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During the American line, Mourinho's main task is to examine the status of players. At the end of the line to the Americas, after Real Madrid into the summer preparing for the second stage, the team's warm-up intensity and seriousness but also on a higher level. Tuesday's training, Mourinho on the sidelines despite this frequency increased significantly, he New Soccer Jerseys asked each player can be fully committed to training, no one can take God. 6:00 pm on Wednesday, Mourinho's team will be in Berlin Hertha Berlin Olympic Stadium, and warm-up, while the Portuguese have been discharged in the game plan their lineup.
Now rejoin the first team players, four players can not appear in this warm-up match, including the toe injury of Dila, Shaheen sprained left knee, back and left leg injury Ramos shares quadriceps contracture Granero. In order to ensure the quality of the game, Mourinho put on 15 in addition to first-team members, but also bring a four second La Liga Soccer Jersey teenager to supplement the location of the four players, of course, this is also a part-time sports manager Jose Mourinho after the beginning Another important task: to observe and train young players.
Mourinho's injury has disrupted preparations for the summer program, or even make the team an injury crisis in midfield, but fortunately the club medical team on a timely and effective, so that point to pull back the same night the resident for examination, and the first time treatment of his injuries to a minimum. Mourinho was to his fellow midfielder Cohen Bertrand guest, but now, several wounded and the situation is not serious, Dila Real Madrid Jerseys Soccer and Shaheen have started jogging to warm up in the fitness coach Ramos under the command of a separate recovery plan implementation. Optimistic estimates, they are likely to return to the court during the Asian trip, when Chinese fans will also be able to see several players on the pitch, and may witness Shaheen debut after joining Real Madrid.
Shaheen and Altintop are two new representative of Real Madrid can not play because of injury, but Kalie Hong, Cohen Bertrand and Wallachia in the warm-up match in three new performance is very good, have proved their worth. Summer of 500 million euros worth of Kalie Hong repurchase by Real Madrid, the line in the Americas Real Madrid Soccer Shirt during the warm-up match of three games scored two goals, the main location is now being won, he and Cohen Bertrand in the shortest time to adapt to the Mo Li Niao tactical system. During the Asian tour, Kalie Hong and Cohen Bertrand may continue to occupy the main position, which will help them before their Super Bowl win more votes of confidence.

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Chelsea 4-0 victory over Hong Kong Jie Chi, the center finally opened and the players, Didier Drogba netted a goal and the performance of active, individual ability to break by Stuart Ridge impressive, but unfortunately missed Torres still and goals, he 92 minutes hit the post, not make a joke of the media want him to shut up. Premier League Asia World Cup Football Shirt Cup before the press conference, the focus is entirely on Torres who, the reporter's questions to the Spaniards a stomach upset. The following questions and answers can be described as pressing harder and harder to see the face on the sponsors, Torres did not try to suppress the outbreak, but the answer can be seen in his displeasure.
How do you evaluate your own state? --- "I can state, and teammates, all efforts for the new season." You are very tired of the criticism? --- "Do their living, so." Why do you allow us to believe that you can retrieve the status of Liverpool? --- "I'm only 27 years old, I did not forget how to score! I will score!" Obviously, not scoring into Torres's heart, which even affected his daily mood. "Daily Mail" revealed in yesterday's training, his teammates rushed the floor Spaniards even angry, kick ball was a little Zhirkov's not in place, so that Torres could not comfortably kicker shot, the ball results Shepian EPL Football Shirts , the Spaniards broke out, he shouted loudly complained that the Russian people, can be described as unconventional. "Daily Mail" mocking Natuoleisi compared with Sheva, to the Spaniards from the new name: the South more than just homes - Torres (Shev-Nando Torres), which means that Torres looks better than the "parallel" Sheva good to go.
But his teammates still support Torres, captain John Terry believes that the media grabbed the details of the training, and to compare Spanish and Sheva, is somewhat excessive. "This is Torres is not fair," Terry said, "He is now some pressure, but can cope with, he is one of the world's best striker, his desire to win." Coach Bo Asi Mingbu Chelsea Football Tops Ping for Torres: "As long as a player is not goals, your media will always haunt him ... "to speak of Torres, as well as Liverpool department, a former Red Army legend Barnes suggested, in order to activate the golden boy, the sell Drogba Chelsea. "I want Torres success, I consider that to stay Drogba Chelsea do not," Barnes said, "because they both like to play the first center, even if the bench Drogba, Torres on the pitch there will be pressure, World of Warcraft is a fan favorite since.
