Manchester United or created a number of records.
First, Van der Sar Champions League semi-final played in the 13th, tying the former Real Madrid and Chelsea star Claude Makelele's Champions League semi-final appearances; second, 37-year-old Ryan Giggs to 148 days beyond the 37-year-old for 86 days N'Zaji, Champions League history to become the oldest scorer, but this is the 15th season total Giggs in the Champions League to achieve goals, tied the score Raul; Third, the Manchester United Champions League game which broke the Premier League Shirts Bundesliga Away curse, the first battle on the road in the German team win the Champions League knockout, after a few games, namely, 96-97 season, held 0-1 away to Borussia Dortmund; 00-01 season, held 0-1 away to Bayern; 01-02 season, a 1-1 draw against Bayer Leverkusen; 09-10 season, 1-2 away to Bayern tragically reversed; Fourth, one of the most amazing record of the Champions League after the game which was born! Manchester United not only broke the home of Schalke 04 Champions League victory this season, the brilliant record, and all 6 games this season, cruised away, Manchester United scored five wins and 1 level into the 8-ball does not throw a ball of magical record, the Red Devils became the Man U Kits Champions League the first team to 6 games all season road race team to keep a clean sheet 0. If you count home, Manchester United lost 11 games 3 goals, field concede rates are also among the first in Europe.
Ryan Giggs after the match said, "how many there are some disappointed, after all, we in the first half of this in 4 or 5 goal lead ball." This statement is true, Manchester United game which created too much of an absolute chance. 3 minutes, Rooney's shot on the corner of area after the Neuer saved by refraction; the first 5 minutes, left the restricted area shot by Noelle Park rescued; the first 14 minutes, Hernandez left the restricted area single-handedly saved the ball shot by Noelle; the first 27 minutes, Ryan Giggs header hoisting a small edge of the area was again denied Neuer brave line in the door; the first 45 minutes, Ryan Giggs Rooney shirt was again single-handedly shot Noelle brave rescue; the first 47 minutes, Michael Carrick header was again the beam Illinois Alto; the first 48 minutes, with Ryan Giggs in the restricted area off the field spiking and Papadopoulos Benedict, but his point ball point chosen to the powerful right foot shot The campaign, especially in the first half 45 minutes, is Manchester United's Champions League in recent years, a model for. Manchester United live easily control the situation, challenge the opponent to play again and again the nerves, profligate with the perfect opportunity. It is no exaggeration to say that if the game which is not standing in front of Schalke 04 Neuer, and if Manchester United striker got off their game which is not so, Manchester United that would have produced not the slightest inferior to a 06 - 07 season 7-1 quarter-final second leg in Rome massacre tragedy. by @
This is the 7th Ferguson led Manchester United Champions League semi-final battle, after Sir Alex Ferguson led Manchester United in the Champions League semi-finals 6 times into the medal, 3 finals, 2 final win. 1996-97 season, Manchester United in the Champions League semi-final with 0-2 aggregate win in Dortmund were eliminated; the 1998-99 season, Manchester United in the semifinals to 4-3 Juventus rounded out the final total score, and final, last-minute 2-1 win Bayern lore; 2001-02 season, Manchester United and Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League semi-final in two rounds 3-3, but the disadvantages of fewer away goals were eliminated; 06-07 season, Manchester United in the Soccer Jersey Champions League semi-final with 3-5 aggregate win is out of AC Milan missed the final; 07-08 season, Manchester United in the Champions League semi-final with 1-0 aggregate win in Barcelona rounded out the final, and beat Chelsea on penalties in the final to win; 08-09 season, Manchester United in the Champions League semi-final overall score out to 4-1 Arsenal, but in the final score to 0-2 total defeat to the Barcelona. Since the restructuring of the Champions League in 1992 after the Manchester United has never in the two rounds of the Champions League knockout phase-out of German team, had been 4 times, respectively, Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern Munich (2) of elimination, but this season, Manchester United expected to eliminate Bundesliga team Schalke 04, head into the medal Champions League final.
