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Recently, Italy "Milan Finances", published in the powers of the financial position of the Serie A after AC Milan with the Wholesale Football Shirt Shop, Inter Milan, there are now a serious deficit that has been accomplished in the fiscal deficit in 2009 223 million euros in Milan period of fiscal 2009 deficit of 0.96 million. Over the last 2 years, major league champions Inter, World Cup results expected to help fill the deficit and some of the problems too many problems in Milan. Italy "full market", says that just as the deficit was too severe, Milan would be very difficult to extend the contract within the team is a veteran of six years about to expire. According to the UEFA Plan 0.2011-12 0.2012-13 season of the UEFA season will start to consider the tax status of clubs, which requires each team to reduce the deficit less than € 50,000,000, if the expulsion of Team Champions League tournament. Milan clubs with large deficits would certainly force his way. Inter recent tightening of monetary policy, official estimate that the Champions League Inter Milan Club World Championship, results and more than 100,000,000 €, but as Inter Milan Balotelli still for sale and other stars won, but he went to the Middle East to find sponsorship The only explanation is that Moratti "UEFA tax area play" before the law rushed to fill the gap in the team with the  World Cup Soccer Kit was. Each party thinks that Inter Milan in 2013, difficulties in achieving this goal is not great.
According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, the transfer of data: the annual salary of € 6,000,000 Andrea Pirlo, Alessandro Nesta 4.5 million, 400 million Seedorf, Ambrosini 3000000, 2800000 Jankulovski, Filippo Inzaghi € 200 000 000. But also take into account that the 31-year-old Ye Hao Pirlo, Alessandro Nesta, Massimo Ambrosini, Clarence Seedorf Ye Hao means there are also good, doubtless be more than 2-year renewal. Therefore, 'all market participants that are why so far Galliani are not renewed and veterans agree, because it must deal carefully with this problem. He waved his hand over the great old order, it is not difficult. But, after all, the next two seasons with the team of financial statements 80 million expenditure is included (2 years, salary, taxes, etc.) of the event, how can Galliani with the   Italy Football Shirt in a hurry? Jankulovski after the expiration of the contract must be discarded. However, five other people, the problems are complex. Pirlo is likely prefer to stay in Milan, Adriano Galliani, of course, but up to € 600 000 000 to pay his discontent, is a pay cut a sure thing. But if the drop too far, heart Pirlo for Italy, after all, can be in the summer of 2011, when the free transfer of Andrea Pirlo, it was not for lack of buyers, Carlo Ancelotti, but rushing on Pirlo.
In short, the "full market" that the possibility of extension Nesta won the majority, followed by about Ambrosini (Ambrosini has been reported that Rossi to negotiate a renewal, but the lack of evidence), Pirlo and Seedorf has continued even least the possibility of the possibility of an extension before last Inzaghi, Jankulovski with the  Italy Shirt go after the contract expires at the earliest. As for how to solve a series of difficult negotiations, it was used Galliano’s. by @
After the Golden Globe, Messi with the Wholesale Soccer Jersey Supplier came the first battle in Barcelona will not stopped. In the game of the King's Cup against Betis, a small flea-hat trick. Argentina scored 47 goals last season, when half of the season arrived, Massey was credited with 31 bullets, remarkably good condition. In an interview with the official website of Barcelona interview, Massey said of his success and hopes for this season.Received a Golden Globe for two consecutive years, Messi with the National Soccer Jersey youngest of the "golden door twice Sir" is accepting the prize in Zurich, Messi award this sudden surprise, but the same surprise. Flea said: “He is so happy she won two Golden Globes for me great moments that made me very proud.”Mourinho said that Romania could get five Golden Globe-C, they do not think Messi 3rd, 4th, and more Golden Globe it? Argentina replied with a smile, "I do not know, I hope to get more of course, but if not, does not matter, as if nothing had happened. I look forward to the goal even more to win the Championship club. "
Massey also said the 10 scenes in Zurich to accept the award, Flea said. "I am full of happiness; because my teammates with the Argentina Soccer Jersey have supported me and greeted me we all want a photo taken with me, to me that this is the greatest happiness of the next year. I hope the team continues. "Guardiola praises Messi is the world's No. 1 ", Lionel Messi nice for the bowler, what feelings? Flea said:" Guardiola is a great help, he said: "I leave you in the game 3-4 ball can "and it changed my position on the field, Guardiola. Rijkaard is also of great help to me, but I will be faster under the command of Guardiola. "
Finally, prospects for the Macy are this season. He said it was the best team of this madness is a slow-slow, "we are now in January, and the team should focus on the future of the game. Of course, now the winner with the Messi Jersey does not win no sense, but our objective is clear, which could end all three titles this season. " by @
Since the football season is passed, more than half of the Milan team with the World Cup Football Shirt is also in the New Year Cassano, but no real first team signatures. Posted on Friday Gazzetta dello Sport, "said Mark van Bommel, and signatures of winter Razali Kelixituo Milan 3 goals and 3 of the total value of € 2,800,000,000th.Since the inter-coaching changes since the last Christmas Eve, has swept the Nerazzurri, where floods have reached Benitez, Leonardo with the Football National Teams 3 games after he took office (2 +1 field Serie A-Cup), was a victory for some time in the Italian Media Inter hope to return again. For the current market leader in Milan, the football market seems to be on half of the season by a canal, after all, to stabilize the situation in Milan and several candidates to be strengthened.