Drogba up for each warm-up, the fans will sing his name, which gives the formation of the pressure field Torres. "In order to sell Drogba Torres? Performance from the field, this probably is not wise, flying Warcraft hoisting netted a goal, making Oolong Road Qiangdian also show the impact, although he was on the mid-season slump But do not forget that there are factors affected by the impact of malaria in Africa, the final Chelsea Shirt stage of Drogba was back the state, shows that once the body unharmed, he was still able to charge forward in the introduction of the new center is not the case, keep him for Chelsea keep a bottom line, once Torres still can not find the feeling, the Blues striker still room for maneuver.
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0 to 3, I am afraid not many people will think, Liverpool will be a warm-up match with such a large score total defeat to Championship Wholesale Soccer Jersey Supplier club Hull City. Dalglish in the summer to spend 4900 pounds introduced Henderson, Charlie - Adam and the three front attack Downing hand, but at the back just signed goalkeeper Doni a player, and this consequence is Liverpool, three consecutive warm-up games war lowly spot lost three goals.
The game, just signed Doni be starting soon, on behalf of Liverpool played the first half, but who helped Brazil win the America's Cup goalkeeper, the performance of some disappointing. Liverpool's two first-half clean sheet, Doni must bear some responsibility: the first 21 minutes, Hull City Liverpool team break right back Kelly Brady, no choice pass, choosing instead to cross in the penalty area set aside, playing the a far corner Premier League Soccer Kit , Doni just made a symbolic fighting, flying into the net on Musongpiqiu nest. In dealing with this ball, Doni's stations and judgments are reasonable, Brady shot, left in the top of the arc of area after teammate pass directly from the left foot and a half Tui golf, The angle of the ball is not tricky, ball speed is not fast, but Doni did not predict to Cologne will choose to shoot, but shot the ball in Colombo, before flying fighting rush, but has been powerless.
Liverpool goalkeeper Reina, the first few seasons has been the best team to play the most stable part, but with the increase in injuries, it can no longer like before a season attendance performance. Doni since then lost to Manchester Liverpool Jerseys Soccer United the Champions League after 1 to 7, the state is not longer have the courage and completely reduced in Rome last season's reserve goalkeeper. Doni wanted Liverpool to find the introduction of an experienced goalkeeper Reina on the bench to do, but from his performance, really can not even make replacement reassuring. Reina injuries, the state also declined, do not fly together with goalkeeper Doni, it is no wonder the game straight Dalglish will be scratching their heads acute skin.
0 to 3 in the loss to the British crown, after Hull City, Liverpool in the summer warm-up match of three games, averaging to achieve three goals conceded, it is certainly not just the goalkeeper reasons. Hull City were leased from Manchester Liverpool Jersey United winger Brady tortured depressed. Kelly Dalglish after he took office focus on training of young players, half of last season's game, Kelly's performance had some bright spots, even expensive for the England international Glen - Johnson pushed him off the bench are gallery, and has been elected in February, the club named the "Player of the monthly", Liverpool fans will be his defensive line as the "new Messiah." This time the encounter technical superior, flexible body Brady, height of 1 meter 90 Kelly, on a thorough exposure of his slow, inflexible weaknesses.
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Abandon will still make real Madrid top headache, made the small of the back on Monday and even players las diarra training events." Las continue to flee to real Madrid on the question of pressure in the holiday, two days later, on Monday, las original should have and royston drenthe, pedro DE Leon together to real Madrid in sports city at 9 PM to training in the morning, however, a past, las figure and did not appear in baal Derby Soccer Jerseys Wholesale buss sports city. Obviously, las is to use the training mode, persecuted "let him leave real Madrid low price.