In leaving the team aspect, "" website, Dimitar Berbatov and Manchester United's contract talks have broken Premier League Jersey down; quasi Premiership Golden Boot this season will most likely leave Manchester United this summer. "Daily Mirror newspaper," said Berbatov the most likely next stop will be Tottenham.
Because of groin injury, Berbatov has missed Newcastle and Manchester United away to fight war at home Everton's league, but he did not travel with the team away to the war Schalke 04 playing for Manchester United Champions League Man U Jerseys semi-final first leg of the race. Ababa, the Premier League this season, has scored 21 goals, but he appeared satisfied with the order of ranks at the club after Hernandez. A source familiar with the matter told "" website, "This year in January Ababa 30 years ago, and Hernandez grew very fast, which makes everything changed." "Mirror," said the heat thorn is the biggest club interested in Berbatov, but the White Hart Lane does not want to pay more than 800 million pounds for the Berbatov transfer fee. In 2006, the Spurs from Bayer Leverkusen for £ 1090 buy Rubei Ba, Bulgaria human Spurs played 102 games scored 46 goals, and then in the Man Utd Jersey summer of 2008 to 3075 million pounds transfer fee to join Manchester United, and in 3 years later, Tottenham also intends to re-transfer fee of £ 800 to sign Dimitar Berbatov, the President Levi's obviously read this was a good business sense.

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Hard to imagine such a one-sided in a Champions League semi-final, is currently ranked tenth in the Bundesliga Schalke 04 strength too far behind, the Champions League home victory record this season ended with basically will miss the final. Experienced in the past three level and three defeats, the Manchester United German guests numerous broke the knockout phase of the "curse", a record number of records to further enhance the confidence of more than defense.
Recent experience of coaching Schalke 04, the league can score out of downturn, Valencia, Inter Milan into the Champions League Soccer Jersey semi-finals for the first time, has not been easy. Also due to the Auf Schalke Stadium accumulated enough self-confidence, coach Lenny decided to continue to take full swing playing exchange that way to deal with Manchester United. Unfortunately, both players pass the ball, the speed of personal confrontation and a big gap between Schalke 04 pull too much from the opening three lines, inadequate protection of the midfield recovery, defense full of loopholes. Guo Jiadui number one goalkeeper Neuer like Spider-Man "upper body", relies entirely on individual ability in front of the "weaving" of a vast network of invisible, only the first half he denied the other eight times to the target of the shooting, amazing succession block Rooney, Hernandez and Ryan Giggs's close from the center. The strange thing is not because the coach Brannick lucky Premier League Jersey to hold the first half and at halftime 0-0 to change tactics, adjust the contraction line of defense staff, the results can still easily through the second half, Manchester United midfielder, the ball comfortably outside the restricted area, transfer and metastasis. Noelle's "miracle" can not ultimately be sustained in 67 minutes.
As Ferguson spoke after the game, Hernandez scored that offside is invalid psychological turning point, let his teammates know that "Spider-Man," the door handle can be compromised. The entire capability of Ryan Giggs for nearly two months the state will retain their best Champions League, after nearly four assists in the team after the Champions League goal, this was blocked after Noelle finally looked forward to a chance in the good left foot, creating the 10th career Champions League away goals, the first time in nearly 10 years to break in Germany, has been harvesting the 15th Champions League Man U Jerseys goal (with Raul.) And also beyond Inzaghi became the oldest goalscorer Champions League, continue to write unique and not old legend. Manchester United are lucky this season, "Little Pea" outstanding first season, the first two thirds of the season, Dimitar Berbatov broke achieved, there are Ryan Giggs, Nani and the back of Valencia, Park escorting. More importantly, through the Shang Banji chaos of individuals, families, a series of crisis, the number one player Wayne Rooney in the quarter sprint, reproduce last year's all-powerful play. Flying over the court with plenty of physical fitness to help attack and defense