In the January 14 edition of Gazzetta dello Sport said the Bayern midfielder Mark van Bommel, midfielder of Cagliari and Genoa Kelixituo Razali left rear of the football market in Milan on January 3 goals. The current leadership of the most important signatures midfielder Milan and back, left, Clarence Seedorf, Antonini, Gianluca Zambrotta and other players with the Inter Milan Football Shirt in these positions, because the state this season does not seem good, and now they have the power to Milan high level of concern.
Mark van Bommel, Razali Kelixituo and 3 of them to a minimum value of Van Bommel is preferable, "Gazzetta dello Sport 'evaluating its value known as" zero. “This is because the contract Van Bommel ends in June this year when he went in the winter, Bayern could save six or seven million in wages and a half seconds before tax, it is probably not the sum of transfer. The other two, "Gazzetta dello Sport, the evaluation is Razali 10000000, 18000000 Kelixituo.
Mark van Bommel, and Razali Kelixituo 3 of the total value is 28 million, even if all three win, can not pay the price. But Milan with the Inter Milan Football Shirt is unlikely to present all winter, "Gazzetta dello Sport" analysis, Mark van Bommel has a zero net worth, rent or lease before the introduction of Kelixituo, Milan and least costly measure the most reasonable.
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Beijing 15th January 2011, the German with the Cheap Soccer Jersey "Bild" to reconsider the Golden Boot competition Bundesliga variables will be put on paper in the competition top scorer in the Bundesliga for a new order. Bundesliga after the war in the second half, scored 10 goals in the last half of the dominant factors and Almeida go to him the National League, Shinji Kagawa back half of the best in the Asian Cup, Dortmund, knocking in the goals short term no, that's injured striker played most of the opportunity - who live in the top ten scoring striker, only four of 12 players healthy. Marker Greece temporarily Pa Ye Kasi has admitted to fear and dominance, the most promising Gomez.Golden Shoe of the Bundesliga in recent seasons rival the most powerful and dominant and went to England for Manchester City to the aspirations of other good shooters get more opportunities, another good striker, Portugal striker Almeida also switched to winter Besiktas, the top Bundesliga scoring charts for a time less and less crowded. Currently, 14 goals in 17 games and the top scorer in Kasi Ye in 116 Bundesliga with the World Cup Soccer Jerseys appearances in 53 balls were, but he was not optimistic about their top scorer in the Bundesliga again won the title He took the "image," said Interview "In the past, the dominant factors is my biggest competitor, I'm always afraid that the night behind me now I'm more optimistic about the striker Bayern Gomez, I have done so far, and his teammates. Do you maintain a good relationship, in which 20 goals this season to complete the process? "
Their status is adjusted to better keep the team needs me the next half goals to be. "Half striker scored 13 goals in second place in the live Pappy - West is not so polite to the rising star of respect objectives this season Golden Boot: "My goal is the best striker I win'm all events in the future, everything. But football is too unpredictable; maybe I can pass the 20 doors. "Also, can not find the season, the feeling was strong competitor Raul with the Germany Soccer Jersey is also the Golden Boot in his own half of a 2 hat-trick becomes even war in Europe's Champions League goals in 70 goals against his side . Instead, we see the very short personal enrichment. "I only care about whether I could help the team achieve the desired results, the interests of personal honor, still under the team"
In addition, a number of good shooters, but the rest of this turning point in time, for different violations. Kaiser striker scored 11 goals in the rest jiqi bed for several days, he suffered the brutal attack of influenza desire for Golden Boot: "I know nothing of winning the Golden Boat Care I can not, of course as soon as possible hope the stadium?” Hannover striker in surgery of the meniscus Conan 9 Ball returns to the height of the day in the foreseeable future. More than half of the Bundesliga race, there are so many variables that people with the Germany Jersey Soccer do not expect will result in more accidents quarter, Golden Shoe of him?