Real Madrid before give las marks the 20 million euro price, but to what he is interested in Manchester united but only quote us 11 million euros. Real Madrid President Florence believes Manchester united who offer is far from enough, however, so everyone is not willing to quote us high prices. It is reported, now real Madrid to las standard of 18 million euros, drop the price than before 2 million euros, the premier league tottenham hotspur also to las interested, but they offer also can not reach 18 million euros. On Monday, drenthe Liga Espanola Soccer Kit and pedro DE Leon's participated in the training. Royston drenthe training for over two hours, pedro DE Leon practice to 1 p.m. didn't leave. On Tuesday, abandon the and return to Madrid will mourinho saw surface, originally jose mourinho wants him come back from the states, but the process of cleaning and no he think well. Now, let these abandon will training alone, or attend the huddle, mourinho does not have to not make a decision.
However, real Madrid are now trying to finish cleaning action. On Monday, real Madrid and getafe club again, and the negotiations, pedro Leon loan problems, reached an agreement to getafe club will bear all salary, pedro Leon. Getafe club President fernando torres has also said: "we have and real Madrid on loan, pedro Leon a season of problem agreement is reached, the end of the season, after getafe also will receive the players preemptive right." However, now this operation is also met the pile is the biggest a block: last year 10 million euros of transfer, pedro Leon refused to leave real Madrid. Because of this, torres showed a cautious: "we have to do something with pedro exchange, hope he Real Madrid Soccer Team Jersey can agree to return on loan to getafe." Although pedro DE Leon has been says it does not want to leave real Madrid, but the marca "think, he finally I'm afraid still have to yield to the club's arrangement, accept return to getafe decision. Real Madrid getafe and of the contract will also, next season to real Madrid match, pedro DE Leon can't debut.
At the same time, speed up to buy the club villarreal state of the pace, rice also valencia also want to sign him. For 22 million euros of high prices will card sola, after sale to malaga than leah reais club hope to introduce fabio rice to fill the void left by new card to leave. The next few days, villarreal will formally Maria Jersey to real Madrid, but offer real Madrid and don't want to sell and growth potential of the state, and is only accept rice on loan scheme. Real Madrid had wanted to the premiership or the bundesliga state rice play, however fabio rice refused to accept to the two premiership possible.

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"X Mr." Who are you? AC Milan need to introduce "X President"? Ordinarily such a heavy introduction, must be improved to make the team's overall strength, but in fact may not, in Pastore, Gansel, Fabregas World Cup Football Shirt these names, the addition of a new name: Kaka.
On Tuesday's regular press conference, Gattuso Kaka's name mentioned, said he hoped "X President" is a card, and this word, causing a lot of sensitive reporter's attention, of which Representative is the "Corriere dello Sport," the transfer expert Federer, he said: "I must admit, first I have been skeptical, but from what I heard the words of Gattuso, I can confirm that Mr X is Kaka . Gattuso was right route. Gattuso Italian Football Shirts is often something to say to the media if not evasive, so that the last conference, I am convinced that Kaka will return. "yesterday published" Roman Sports "also said that Gattuso is ready to rent Florentino Kaka made the request, and being able to save transfer fee, Kaka's salary unchanged.
It should be said, in a few "X President," the candidate, Kaka is the worst answer, maybe fans will not forget the 08/09 season, Shevchenko return to AC Milan AC Milan Football Tops from Chelsea after a bad experience, and some Nostalgia is not a good time, let go of the original AC Milan Pirlo, and players over the age of 30 pay cut contract, the contract is only signed for one year, has marked the club in the "emotional intelligence" on evolution, and buy card if card, it marks the turn had taken this step to return to? You know, next year will be 30 years old Kaka, Real Madrid in the past two years, his physical condition than before he left AC Milan, even worse, of course, the media spread the program is only leased, but Kaka will be holding a team The first annual salary, will take on the season, Boateng and Robinho played very good attacking midfielder position, it will extremely affect the balance of the locker room. You know, when Chelsea's Andriy Shevchenko after all, is paid half the salary, after all, is also positioned as a replacement. Kaka AC Milan Xuanze if, indeed better than no one to buy.