conversion, organization and direct threat to attack the opponent has done in these areas is almost impeccable. This month, three games are worth the daughter of goals, including the away hat-trick against West Ham reversal of decision to Man Utd Jersey third-line attack (then) the occasion of the general trend of stability in the Premiership, Champions League Top 8 battle Chelsea blow away the only goal of the War assists Giggs then seal the victory two minutes, he's nearly as much as 8 6 Champions League goals scored in the road, it shows the stability of home and away. This month he was suspended not the only battle of the Manchester United FA Cup semi-final defeat to Manchester City! In this course he was also victor bid farewell to the shadow of the 2006 World Cup red card, mature Rooney finally showing the world his side of the world class players in the glory. by @
Ex situ battles later, Giggs still use their erratic moves, constantly eroding the already disastrous Shaer Ka line 05. 46 minutes, Ryan Giggs's free kick pass to Michael Carrick almost headed home assists, this time the magic is Neuer saved the home team to fight the blaze. 47 minutes pass in Valencia on the right, Ryan Giggs after the point of removing the ball, pretending the ball suddenly shot to the middle button, the two approached the closure of Schalke 04 defender Akira were down, Although his right foot shot wide of the next Ryan Giggs goal, but Manchester United Schalke 04 line has been crazy living fossil shaky offensive. 66 minutes, have been bombing around the opponent's goal more than  Football Shirt an hour of Manchester United finally break the Neuer's fingers off, pretending to long-range restricted area before Rooney, attracted three defenders, the clever Zhisai Giggs offside again singled Neuer into the restricted area, this time with adequate time to prepare the Welsh people do not let the opportunity slip away, he dipped a victory for Manchester United to open the door, and completely routed the Schalke 04 player The last psychological barrier. This makes Ryan Giggs in the Champions League goals scored in the season to 15, and Raul same; also makes the 37-year-old Ryan Giggs 149 days of age, became the oldest goals in Champions League player, broke the previous Spirit Fox by Italy's Filippo Inzaghi 37, 87 days to maintain the records of the living fossil of Manchester United once again rewritten history. Ryan Giggs 141 games and this is the war in Europe in the 28th game goals, including the Champions League 125 games 26 goals in the Premier League Shirts Champions League, in addition to the appearances of terror, as a midfielder, Ryan Giggs in the war in Europe scoring rate really be called impressive.
After the match, the Champions League scoring record holder Raul, took the initiative to exchange jerseys with Ryan Giggs, two legendary sympathetic lens destined to become a classic scene in the Champions League. Raul had before the game Man U Kits lavishes praise on Ryan Giggs: "He is, as the football player for life, love of the sport the brilliant achievements of his career. But have to say, in the age of 37 can still maintain such a state is really amazing, even more commendable is that he can take one week or even two games of strength, and many guest appearances in the team can position, at this age still continue to enrich their skills, so players to respect each person deserves. And to get his shirt for me would be a great honor. "In fact, Raul is also accurate to Ryan Giggs is expected outbreak, Lord of the Rooney shirt Rings name in a warning before a certain Giggs to be careful, he can always change the game is a key to the process, Mr.. Perhaps the words of Raul has attracted attention of his teammates, but the Schalke 04 player can only lament that today's Ryan Giggs is really Fangbu Zhu. by @
Champions League quarter-final has become a Manchester United out of Chelsea's chief hero of the old enemy. After the race in the country, slightly undulating Welsh veteran status makes many people began to worry about the 37-year-old veteran of the fitness reserves, is not dry of oil has come to light to make the point, but when renewed fighting in the Champions League, the first 141 in the war in Europe for Manchester United Soccer Jersey Ryan Giggs on the pitch, but with a near perfect score shot off Wayne Rooney Ryan Giggs one go a head start for true mass performance demonstrated his extraordinary ability to regulate as A veteran, he knows how the state will remain the best game in the most critical.
