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The most exhaustive - 361 °

361 ° the "net" skill can be regarded as one of the best in the industry, from the diving area "jump" to the ping-pong table, from the marathon track "Run" to the basketball court, to the Guangzhou Asian Games from the Olympic Council of Asia ... ... 361 ° "more than once loved" figure can be seen everywhere. As a senior partner of Guangzhou Asian Games, 361 ° from the last year has taken a number of initiatives, the Asian Games all-round communication strategy and brand slogan, promotional work done in everything. In these initiatives, "361 ° Asia Road" team re-take the ancient Silk Road, the most innovative activities, but also the most significant, multi-country team through Central Asia, to establish a 361 ° brand image and promote the play of light and heavy weight lifting effect. In addition, 361 ° also join the world's leading designer sportswear design team of the U.S. effort to build the Asian Games KDU equipment, presumably this will be the Guangzhou Asian Games,  Soccer Jersey  a beautiful landscape.

Hand the Chinese Olympic Committee - 2009 Anta, this high-profile move, indeed, startled the industry. Because, compared to the major sports brands by 2008 sponsorship of sports events, on the height, less than Li Ning, Anta, Quanzhou seo; on the depth of less than Olympic Anta; on the breadth, Anta is still less than 361 °, special steps, etc. . This time Anta official partner won the rights and interests of the Chinese Olympic Committee, passed by the industry as "  thai soccer jerseys  the biggest in the history of Chinese sports sponsorship", and no matter how costly it takes, at least this case "combination case" has immediate impact on the two sides signed the next day, June 24, 2009, ANTA Sports has just opened, the stock will rise more than 5%. From 2009-2012, eleven international competitions Anta enjoy enough to endure.

The most "cynical" - special steps

The most profound knowledge - Anta

Most gold - Li Ning

Back in 1990, Beijing Asian Games, Li Ning has the first opportunity, sponsored by the Chinese delegation. Since then, Li Ning, the Chinese delegation along with several Civil war, the victorious numerous. 2008 Beijing Olympics, Li Ning, the most  england soccer jerseys  powerful handheld multi-branch, the highest degree of national attention, the limelight The Missing Piece. To sporting events sponsored by groups of gold content.
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Since 2007, the Olympic and the NBA reached a strategic partnership and the official signing after the Houston Rockets star Shane Battier, sports shoes, sports marketing strategy has always Pick NBA basketball resources around the start: First, targeted to enhance product R & D capability, has released Battier Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ generation, Ron Artest, Ⅰ, Ⅱ generation, Kidd Ⅰ, Ⅱon behalf of the other specialized high-tech basketball shoes, strengthening to enhance the Olympic brand to focus the field of basketball image; Second,  replica Soccer Jersey  mobilize the NBA and its players signed the influence and appeal, has held more than Chinese NBA star line activities, Pick occasion NBA, through a series of momentum growing stronger, growing range of radiation dissemination activities, to narrow the distance with the Chinese fans.

Special steps had never concealed her "playful" and clearly carry the "fashion movement" brand banner, UGG official website. Even in sports sponsorship, competition from the CX to the Xiamen International Marathon, to sign the Premier League club Birmingham, special steps the spirit of entertainment everywhere. In particular, the cooperation with the Birmingham, my shoes and cool, special steps of the "play" not just stay in the sponsoring several sets  thailand soccer jerseys  of clothing so simple. 100 million dollar sponsorship implies that special steps to develop collaborative production with Birmingham club fashion sport features "befc-xtep" exclusive football sports equipment, special steps at the same time was appointed as "befc-xtep" brand sports apparel in the United Kingdom , China (including Hong Kong) and other countries, the sole supplier, publicity and promotion partners. January 18, 2010 afternoon, in the special step further cooperation with the Birmingham club announced the news conference, Nike website, special steps, president of the small wave to the next phase of special-step operation of the brand idea, told hundreds of members of the press: "From 2010 onwards, special steps will be established 'to sports  brazil soccer jerseys  as the core, to fashion the extension package' brand tone, and as the world's largest sports football, what we established one of the core sports."
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