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Dalglish at Liverpool again after coaching 2 games were consecutive defeats, but the official website of Liverpool can be confident in the return game after the King's first home victory over Everton with the World Cup Football Shirt previous record was a trusted source on the official website of Liverpool. Face Everton at Anfield in the League, Liverpool has a total of 39 victories in Article 29 of the level of 23 negative results, and in all league matches, Liverpool have a 70 to win 56 57 negative results of the same level, the upper hand . Including all competitions, Liverpool Derby has led a total of 214 games, scored 84 wins, Liverpool, Everton won 66 times Sunday’s race at the first of 184 league games in the Derby in Liverpool derby was often done Derby. 8 times in the League clash at Anfield, have both parties were 3 times goalless draw. Over the last 15 times in January for Liverpool derby league, the Red Army had won only 2 times.
During the first coach of Liverpool, Dalglish with the World Cup Soccer Kit led his unit participated in a total of 22 games Liverpool Derby, scored 13 wins 6 draws, 3 defeats of success. These data suggest without doubt one of the main Dalglish "Toffee" add confidence. A hat-trick on the face of the Everton player Ian - Rush in November 1982 in the 5-0 win against Liverpool Gudersun Park complete a hat-trick in the game, he was the only face Everton hat- trick away to the Red Army players. There are also four players from Red Hat-trick against Everton army; they were Hervey (1935), Chambers (192), Forshaw (1925) and Barton (1933).Over the last 10 League clash with Everton at Anfield, Liverpool are unbeaten at the end of the game, the field is still 22 players, who are the four seasons, Liverpool's first red card does not seem to Derby.In the 37 Premier League Derby Liverpool, a total of 19 players with the England Football Shirt sent off, including 12 players from Everton. Over the last 12 meetings, a total of 10 players have done, we can see in Liverpool Derby has always been very warm.
When Dirk Kuyt scored Liverpool can match the first 2 balls, then he will be the first scored four straight goals in the derby players. Society meetings in the last 8 Liverpool lost only once, this is the first part of this season, lost 0-2 in the Gudersun Park. Liverpool is the biggest Derby 6-0 win in September 1935. Over the last 22 games Derby, Liverpool has lost only 3 times, and 3-hit games have gone. Torres celebrates his 100th Premiership Thurs, the ongoing battle in the Premier League with the Robinho Shirt 99 times and scored 63 goals.
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After the end of the winter break, the teams with the   Wholesale Football Shirt Shop in Serie A were probably the most disappointing defeat to Juventus two series. Juventus missed the next seven games of the last two goals dating back to 1988. Harding Park is only half of Juventus this season; got 31 points last season against Ferrara has also given rise to 2 minutes. The captain Alessandro Del Piero inspired the team in the week "on the difficulties as soon as possible at the start of the race with Barry," but running intensive (the main battle of Catania Cup week), lack of people frontline the main issue Bari, Juventus will battle for the easy victory?