The face of a double play the last round of the Triple Crown winner last season, Inter Milan, Schalke 04 Bundesliga dark horse, commander of the Manchester United midfielder Ryan Giggs can be said that complete control of the race initiative. Overall the number 19 on 10 shots, 67.1% vs 32.9% of possession, records the bloody rule of force Manchester United to become masters. Fair to Hastings in the arena of the tsunami Shan made such advantages as midfielder Ryan Giggs commander denied. OPTA statistics show after Premier League Jersey the game, Ryan Giggs The campaign total of 6 foot shot for a game-high, 3 of which hit the goal within the scope of 69 feet to complete passes, 6 pass, send a threat to pass the foot ball, and another 1 and 1 tackles, plus the team ranked second in the 11,210 meters of running distance, the performance of the rain-delayed day after Ryan Giggs question the staying power of people surprise. Even in the case has been set to seal the victory, Ferguson can be replaced Park Ji-Sung, to replaced a small pea, or even replaced Wayne Rooney, but the field alone would not replaced the oldest non-goalkeeper position of Ryan Giggs, as Ferguson I believe, as long as Ryan Giggs to stay in the field, Manchester United will be able to control the situation.
Indeed, the state of the game Ryan Giggs is really surprised, it seems that the Champions League quarter-finals after a brief slump, are gathering strength for this crucial battle. The first 27 minutes, Valencia on the right 45 degrees long pass, Vidic remove the ball after the point, a cross Road, Ryan Giggs header after the plug rather than taking a game which the gods possessed Neuer subconscious as the ball denied. 43 minutes, the left half sideways Rooney sent closed, high-speed plug in bypassing the defensive player Man U Jerseys Ryan Giggs, and then sent a note of high quality left foot pass, the ball landed just out of reach of danger Neuer regional, if not embarrassed in front of the header siege Papadopoulos has been in place outflanking Hernandez will get the opportunity to directly Men. Just a minute later, Ryan Giggs back with the offside trap to obtain single-handedly Welsh veteran the opportunity to face attack of the Neuer, Ryan Giggs with his right foot is not good at golf half a mind, but Noelle While lying on the ground have been made to block action, but not all of the Man Utd Jersey focus is lost, Schalke 04, will captain the ball over his side of the trunk in the moment, unconsciously using the arm of a block, the game's suspense till the second half. Giggs interview after the game to a slight regret, said: "We should be in the first half ahead 4-0 or 5-0."

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Blackburn in the Premier League continued victorious, just ahead of West Ham last of the first 3 minutes, and if Blackburn continued to sink, and that outstanding performance in the field the team was Carlo Ancelotti hailed as England's "New Tree" Phil - Jones, the possibility to stay in the team will continue to decrease, even with a paper contract in 2016 must not block the Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City Football Shirt Premiership semi-finals of his coveted attention. Following the September 22, 2009 in the League Cup against Nottingham Forest first team debut after completion of Phil Jones grew rapidly, the regular season, Blackburn is the main force, though only 1.78 meters tall, does not seem have the inherent quality of a good defender, but smart in a card, fill the seats capacity, and powerful sprint speed makes him a defender of the meat and potatoes group, so do not rely on the characteristics and the same deceptive height is very similar to Terry Ancelotti's assertion is not unreasonable.
Just-field phase of the game Blackburn Rovers for Manchester City suppressed half siege, Phil Jones and defender Samba combination consisting of samba under great pressure into the state to Bi Feier Jones early, he assumed the Premier League Shirts post opening Balotelli, who for most of the defensive duties, but Phil Jones, soon in the game. The first 9 minutes of the kick in the penalty area he declared last year siege of Drogba who Dingsi "new Terry" in return. 19 minutes from Toure to the ball inside the restricted area, but also a high concentration of attention on Phil Jones, hazardous resolved. "Daily Mirror" the disclosure last December Chelsea Phil Jones, the highest bid to reach 1,000 million pounds, within the restricted area only kicks in the siege, how can the value of the price? Phil Jones with performance to prove their worth is not "The Sun" that do not fly out of the media touted. Measure the overall quality of a good defender level of offensive capability is an important indicator of whether or not, Chelsea, David Lewis into the team so quickly, can frequently planted after the Reflect the value of a big offensive boost power surge.
