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In fact, Perez no other choice, he could only put all the bets are bet Mourinho body. Watched the Champions League final Manchester United and Barcelona, I believe all the more determined the only Football Shirt way to beat Barcelona in world football team, is that Mourinho with a branch, do not bother Chelsea, Inter Milan or Real Madrid, in short, to want to beat Barcelona, Mourinho can only choose to trust, but no reservations.
Mourinho has since become the most powerful Real Madrid coach in history. The so-called high power covered the main, but somewhat ironically, just by a King's Cup, Mourinho can even legendary coach Munoz left behind, and no one was like him. Today, Perez is no longer a Real Madrid Real Madrid, not Real Madrid and Spain, but only the Real Madrid Mourinho. However, their biggest la liga kits enemy Who is Barcelona, Mourinho can only beat Barcelona, and he has indeed done, the Champions League last season, this season's King's Cup.
Soil under different football, it is difficult to conclude whether it is a good single-track Premiership or La Liga double regulations well. La Liga is not never been single-track system, the main example of successful high cover has a few years ago, it was in Mallorca, Cooper "second malignancy," the greatest coach out of the exploits trust, when he was club president real Madrid shirts Alemany all the powers delegated to Cooper, who became the first Premier League La Liga history-style "manager." What’s the final result? Alemany soon discovered that Cooper had become professional traffickers, and he brought Peralta from Argentina, Figure Fazio bear a large number of Argentine players Dayong, Mallorca became a broker Cooper of being taken advantage of, bid farewell ahead of the final Alemany, Cooper is also a year later from the back door.
Not to say that Jose Mourinho will make Di Maria shirt more aggressive single-track, and Mendes, "collusion", but simply can not help but worry for Mourinho, but also for Real Madrid worry. Valdano away, cancel the General Manager means the last bet. This last is somewhat of a gamble comes back, Real Madrid is still in an adjustment period, if the next season they still can not compete with Barcelona, Peres will be how to answer the fans? Is Zidane fired, or almost a decade has been appointed CEO of Sanchez? In short he will not fry Mourinho, now the situation is very simple, Real Madrid, Mourinho and Peres, prosperity, a loss for both, Peres can only bet on Jose Mourinho's magic, and even this drop the club's centuries-old tradition.
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Torres of the large amount of money to join, making the sharp decline Drogba playing time, before leaving the team this summer, rumors about rampant Warcraft. However, according to British media, the latest news, the fate of the Ivorian people will be at Stamford Bridge his home, the Blues will renew with them, and to enhance the remuneration Drogba.
In 2004, when he was Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho introduced Drogba from Olympique Marseille. Within the Cheap Soccer Jersey next 7 years, Côte d'Ivoire who quickly became the team's main scoring points, and the powerful impact, and Didier Drogba all-powerful offensive assists the industry as Warcraft. But in January this year, Didier Drogba suffered serious challenge: to spend 50 million pounds Chelsea, the highest ever transfer fee the club signed Fernando Torres from Liverpool.
Carlo Ancelotti's tactics in the 4-3-3 system, Torres then replace Didier Drogba, as the team's center is India, Côte d'Ivoire can only relegated to the bench. However, Ancelotti Spanish golden boy live up to the trust, only 1 of 12 league goals. Torres delays in the Premier League Jersey activated state, Carlo Ancelotti in the closing stages of the season to re-enable Drogba, who also played with impressive proof of his strength.
Soon as the end of the season, end up achieving nothing Ancelotti led to dismissal. As a rule, meant to re-shuffle coaching change, players change in position may occur. However, as has 33-year-old "old age", the media in general that will be on the lineup shake-Abu, Drogba will be out the door, Luca library, Nei Maer and other talented people will be his successor.
However, according to Tuesday's publication of Chelsea Jersey "The Sun" message, Chelsea, Didier Drogba will pay the same contract, which is expected to end his career at the Blue Bridge. One insider said, "Once the new coach in place, the club first thing to do is the same Didier (Drogba) renewed the contract. The club does not want him to leave, he is the best striker in the world one. "
12 games into the Premiership only 1 goal, Torres remains in the doldrums, but also means more integral to Chelsea Jersey Drogba in the team, the source continued, "You can imagine being sold Didier Torres continued downturn it? The club has made the decision that they have left. "
Rumors, Tottenham and Real Madrid are the next Didier Drogba, a potential home. But now it seems that Chelsea will Ivorians existing contract (2012) extended for one year, renewed until 2013. At the same time, Drogba's salary will increase to some extent, the current weekly Drogba 13 million pounds.