Of course, the possibility of introducing other people still exists, yesterday from the British "Daily Star" came the news that, AC Milan, a € 35 million to prepare the introduction of Cesc Fabregas from Arsenal, although the price is not dominant, but the temperature frame for Barcelona's hate is AC Milan's opportunities. Of course, "Daily Star" message has not the whole letter. In other news comes from the "full market" deputy editor Chris Luo Diego, he said: "Note Pastore, AC Milan, has broken a fortress, with Galliani AC Milan Football Kit and Zamparini has taken an important step, but he did not make and AC Milan go so close as Montolivo, operation is still ongoing. "Of course, AC Milan, but in the end" X President, "the choice is Pastore, or has farther and farther Ham Hick, or has never been less likely to pig, a small law, even now, it seems incompetence of Gansel, for AC Milan, the biggest significance is not that they join, but that they did not choose to go to buy AC Milan over former star of the old gas.
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Corinthians Carlos Tevez just to open a small window, leaving the Argentine is dark. Now Tevez had worried to continue their short vacation, if you can not change everything, he will have to continue to return to gloomy Manchester Cheap Soccer Jersey , to accept the fans, teams, media and teammates collective trial. Even if English is not accepted, he was a "traitor," "treacherous guy" These words might have been familiar.
Tevez so-called "personality" back in the club when he first row has been sour, when Manchester City 20 million pounds of paper to a weekly contract placed before him, he did not hesitate to sign the contract to 2014. But he was this club and this is also true that the city is not cold, "I am in Manchester all day doing nothing, where a nice house you have six or seven hundred pounds, you have to die, so I still renters. Prices , there is bad World Cup Soccer Jerseys weather, prices, coupled with my English sucks, in short, nothing there. contract expires after leaving the team I do not want to go back there, vacation is not going! "Tevez then made fast Zhefan language fast I do not know how much hurt Manchester City fans.
And Tevez himself has been claimed that children miss as far away as Argentina. Five years, will be more intense or slowed thoughts, this is something, but West Ham and Manchester United in the period, never homesick disease is also a fact committed, or even that he had also urged Ferguson and his contract as soon as possible. But appear to be in Manchester City signed a contract at the same time, he began to have symptoms of homesickness. This is even more intensified after the arrival of Mancini. The reason is simple, he is not happy on the court, even if he is still the club's top scorer, even if there are still people he admired. But the conservative tactics, like a portrait without a head to win their own scoring opportunities, all of this, more and more animals Argentina National Team Soccer Jerseys are so lost, more and more unhappy. "Daily Star" reported in the first half, Tevez Manchester City to a distracted 25 million pounds a weekly contract, but this time, Carlos Tevez did not sign.
Tevez himself explained, Manchester City earlier bad faith, "I do not regret it, this is causing some of Manchester's Board of Directors, who in six months time are committed to something, but no promises. Why am I now I believe them? I will not speak with these people I will and direct communication Mansour, and not to any other person, this will not bring my future is different, because for me nothing . "Allegedly, Tevez Argentina Jersey meaning of" commitment "is likely to be the last renewal, in effect allowing him a free transfer after two years returned to America.
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Real Madrid has officially announced the beginning of August to participate in China with Tianjin Teda, Guangzhou Hengda and two warm-up tournament roster by C Ronaldo, Kaka, Real Madrid first team led all the main players, including some time ago in the United States pull injured during training Moss and 1 meter 91 from France 18 years younger in the back Guevara signed within the other five new players are all in the column, which means that Chinese fans will be lucky to see one the most complete of the "Galacticos" of All star. All the members New Soccer Jerseys of Real Madrid on Sunday has been set (July 31) afternoon ride charter flights from the UK arrived in Guangzhou, China officially opened the 2011 friendly against Real Madrid prelude.
Singapore wins exclusive events Jie operating agencies receiving the Real Madrid soccer Collins Chief Operating Officer e-mail over the list, was very excited: "This is a perfect list of exciting! I think the fans like me will feel on this list satisfaction. Let's hope the upcoming game against Real Madrid and Guangzhou Hengda Tianjin TEDA La Liga Soccer Jersey has also sent the best team for the dedication of two high-quality Chinese fans a high level of friendly. "Real Madrid in 2003 and 2005, twice visiting China, when the "Galacticos a" has David Beckham, Ronaldo, Zidane and other world-class star, set off for a while in China, "White Tornado."