Race to the first 35 minutes, to see the delay of the side attacking the players open up the situation, impatient Phil - Jones, began to pick up the ball from the back, first from the two Manchester City players double-team offense to stand, and then along the left side Road, drive straight in and did a wonderful teammate, "flank two had a" after the disease into the ball broke into the restricted area until the ball Saba Leta very awkward hook Man City shirts Xian, Phil Jones, this one a thousand miles away full stop before riding, Blackburn won a corner is also the face of adversity. As Balotelli 90 younger players, Phil Jones, who has revealed an experienced despot, the face of danger in the field of calm and cool Balotelli can not help this kind of "impulse Emperor" shame. 60 minutes from the two in a direct dialogue, we can detect the impulse and Phil Balotelli Jones cool contrast. Barry was behind the ball after the field came a Balotelli prompt start to the formation of single-pole, but the speed also is not weak, Phil Jones cleverly stuck in Balotelli's running routes, "Mario" left to right behind flash is not accounted for cheap, very angry, he will be a Phil Jones, overturned on the ground. Look at Phil Manchester City Shirt Jones, despite the fact Balotelli violations, but he got up after the expression of calm, without any verbal complaints quickly into the defensive.

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Lazio and lost the whole black-bone chicken, fourth, fifth intact. You Bureau, in theory, there is still 7 points behind fourth opportunity to compete, but to keep seats in the European War, the 7th of last year is to improve the realistic goal, Palermo, behind only 3 points less, want to qualify into the war in Europe threatened to snatch the first 7 old women. Juventus Lazio war at home this weekend, will further discern the true face Soccer Jersey of the two teams. Rome win, 4 points away from fourth place, and there burst out against the club, "easy to master chaos" signs of bloody fight for four-power can not be ignored. Udinese from the fourth recent direct talks next week, and Lazio's decision to fight four new patterns, the final round of play at home in Milan, Milan had wanted to win, black-bone chicken can be leveraging.
Lazio lose strange venue, Wuji losing curse the referee. Rhea said: "See, Biała slipped to a Samuel Eto'o goal opportunities, Diaz was also in the same region fell. Meazza unworthy of the name, too bad, do not understand why the site before, or wet, they intentional? Players simply stand still, it is prone to injury, as evidenced by Stan were injured. "Lotito added:" boring, disgusting venues for visitors to pay for. “After the match Serie A Jerseys De Canio commentators as Me-diaset Eto'o fell to testify, Wesley Sneijder's free kick scored there, who singing a different tune and Lazio, Lotito irony, "We all know which side you are." President after halftime and Brad Serie A referee designated member chat Padoa controversial handshake, he explained, "came to see the ball, how can we not met to say hello? Can not pretend not to see, say Moratti did. Lazio President did not leave me, but I still football consultant. "
Get rid of Naples on the last round, black-bone chicken owner Silvio Berlusconi received last Monday Pozzo, Galliani praise telephone, he made it clear that a good bonus system has been developed to encourage the team rushed four. But the boss the first person to prick the referee, and said to the team applied the spell, "We and Lazio, Rome is the contention four direct competitors, how can the field of a Roman Juventus Jerseys Magistrates (Valery) to law enforcement?" Win Pa Palma Main seats Ghirardi rebuttal: "You have 59 minutes, and there is nothing to complain about? against Udinese in the conclusions of the referee will be too naive." Yin Laier eat red card, the black-bone chicken with a fiery player game, a few times be misjudged offside, the linesman to blame but also the blame.
Rome, Juventus submerged in the coaching change whirlpool. Montella Roma even behind the team, and reached for the struggle to maintain internal harmony of the four protocols. Totti said, "If Montella stay, we are happy," De Rossi Del piero Jersey said, "I see too many candidate name, but Montella deserves this seat." Del Neri Wednesday to the Atlanta high-rise with a total of Bergamo dinner, he returned to Atlanta to deepen guess. by @
Pique Guardiola to hug him comfort his girlfriend stands Shakira and unlimited gently hold her boyfriend to cheer him up, but still can not smile in this cheerful young faces resurface Catalan. White Army had given a resounding slap in the face this moment has to guard his face Barcelona, and exhausted after the game, he still does not continue to face those questions and the bombing of the media: "I never said those words. They Football Shirt are not from my mouth. the locker room after the game the atmosphere is very hot. but I do not put that rhetoric. "He repeatedly emphasized these. But at the same time, the captain Iker Casillas of Real Madrid allows the all still confusing words: "Pique to know what he said, although I did not hear, but my teammates heard." Although the most Houyikeer also to remain silent, said: "This thing call it." But for the Peak, the "stop here" of course not so simple.