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At the beginning of the season in the champions league qualifiers, and the end of the season unfortunate relegated to serie b, sampdoria experienced from heaven to hell of incarnations, while relegation often means team players of farewell, captain palombo became Inter and fiorentina bid for goal. Cheap Football Shirts Meanwhile, the Italian countries this season's MenWei vuillard said will return to Inter, possibly on loan identity roma or Genoa. According to the Inter "reported, aimed at news of the nerazzurri forcomposites.reinforcement midfielder sight again to sampdoria, while facing the captain palombo direct competitors is also strive to retool in Florence, accept the newspaper, Inter striker pazzini hath given former teammate highly, his existence will become the nerazzurri acquisitions and palombo factors. And the 29-year-old palombo is sampdoria team at present the most expensive Premier League Shirts player in the transfer market, "for his appraisal of 1,250 million Euros, in the team need expenditure premise, he is likely to be sold to cash and the price will drop, I'm afraid. 29 with physical, shovel palombo rob and an aggressive style, and have known good passing ability, if can join Inter, is expected to stand the nerazzurri to cambiasso, the backbone of this season for sampdoria, play games, all 42, only twice as starting, total was substituted 3760 minutes, contribution 1 ball and two assists. Meanwhile, Inter Inter Milan Football Shirt was MenWei Olivia's Italian countries will quickly determine where underneath season. In an Interview with the corriere dello sport, Olivia's says his final dimension of the main goal is to Inter, but only after such Cesar left will return. "Whether it will leave bologna next season, I still don't know, future is impossible, Inter and bologna will discuss the matter, and quickly find out solution. My goal for the nerazzurri natural is played, but Cesar is still the most outstanding goalkeeper world football since he left one, maybe I can get the chance." About next season's ownership of Olivia, dimension, said: "I can accept outside rent." And according to the Inter Maicon Shirt news network news, roma or Genoa will be the dimension of the club next season Olivia's. The Rome side intended for early adjustment, spot two Brazilian Sergio and duoni will be off, but red Wolf's pursuit of buffon and HeYa plans were failed, Olivia's Virginia has become their next target; And this season with the downturn in Genoa bad performance inseparable, Eduardo against the city of beacon for the Portuguese team actively looking for a replacement doors, due to close relations with Genoa Inter has, so in the team's dimension Vuillard likely not low quenched.
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Although Liverpool arena in bad times, but there is a little commercial battlefield of harvest. Recently, the Liverpool officials came the announcement that, the club official and Thailand Honda sign a sponsorship contract, the contract period is three years. According to Liverpool Replica Soccer Jerseys the club's official website introduces, millions of Liverpool fans in Thailand, this also is Thailand Honda and Liverpool in the main reason appreciaties with Liverpool, they expect to obtain win-win on the market in Thailand. What is worth mentioning, Liverpool have during the Asian tour in 2009, and Thailand against a team that was a very perfect commercial competition. Liverpool managing director Ian al after signing of contract in both sides very excited, he expected Liverpool can in business with Thailand Honda obtain win-win. "We clearly Liverpool Premier League Jersey has a lot of fans in Thailand, 2009 there we had a exciting tournament with Thailand. The Honda cooperation will let us have a chance and Thai fans more intimate contact, we are looking forward to the cooperation with Thailand Honda can access to long-term success." Although Liverpool and Thailand Honda together, but unfortunately Liverpool this year plan and Asian tour in Thailand this one station, no place is three business and guangzhou, China, Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur and capital Seoul. No doubt, in recent years the Liverpool Liverpool Jersey emerging commercial battlefield, first on his chest, Liverpool advertising sponsors dropped carlsberg, choose the standard chartered bank, charger, doubled reached world-class standards 2000 million pounds per year, with Manchester united on the pitch at London flat. In addition, there are rumors, Liverpool will get news American sponsorship contract, the warriors sports will become a Liverpool shirt sponsors, replace the shirt sponsors, Liverpool will obtain annual 25 million pound sponsorship, this contract beyond the current Manchester united 2380 million pounds year Nike sponsorship. Liverpool Torres Jersey commercial development is good, but Liverpool football club have "care" good sponsors feel, ascension did record enlargement popularity. Obviously, the past a season, Liverpool, not for the record to the war in Europe for sponsors hit very big. Faith So, want to change this flagging, Liverpool must in the summer transfer market is big action; The British media leaks, Liverpool have completed this summer, the French first pen reinforcements wing omar walter. According to introducing, omar walter 25 years of age, and played for Ryan, contract to end this summer, so Liverpool purchase his mode is free checkin. So far, omar walter representative Ryan first-team appearances, scoring 20 goals 118 times assists 16 times, because this season injury in the season, scoring 10 times play only one goal assists 2 times. The British media that Liverpool have set a £ 1.2 million, soon to be the omar walter officials announced the reinforcements. In addition, British media disclosure, Liverpool and several transfer waiting for implementation. The insight offside "leaks, Liverpool defender will purchase this summer, watched Birmingham central defender Scott dagen and bolton defender Gary cahill.