Last summer, Samp, general manager with the   World Cup Soccer Kit and head coach Del Neri My Luot both looking to Juventus Juventus started the reconstruction. After the introduction of Quagliarella, Juventus has four levels of Italian striker International (3 men from Del Piero, Vincenzo Iaquinta, Amauri is), decided to force Juventus 9 of the season, the French striker David Trezeguet peace break, save 200 million annual salary. But then, Amauri, Iaquinta have caused injury, the state dropped Piero, Juventus has become extremely dependent Quagliarella new aid, which is also hand more than 17 appearances scoring 9 goals of the respondents, and all wars objectives, the team's top scorer. Winter Transfer Window opens, Juve began in the transfer market, 'the Missing Gun "for the first time publicly expressed Ta Malu Fiorentina striker Alberto Gilardino and Sampdoria striker Pacini interested but had no intention of letting go from one to another striker, went to Germany this Houmaluota trying to "steal Hu" key factors, but unfortunately the high price to join Manchester City and dominant. New year in lost home opener against the Parma, Quagliarella Only 6 minutes to start seriously wounded, and after the game was being torn cruciate ligament in his knee early extreme right of the season, the striker shortage of people the Genoa Juventus emergency center quickly signed Tony in high station, which was the start of weekend league Juventus, but before he scored a penalty. Juve's fans are so depressed, Tony and David Trezeguet to the veteran of 33 years, "a pay cut, after joining the rest up to 3.25 million annual salary, while David Trezeguet with the   Italy Football Shirt in the name of the newly promoted First League this season, scoring 9 goals, which Kusi, the State only 3 goals better than Tony. Iaquinta is being sidelined by injuries since, the rule in the doldrums and Alessandro Del Piero, Amauri, Juventus are struggling with the introduction of striker, striker Forlan Atletico Madrid, Fiorentina striker Adrian Mutu Catania, Palermo, striker Maxi Lopez, even in Pick Me striker Maccarone, became the target of possible signatures.
Water puts out fire away, Iaquinta and Quagliarella definitely missed the weekend, a war wound, Amauri in the last lap of a war with Naples, hit the nose, nasal surgery on Tuesday accepted, no doubt losing the Cup week, remains to be seen if the weekend game. On the basis of the Copa Del Piero Juve weeks and two tickets to senior Tony's strike, continuous service, inevitably, affect the physics. Goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon in the report of Zhou Zhongxuan back, but can only increase the depth of the defense team with the  Italy Shirt does not help the team offensively. In this context, it is extremely difficult for the Juventus to victory over Barry.
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Inter spended 250 million on purchasing Bayern Tigre North veteran Star Klose with the Cheap Soccer Jersey, Juventus midfielder Marchisio Cass Feyenoord and Sao Paulo. The heart of midfield talent blue Fidel Miró Black Legion Mundari is the goal for Nerazzurri in this summer. Milan will introduce Ajax. Here we are going into the headlines: Rome, Iaquinta, Di Natale Udinese refuse to buy any further delays, the Inter Milan striker current signatures, and the German press that is the new Nerazzurri € 2,500,000 Bank was formally hope that's Bayern the creation of German international Miroslav Klose center, and the attacker's age and a half to prepare a two-year contract. Klose, 32, while he was still in the national team with outstanding performance, contribution to the World Cup in South Africa ball four, qualifying for the European Cup with 4 sets of 6 goals, the goal of Bayern are three lines rarely played 11 times, has contributed 4 goals, goal of the Champions League and German Cup.
La Gazzetta dello Sport said the source, the core of the Juventus midfielder Marchisio had no intention of renewing the contract with the club, and hope that the negotiations be postponed until the end of the season to make the final decision. However, Inter Milan wanted to reduce the opportunity for long-eager Juve Prince. Marchisio with the National Soccer Jersey, 25, is regarded as the most high quality player of Juventus training system in 20 years. In this season, he played 16 times in the first 20 rounds, all of which are first contribution of 2 goals and 3 assists. He is the leader of Juyentus but he is not satisfied with current wage situation, which should at least be the same Midfielder Alberto Aquilani .