Metz Talia's Pique left once again chosen Twitter as their mouthpiece: "I would like to congratulate Madrid, they are a team worthy of respect." This may make people smiling while in Madrid the most proud people of Catalonia in front of them to finally lower the noble head. But at the same time, also heard that the Pique la liga kits and FCRISTIANO RONALDO Barcelona may be the first piece of news published in the "Marca" court, after all, in the present case, if that is really just a bad joke, they already its hard to laugh. "Iker Casillas and CRISTIANO RONALDO Cristiano Ronaldo end repressive rule of Barcelona." This is Real Madrid beat Barcelona, exalted after the Spanish King's Cup trophy, the Spanish "World News" played in the title. The comprehensive nature of the Spanish newspaper said the three brave Casillas saves withstand a second half onslaught Barcelona, Cristiano Ronaldo goal with a header determines the world's best two teams battle for victory , the two stars for Real Madrid opened up a whole new world. Mourinho against Barcelona with a physical and aggressive, which almost lost the first 45 minutes, or even see the goal. Barcelona's Xavi, Iniesta, Alves, Pedro into the creativity and speed to the team, however, Messi has barca shirts become the core of the team's poor state. Cristiano Ronaldo break with a header in the CRISTIANO RONALDO gates Barcelona, Real Madrid's rivals no longer have power.
Another comprehensive Spanish newspaper "El Pais" said Real Madrid, this is a landmark trophy. This is a game to load the legendary Real Madrid and Barcelona the right to fight for the rule of Spanish football, this is a very high level of the contest, the final after an absence of Real Madrid got their trophy for nearly 20 years. Barcelona Real Madrid in the sun at high noon when the trophy is still exalted, the King's Cup Messi shirt trophy in gold self-evident. CRISTIANO RONALDO Cristiano Ronaldo Adriano jump higher than the height of the two floors, gold-like header from the Portuguese goal for Real Madrid as a memorial to conquer the trophy. by @
Marotta and the technical part of the pipe manager assistant Para Krstic Milan Westin hotel shuttle to the bustling broker leaves, say hello to everyone that we meet and have cooperation possible, they pulled aside for a separate talk, plan pruning the old woman's plan. This is Tuesday sponsored by the Wyscout the first "scout Forum" live scene, the company created by Italian said, "purpose is to summon as many football people, sharing information and resources to promote among them knowledge, understanding and Soccer Jersey cooperation. We in football as a hobby for the work as non-commercial purposes, this forum will continue to gone out of existence. " The first two-day forum, convened more than 50 brokerage firms on behalf of the European total of more than 500 football manager, agent, including Mancini's agent, Joel Burgess, manager of Naples than the tribute, the Milan manager Brian Ida, Pal M manager Leonardi, Braga former sports star Cotto, Sevilla's Ramos-Horta and so on.
10:00, Marotta approach, looking for targets busy greeting, the first meeting was Joel Burgess, talking about can only be Mancini. City manager to coincide with the return to the Apennine, to Florence to visit an old friend Miha, so Viola is his master, both in the city center Latini restaurant for dinner. Media analysis, the future coach Serie A Jerseys Roberto Mancini is also the list of candidates, and the Juve fans complain too between the lip can be ignored, had to leave Italy, the Mancini also shouted, "childhood is the Juve fans have never said Inter coach Juve bad things. " 11:05, Marotta, and kava Reilly talks, who was Borriello brokers, Borriello and Juventus last pass, meaning there are now left Rome. But kava is Pirlo's agent Tingdi Raleigh assistant Marotta which is mainly used in more than 20 minutes Pirlo who inquire. He said that as long as Andrea Pirlo and Milan did not confirm the contract, the first shot Juve, and Milan's friendship is not convenient because of the mix now. After the 12:30 and Brian met Ida, he also reiterated Juve comity.