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England will play the new beginning of next month's European preliminaries, but still a lot of internal problems in England, the British media revealed that Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand Fabio Capello intend to talk about a good time, to eliminate misunderstanding between the two.
A few months ago, in the absence of notification under the premise of Ferdinand, Capello suddenly announced that the Soccer Jersey captain's armband again return to the Terry, Chelsea captain a year ago because the "Friends of the wife of the door," be deprived of the captain's armband, turn to Ferdinand a Three Lions captain Rio Ferdinand but some time ago when the injury can not be set off for England, Capello suddenly announced that John Terry will be back when the permanent captain of England.
That is not any accident, after all, before that, the Manchester United captain Rio Ferdinand Nemanja Vidic has also Premier League Jersey been "stolen" away, but the key is that this seasoned Ferguson has done a very good thing, for all to very satisfied , the contrary has been England coach Fabio Capello for several years but still do not know the score, abruptly announced the replacement of the captain's armband is not, do not say hello, and Ferdinand, or Ferdinand that was also heard again the England team can not talk .
Capello has been bad public relations led to negative consequences - Foster and Green has announced its withdrawal from England (who later changed his mind), so that began to trouble goalkeeper Fabio Capello shortage, it was said Capello going twice and Rio Ferdinand interview, but Man City kits were canceled due to various reasons, and now Fabio Capello and Rio Ferdinand talks a good plan, and told Manchester United defender - he was England's important Euro 2010 expedition members.
Ferdinand also had friends claim that he is passionate about the effectiveness of England, this first time Manchester United defender also won the Manchester United bus parade, although he hoped it was the Champions League, Rio Ferdinand insists the Manchester United, it is still Manchester City jerseys a great season: "Barcelona set us a very high standard, we must strive to achieve, we will come back next season, we can not be too sorry, we did pretty good this season, we won the Premiership champions, once again killing into the Champions League final, the FA Cup semi-finals, our performance did not feel so bad now, but we will be sad for a while, it really makes us very disappointed, we really believe we can win, but did not materialize. "
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Finalized the transfer in after Peterson, Bayern's second tranche of signings will also be completed early morning Beijing time on May 30, including the "Kicker", "picture" including a number of German media have reported : effect of Jiujiang in Genoa Rafinha Schalke Bayern move to a foregone conclusion, he will complete a medical examination on Monday or Football Shirt Tuesday after formally signing with Bayern for a period of 3 years of the new contract, and his transfer fee will be € 5,300,000 to € 5,800,000 between.
Last weekend, Bayern Munich and Genoa club's transfer matters Rafinha launched last consultation, the two sides will eventually agree on the transfer fee, "Bild" disclosure of the sale price at 530 million euros, but " Kicker, "but that the transfer fee of 550 million euros, while" Munich Daily "Rafinha is worth the disclosure of 580 million euros. Although the final transfer fee is not yet determined, but German media have generally agreed that the transfer Bayern Rafinha no longer in suspense, the Brazilian striker arrived in Munich early this week underwent a medical examination, then it will sign a cut-off to 2014 on June 30 of the new contract.
Rafinha, 25, is in Genoa last year, the transfer from Schalke, last season, he played for the Genoa 34th in the Italian Football Shirt league and into the two goals. Rafinha Schalke before the representatives of the participation of 153 Bundesliga matches, contributing seven goals and 19 assists. In fact back in 2009 to nearly signed Rafinha Bayern, but Van Gaal as coach at Bayern coach Felix Magath and Schalke against the obstruction, which leads to the final transfer to give up, and now Van Gaal had class , and has left the Schalke Rafinha, the two sides so again later.
Bayern had originally intended to introduce the Portugal international Cohen Straw Benfica and Ajax's Dutch international Van der Bayern Munchen Shirt Veer, but the two left-back's worth are beyond the tolerance range of Bayern, eventually founding the Raffini Bayern Asia, and to reach an agreement quickly and Genoa. Straw and Cohen and Van der Veer The difference is, is a right-back Rafinha, the German media speculation that Bayern coach next season, Heynckes will allow Ram to return to left back position, the pull Graffigna as the team's main right back.