Inter's technical director Blanca actively negotiating with Feyenoord level, and strive for 250 million euros, the introduction of the nickname "the new Henry" Fidel Tigers' star forward. As Henry with the Inter Milan Jerseys Soccer, the young age of 19 has superior technology and ability to dodge ball, the ability of the regulated area to capture the Saami terrible hunter. I live between the rivals are known pour the collection of young talent in the Arsenal goal Castro has formally rejected the invitation of the Northern Tiger gunmen, saying that as the effect of the American Convention on the Triple Crown. White Da Vinci stars to Inter in the mining process in Brazil to take the lead, the last line of sight in The Nerazzurri in the forefront of the teenager Carlos São Paulo samba - Enrique - Fidel Miró. The midfield genius 18 in Sao Paulo in 2002 to join the youth team won the state with the travel team and the League Cup for Youth, 1 meter high and 84 technical features of the environment with the defense of Juventus with the Inter Milan Jersey is quite similar to Merlot. Sign a contract with Sao Paulo in February 2015, the value of 100 million euros. Series A Inter is also direct competitor in Genoa. by @
Madrid said, a joke the media, and now Mourinho's mind is full of "9" (9, middle), buy a loaf of bread, 9; to buy a newspaper to buy 9 copies, even in restaurants, but 9 copies of a point. Although now a 9, it is clear that the 9, he did not. Why still Benzema, Higuain with the Replica Soccer Jersey return because he has not one available. Mourinho is clearly a thought that, finally, that the performances of the club Benzema understand that he really needs a 9-center. Fortunately, the attitude of senior management at Real Madrid is now free. Before Valdano, Real Madrid, Florentino, a need was expressed to imagine 9 center, but Higuain, four months, the case came to Real Madrid on key products imported into the No. 9 on the need, the center controversy, and now "the main argument for sending" clearly on the front of the lens CANAL + TV, Real Madrid Valdano, general manager of the first to admit that there was, the club played for an attacker 6 months looking for: "We are looking for a possible solution, but it is not easy to do. We hope this does not affect signature look to the future of the club. Real Madrid with the National Soccer Jersey is ready to be better half in the next 6 months; we have the hand of the attacker. "Valdano meaning is very clear, the introduction of Real Madrid striker would only be a temporary solution program, it will not be a long term contract. Mourinho also admitted that the club is looking for a striker, and has nothing to do with Benzema have Real Madrid striker is in place to improve the thickness of the Bank. In fact, it Valdano and Mourinho before the Spanish media have a range of relevant information, and blogs to a report. "Marca", that Adebayor is probably the introduction of real prospects, but the only club of the loan, instead of buying. Togo striker could give Mancini plans, the introduction of the dominant factors in the city, not yet see Emmanuel Adebayor to Manchester for their future.
Furthermore Adebayor, the striker of Real Madrid on the list of several names, such as Miroslav Klose, Mario Gomez, Lisandro Lopez, but can not play on these forward-looking Champions League this season, so likely or Emmanuel Adebayor. Klose contract with the club at the end of the season, the club is ready to leave. Mario Gomez is likely to be relatively low because he trusted van Gaal. As Lisandro Lopez, Lyon probably do not want to put their players in the opposing team Champions League knockout. Interestingly, the odds bookmakers, you can play in the Champions League Real Madrid Emmanuel Adebayor is the lowest rate, lost 4-1, while Klose with the Germany Soccer Jersey scores space for one second lose 10th The possibility that these two players are Now is really the greatest. "Daily Mirror," said Adebayor was very close to Real Madrid, Manchester City are ready to lend him half a season at Real Madrid, loan costs € 1,200,000. It is reported that Manchester City are Adebayor was sold to Real Madrid, but Real are only willing to lease for the benefit of Manchester City is ready to take over Real Madrid Emmanuel Adebayor six months' salary. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is reported to the introduction of Emmanuel Adebayor wanted, but unable to do so, and now the Portuguese coach will probably be surprised.
Meanwhile, Real Madrid also in contact with Klose. Agent Aitken Alexander Klose Deschutes recognized this fact and Bayern Munich are in contact with Real Madrid were reported as Klose contract expires after this season to move to Real Madrid is not too much to introduce his transfer fee. 32-year-old Klose, who played the German national team 105 times, the team scored 58 goals in 120 Bundesliga. Current Klose said he hoped to participate in the European Cup in 2012, it is necessary to get more playing time. This season he with the Germany Jersey Soccer has only participated in seven league games in a Champions Cup, but it is a field so that he can not represent the beginnings in the Champions League Real Madrid, which is a factor in Real Madrid. by @
Galliani denied that the introduction of Mark van Bommel with the Wholesale Football Shirt Shop and Victor - Ruiz, but also to recognize the possible introduction of the AC Milan defender, midfielder, whereas in the past, market transfers from AC Milan and emergence of a bit "X" the president, even if they sleep more people than the "X-president" can Mexes, but yesterday released the "Gazzetta dello Sport and Corriere dello Sport" minded: From General Meck Sri Lanka after signing Bosman, have no money for him to spend the winter, while the "Gazzetta dello Sport" and another sports newspaper Sport Torino Daily "on the" Speaker X "told the same - Genoa Italy international Christian Torrey West.