11:30 to see Storari brokers, stressed their willingness to contract with Storari 2014, not to Buffon fate for the transfer. Meanwhile, Parra Krstic's agent, D'Amico said of Iaquinta, Juventus Iaquinta to process, prepare early, but the agent relayed the desire Iaquinta want to stay. There are to be treated the same Amauri, prevarication Juventus Jerseys Parma manager Leonardi said, "Look," but determined to buy out Joe the arts, "you can bid immediately." Lunch time, dinner out Ida Marotta, and Brian, stay in the Westin Hotel Palladio Armitage met Bastos agent, wishing to win the Lyon backs. 15:00, Marotta returned, and Roland and the Apex's agent, Walter Pires Thierry official statement, which is the focus of the day. Porto 25-year-old central defender and  team as early as 17 years old Brazilian attacking midfielder woman vision, Marotta willing to pay 10 million to buy Roland, but to deal with Sissoko, Amauri say. The latter on a EU passport, "Gazzetta dello Sport," said Juve beat Inter Milan, in Turin on Thursday will be able to complete the move. Subsequently, the Para Armitage and Del piero Jersey Mr. Ferrari French football pass talked for a while, sniffing Nancy midfielder Ndiaye. 16:00 meeting Montolivo brokers, 17:00 They brought a pile of CD-ROM data to leave the hotel. Juve goal of the subsequent action, clearly written on the day of the trip.
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The 2011 April 22, today to love football people destined is different day, for today is ricardo – Iraq’s – much size grams santos Wright – - – the 29th birthday is kaka. Once the handsome boy has been transformed to mature man, ever stood on top of the world football under the he has walked shrines,  Football Shirt 
 a former national idols he aura has gradually be cristiano ronaldo, messi (micro bo blog) are covered, but you are still you, you still our hearts unique the prince! Style elegant, points ball instead, you are performed the absolute focus on playing; Handsome, sunshine and shy, humility, temperament and noble, you are a perfect man; Quality pure, far from scandal, you are professional players the absolute model; otc life FIFA World Cup, the cup with the big ears, the league championship… You are the players look up to exist. This is kaka, such kaka who don’t like? !Kaka’s career began in Brazil famous Sao Paulo, starting in 1994, kaka and here in the academy training for the team since 2001 playing competitive matches. Play in Sao Paulo two-and-a-half years, he has to win a state league titles and a state cup title. In the summer of 2003, kaka Premier League Shirts worth $85 million ,move to series for AC Milan. From then on, with unstoppable momentum, kaka onto the on the road to stardom. In effect, the first season Milan kaka in league appearances, scoring 10 goals 30 times help AC Milan won five years the title for the first time. In 2005, kaka helped AC Milan the champion’s league final, final first runner-up. After two seasons of refined, and at this time of kaka has completed, waiting for his standards. After this period ,waiting for him is skyrocketing. Next the 06/07 season, kaka will be in most brilliant career a season.
In the summer of 2008, calderon dig Angle cristiano ronaldo, Manchester united once will real Madrid against FIFA, sir alex ferguson is pronounced “even a virus will not sell him to real Madrid.” But in today’s told  sky sports news, sir alex ferguson had changed the aimed at real Madrid attitude. Scotsman hope, real Madrid and Manchester Man U Kits united can stationed the champion’s league final. In the king’s cup final, cristiano ronaldo scored by his only goal header, sir alex ferguson praised civ runner. “Cristiano ronaldo this quite well, but his header before had similar   goals, this and he played against roma’s header very similar.” FuGeSenChengZan 9600 thousand sir, “I originally thought goalkeeper can do better, but his header strength when were too big. He’s not relying on neck  sends force, but by the spine. Massey or send force cristiano ronaldo? They are great, but I am loyal to cristiano ronaldo to Barcelona. Cristiano ronaldo is a constant threat, real Madrid everyone behind his campaign.”Barcelona KAKA shirt and real Madrid, who can score the champions, league final? Sir alex ferguson force pretty new   battleship: “I don’t know in the champions league final farewell cristiano ronaldo means anything, but this is the best way, I hope we all can appear in the champions league final stage. What Cristiano ronaldo feelings? At the same time, he will know. But I say these things above all certainly, before Manchester united to the champion’s league final.”
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