In addition, "Kicker" also revealed that, in the signed Rafinha, the next week, Bayern will speed up the Robben Shirt completion of Neuer and Boateng transfer the two men, despite the news that before Schalke and Manchester City Clubs are reluctant to release, but two German international joined Bayern have a strong will, so far only transfer fees, "kicker" expected to transfer from these two is expected to be completed this week, and With the imminent arrival of Noelle and Boateng, Bayern's squad is also shown signs of a new prototype of the season.
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Since joining Chelsea after Kalou all team, he could not get tired of substitute career has, the metro newspaper said that at present Kalou is waiting for owner Roman abramovich determined new manager, if the new boss still cannot ensure his opportunity, so the battle in the ivory coast Replica Football Shirt international will consider this summer to move from rivals Arsenal in the almighty cherry-picking striker. A 25-year-old Salomon Kalou is a multi-functional striker, he can play the wing and can also play the middle, in 2006, although since joining Chelsea play time has been small, but he has stable goals dedication. This season, Kalou played in the premier league and uefa champions league 37 sneaks in ten goals and send out five assists, but he's averaging only battle time 511 minutes. A season into 10 ball absolutely not Kalou's upper limit, if can obtain more play time, then he goals will increase in before joining Chelsea, Premier League Shirts Salomon Kalou in feyenoord is a top striker, in 2004/5, he played in DE eridivisie armour 31 is scored 20 goals, and in 2005/06 season, he plays 34 times also scored 15 goals, so his Chelsea squad, his strength absolute is being underestimated. But don't know what the reason is, Kalou every next coach at Chelsea - have failed to obtain team, he has been living in didier drogba, nicolas anelka and florent malouda under the shadow of a person such as fernando torres, along with transfer to join this summer, plus could continue to introduce new Chelsea Chelsea Football Shirt striker Salomon Kalou in the team at Stamford bridge will become more embarrassed, which made him might choose to leave in the summer. Arsenal boss arsene wenger has been very interested in for Salomon Kalou, in the summer of 2008, gunmen will have tried to introduce the ivory coast international, but were then Chelsea Drogba Shirt boss scolari's refused, wenger said: "in 2008, we have tried to introduce Salomon Kalou, but Chelsea refused, I never spoke with him, I only inquired whether Chelsea are willing to sell him." If in the summer, Kalou decided to move as Arsenal may try again introducing the Ivory Coast international. Salomon Kalou in the premiership has chuangdang for five years, although most of the time at Stamford Bridge, but only as a substitute of his ability has been widely recognized, so if he can to join Arsenal, then he would be a good new signings.
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At Arsenal's official website whose goal of the season in the champions league, robin van Persie to Barcelona's Cheap Soccer Jerseys goal won the most gunners the support of the fans, the Dutchman with this goal won the honor of Arsenal's goal of the season. Although Arsenal once again have an all is vanity, but in the season for the season on the way, the gunners fans player has brought a lot of wonderful goals. Robin van Persie to Barcelona in February the champions league quarter final first leg sneaks in a beautiful goal. The game at the emirates stadium, Barcelona a ball by villa advanced, but robin van Persie scored in the 78th minute a grain of the world's help, when gunmen wave in arshavin after left breakthrough, gael Clichy kept back to knock the ball loose box, choose preach a 10-yard Premier League Jersey robin van Persie close to zero Angle position in his left foot scoring. Robin van Persie this grain of wonderful zero Angle break won 24% of the vote became Arsenal this season's best goal. In December the kenaz for fulham's first two goals got 23 % of the votes, and ranked second in the match, the first 1 kenaz ranked third goal was (20%). Arshavin Arsenal Jerseys at emirates stadium at Barcelona in the fourth goal (14%). The goal is ranked fifth, he belongs to robin van Persie in the carling cup final against Birmingham wonderful half-volley from also got 4% of the support of the fans. In addition to garnering goal of the season award outside, robin van Persie have chance to win Arsenal's official list of player of the season award, this season, van Persie battle in the premier league and uefa champions league 28 times just scored 20 goals and seven assists, if not season injury on international duty, then robin van Persie should be able to give Arsenal Arshavin Jersey to bring about greater dedication. In Arsenal player of the season in the selection, the gunman's website is currently only announced the winner of the fourth and the third, the second and first winner will be announced in the next day or next. New keeper, who won the 2.9%, edda votes fourth in kenaz 13.1% votes won ranked third, from the current circumstance looks, the first two players, there must be one person is robin van Persie.