Six years later, Real Madrid again in China, "Galacticos two" star-studded lineup the same, with C Ronaldo, Kaka two World Footballer of the World Cup captain "keeper" and many other world-class Casillas Real Madrid players , in the marshal under the leadership of Jose Mourinho once again set off the enthusiasm of Chinese fans. Real Madrid, according to reports, Real Madrid has one hundred and fifty million Chinese fans Real Madrid Soccer Team Jersey , "thank every weekend during the season in the league and stay up all night watching silently support Real Madrid fans per game in China, we believe that in this summer before the start of the season, the all players to China for two friendly matches, so fans do not have traveled to Madrid, you can last the distance and contact interaction with the players, we love feedback China Real Madrid fans a good way. "Real Madrid director of International Affairs cloth Tel Geno said.
2011 Real Madrid friendly China is divided into two stations, respectively, at 19:45 on August 3 in Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center Stadium against Guangzhou Madrid Jersey Hengda, at 17:45 on August 6 against the Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium Tianjin Teda . In addition, each team will be on August 1 and August 4 in Guangzhou and Tianjin, all engage in a public training. At present, Guangzhou and Tianjin Grand Prix tickets and train tickets have been officially open public sale, the fans, friends can Yongle Ticket (Tianjin Station); the play ticket pass, China Post, since the Post family (Guangzhou Station) designated outlets or online purchase of related tickets.

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Balotelli and play smashed! He vowed in his position to replace Carlos Tevez, the Manchester Regiment carry the task of scoring less than one week time period, the Italian "boy genius" once again become the focus of the playing field characters, but this time he still is negative characters in the image in front of hundreds of millions of fans, and even ESPN's on-site commentator could not help but laugh at him as a "clown." 4 minutes, Barry Cheap England Football Shirts pass, the ballot closed before the shot was confiscated Sanders; 11 minutes, Silva pass, shot before the ballot closed, after blocking the arms of deflection Rusangdesi ; the first 12 minutes, Balotelli is exquisite pass, Silva closed the left side 12 yards almost broke a small angle oblique; until the first 20 minutes, Richards broke into the restricted area was foul, the primary ballot in person penalty kick to court to rewrite the score 1-0.
But perhaps the goal and suddenly become complacent pride and get lost, started to get the ballot from their brain control. That is when the race to 29 minutes, Silva sent subtle front straight plug, straight into the restricted Premier League Football Club Teams ballot access pole trend, but this time his mind is like a sudden short circuit in general, face each other goalkeeper did not immediately shot, but no choice pass, I saw his right foot to stop the ball immediately after a 180-degree turn, after acrobatic attempt to knock lightly with the heel shot, of course, this result only fancy shot energy is outrageous missed the bottom line.
Faced with such a rare scene, including the Galaxy goalkeeper, including several players were shocked, but Balotelli teammates, the same has been put in place the outflank the dominant to the question very puzzling. Sidelines of the United States Manchester United Football Shirts is based on Shan Hu tsunami fans boo like to return the ballot this "humiliation" of circus shot. But the bench will most number of angry Mancini, and Italian Marshal immediately after seeing this scene jumped up from his seat, he loudly denounced the ballot and the amateur acts, and also greet the Mill side Nama began to warm up.
Time of less than about 1 minute, Mancini will be replaced with Milner's mind is not calm the ballot, but at the center of the storm's ballot for Mancini Owen Shirts punitive substitutions of this very dissatisfied, he immediately went to the sidelines and up the fierce conflict Mancini, Mancini seems to explain their vaguely heard the referee's whistle, and then went on Mamalielie own seat, long before he took the a water bottle hit the ground fiercely, in order to vent the dissatisfaction of coach Roberto Mancini. The more exaggerated, the restless ballot altogether after a few minutes the body was directly off the Manchester City shirt, Guangzhuobangzi watch the next game.
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Yesterday, the move to Barcelona, Rome, Bo Yang, an official farewell. In the press conference, one of Barcelona Bojan thanked the other hand, does not hide his sadness and regret. In the course of his speech, although Bo Yang is very quiet inside, but try to keep calm. He did not say that high-sounding words, there is no resentment against Barcelona. Bo Yang said, is to leave Barcelona at his own request, because Cheap Soccer Jersey the previous season and helped Barcelona win the league title. He revealed that he was most sad is that, when Barcelona won the Champions League trophy at Wembley, he did not even played the game one minute. Prior to 2009, Bo Yang is not the same in the Champions League final appearance.
Up to now, Bojan has played 12 years in the Barcelona goals, including the last four years is spent in the first team. However, the state is not stable, he missed two of the most important moment of Barcelona: The first Champions Liga Espanola Soccer Kit League final in Rome, the second is the Champions League final at Wembley. In January. King's Cup in 2009, Bojan made major contributions toward the final victory for Barcelona. That season, he is still faced with Inter Milan's Champions League semi-final played well. If his goal is not invalid, Barcelona will be scored in the Champions League final at the Bernabeu. Bo Yang 9-year-old into the Barcelona first team, which represents 16-year-old appearance. Barcelona to participate on behalf of the 163 games, he scored a total of 41 balls. Although not very old, but Bo Yang looked very mature. In 2008, Bo Yang-looking and even declined the opportunity to participate in the European Cup.
"I want to again enjoy the fun of playing," Bojan said, "because the last time I do not have the opportunity to play and I did not get enough of the trust, so rarely able to continue playing the game in helping the team to league title After last season I did not think my situation is so bad many cases, I feel to be treated is not fair. not in the Champions League Barcelona Soccer Uniform final appearance in London, it makes me very sad, and since then this I like things have been stuck in my throat. "Bojan said that since the Wembley final, between him and coach Guardiola did not say a chat. "As a club member, I can say that the best coach Guardiola Barcelona, but as a player, I would not think so, because a lot of things I and his views are inconsistent." Bojan said, "Despite I do not want people to think I have any complaints against him, I just want to say, sometimes I can play, but I did not get the chance. Of course, I also sometimes the state is not good, difficult to control the situation. "
From now on, Bo Yang is Roma's players. Roma coach last season, second team coach Enrique Barcelona. Bo Yang's transfer Pique Jersey 3 fee is 12 million, but his contract, after two seasons with Barcelona to be 13 million euros to buy back. If you do not want to put people in Rome, they have to pay 28 million euros to Barcelona. In other words, the equivalent of pocket one million euros Barcelona Bojan will be leased to Rome for a season. But Barcelona also have saved 600 million euros in salary, you can reserve more money to buy Fabregas.
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Serie A transfer characteristic is to buy half ownership of the league's transfer characteristic is set to buy-back clause in the contract. This tradition has a long history, back in 2003, Barcelona had the terms in the form of repurchase by activating bought back from Atletico Madrid for training young teenager Luis Garcia, and his hands in turn sold to Liverpool. World Soccer Shop But in the past, buy-back clause in the league most of the internal transfer occurs, like Bo Yang few such cases across the league, for the simple reason that once the contract signed between both sides objections, negotiate them very troublesome.
Why worry about dissent? Because the terms are actually repurchase provisions of the King. Just move to Valencia Parejo, for example. Real Madrid last summer of 300 million euros worth to sell him to Getafe, and in the contract within the next two years will be 5 million worth of its repurchase, Valencia this summer trying to buy Rupaleihuo Liga Espanola Soccer Kit bid 6,000,000 , agreed not Getafe, Real Madrid had to nod. Since the introduction of Turkish midfielder Shaheen's sake, approval of this transfer Real Madrid, Getafe accordance with the contract to pay the transfer fee to Real Madrid 30%, or 180 million euros, while Valencia have in the contract with Real Madrid the right summer to 18 million euros next year, the year after the summer to 15 million euros to buy back the terms of the players.
Barcelona and Real Madrid in La Liga superior position, is a small club untouchables giant, although knowing repurchase unfair terms, but there is no alternative except to accept his method. Real Madrid in Glasgow in recent years sold more Neigeleiluo, Parejo, Harvey Garcia, De la Red, who, as long as is sold in China, basically all with buy-back terms. But most interesting is that these terms are really handy, Granero Barcelona Jersey Soccer is still Real Madrid, Harvey Garcia played a season and only went to Benfica, Negredo is the repurchase of two consecutive times, and now plays for Sevilla.
In comparison, Barcelona set the terms of the repurchase more like a decoration, and since 2003, Luis Garcia after the repurchase, which would no longer be able to repurchase terms Ming Basa players return to the Nou Camp, Bojan's Barcelona Jersey Soccer contract Although the terms contained in the mandatory buy-back, but what will happen after two years of really hard to say - in case of Barcelona and Rome, the lifting of the consultation provisions of it.

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