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Adam does not intend to follow Blackpool Championship campaign next season, he hopes to stay in the Premier League football, and the Scottish midfielder into the transfer market attracted the Football Shirt attention of many teams in the winter transfer has been trying to introduce Adam Liverpool will again be shot this summer.
As Blackpool captain, Adam had a fantastic season, he scored 35 times in the Premiership battle has 12 goals and 8 assists send Unfortunately, his efforts did not succeed to help Blackpool downgrade, but tasted Premier League games After taste, Adam do not want to go back to the Premier League Shirts British crown, although there are provisions to make Blackpool Adam to stay one year, but he decided to move.
"I can not decide the next stage of career, what will happen, but everybody knows that I want to stay in the Premiership. This is one of the world's best leagues." Adam made it clear that his determination to stay in the Premiership. Liverpool have been trying to introduce in the winter transfer Adam, will once again buy the Red Army in the summer of Adam, which Liverpool Football Shirt Adam said: "I want to join the English Premier League, can be transferred in January to join a team like Liverpool is an honor."
Adam, this is a bittersweet season, they have a good play and was named to the PFA annual list of the best candidates, but unfortunately, Blackpool was downgraded, "it is easy to move on, the disappointment is over on Sunday we do not need to think about 'what if the what'. Now everything is over, we must move on. For me, to participate in the Premier League is very important, and now I want to forget these things and concentrate for the national team. "
Blackpool demoted because, in addition to Adam, the team and many players may choose to move, Adam hope Blackpool can make it through this crisis, "I am very disappointed with Blackpool downgrade, but I will stick to their kicks Law, hope that this will enable me to continue into the Scotland national team. Personally, I entered a dream season, which is that no one can deny, and I will not try to hide anything, but the team is the most important we Liverpool Shirt downgraded. But I'm still in Blackpool for 2 years had a great, some people will be leaving the team, but no matter what happens, the team's style of play over the past 2 years should be remembered by the fans. "
If Adam can join Liverpool this summer, this will help his future development, Adam was 25 years old, he still has much room for growth, join a wealthy will help him continue to grow as a top star. Although there is no war in Europe next season, Liverpool's qualification, but can concentrate on the league campaign but is conducive to the Red Army to return to the top four, or even compete for the Premiership title.

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Bayern want to sign Bayer Leverkusen midfielder vidal already not a secret, coach Heynckes Schweinsteiger it as the perfect partner, and Chairman of the Board and the Supervisory Board Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge Gene Adams had two chiefs also confirmed the interest of the Chileans. The question now is unwilling to let go of their own Cheap Soccer Jerseys Leverkusen central figure, but now open to the club manager vidal pressure, saying the players wish to join Bayern.
Vidal 24-year-old is the Bundesliga last season, one of the best midfield, he scored 10 goals 11 assists, helping Bayern Leverkusen beat league runners-up received. When Heynckes coached Bayern set new season, the vidal on many occasions publicly expressed desire to join Bayern. "Bild" has revealed that 66-year-old Chilean sea is handsome to the new owner would very much like a player. At the same time, Bayern have also confirmed the interest of vidal, just last week, the club chairman Hoeness German Soccer Jersey said: "We are indeed interested in vidal, and now we will see if I can do it."
Vidal Leverkusen move is the biggest obstacle, although the player only 1 year contract, but they do not want to let go of their midfield ahead of the core. Just two days ago, Leverkusen President Holtz Hauser added: "He will be for the Leverkusen effect next season, Bayern will certainly not move."
But for now, vidal's agent, Fernando - Feiliqieweiqi Bayern Soccer Jersey  pressure has begun to open the club, he said that players wish to join Bayern.Feiliqieweiqi said: "Of course vidal want to join Bayern, everyone is the case. We will make every effort to make this wish come true." In this regard, Leverkusen President Holtz Hauser said: "to In my opinion, this is only his agent's idea, why do we have to give competitors to strengthen authority? "But Feiliqieweiqi strong response, said:" If the club does not let go of him, and <a href=">Bayern Munich soccer jersey insisted that he Leverkusen A multi-season play, then the consequence is a free transfer after one year. "
Vidal's move on the issue, Leverkusen manager Rudi Voeller did not surrender their arms, and he even want to complete the contract with the Chileans. Voller said: "We know that contract with the vidal very difficult, but we really need him to achieve the target, vidal was an outstanding player, he always took out the top performance."
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