In fact, the agent of West Kerry Torrey, D'Amico showed one month against AC Milan in the summer, and six million Christians Torrey West, declined slightly from Genoa, but this time the media have been the reason why g concentrate Li Xituo with the World Cup Soccer Kit body, particularly because of the economy Galliani Océ Prairie and negotiations in Brazil, as far as Brazil, the tentacles of the Italian media, the content of negotiations does is not known. After speculation in the negotiations regarding the acquisition Boateng concentrated, but in fact, it's not the problem, the negotiations for the content of the two sides in Italy, not all of his mouth, then Galliani, the Prairie and economic Océ The reporter then said: "We met eight times in the face of Brazil and dinner, we talked to our players is gone."
In fact, according to the Gazzetta dello Sport, disclosure and Prairie Galliani spoke about economic growth between the Western Australian Kerry Torrey and negotiations for a good purpose, and be convinced of the journalists back to Brazil Galliani said those words. On the other hand, Kerry West is the agent of Torrey and AC Milan in the vicinity of D'Amico, AC Milan, Antonini and Abate are his players.
Torrey said Kerry with the Italy Football Shirt on the transfer of the West, D'Amico, left much room it: "Until now, AC Milan is not my guess, but journalists, but I know Prairie Aussie economy in Brazil and Galliani met on several occasions, I do not know what they are talking. The transfer market is changing every day, I can not make predictions, we wait until he has the ears become static Kerry Torrey West worth? him the best back in Italy, it is certainly not down. "
As D'Amico said, is not only the Italian international Christian Torrey West, the season of the "Gazzetta dello Sport, the score as high as 6.33, the left guard position is the highest score of the player. At the same time, and may guest in the back when he could, AC Milan in a position of a defect in both places.
AC Milan Plaza, the Plaza with our: Meanwhile said yesterday Taiwan Moggi host of heaven, AC Milan not Razali, Cagliari, given the general manager said of Marlow Library does not hold Cagliari and is absolute, but he can send out a replacement in the closely related, have not yet been found, imagine Razali introduce alternatives. "
Galliani said: "Van Bommel is too old," but things are not absolute, stressed that "not in Milan, Van Bommel talk" that Layiaola Van Bommel joined AC Milan yesterday, the issue for the son talked said He said, "Galliani with the Italy Shirt said Van Bommel is too old Yes, I think, but I think that under certain conditions, he may leave AC Milan to open, join the transfer market until 31 days, we see what happens, what is it? I usually do not have the transfer market during the transfer opening, because this time I'll talk to focus on their work. " by @
Beijing 14th January morning seems the Daily Mail, The Netherlands Hamburg striker Elias (Elijah Eljero) Price £ 12.5 million, Liverpool and Wigan with tht Replica Soccer Jersey all expressed interest in Elias and Elijah reached lish this powerful winger and let him and Dirk Kuyt can really fly on the wings of the Red Army.
Elia, now 23 years old, in summer 2009 to move from Twente price € 850 000 000, Hamburg, Elijah left and right wings are competent, superior technology, superior penetration capability. The first season in the Bundesliga, Elia good performance with 32 assists and nine plays to 6 balls. But this season affected the growth of many of his rookie season, coach Elia Amin tax is not a cold that left the opening of the Dutch national team, their thoughts.
South Africa 2010 World Cup, spotlights performance Elijah, the first battle of the game in Denmark, Elias 67 minutes on the bench in the exciting breakthrough in an elevator in the left column, supported indirectly Kuyt with the National Team Soccer Jerseys sealed the victory for the Country Netherlands. The Netherlands reached the final, all the way to go, Elia also a loan. Currently, the representative 23-year-old Dutch winger Netherlands international has played 17 teams into 2 balls.
With the power of the World Cup in South Africa, chasing Elia Club and rejected a minority, and only recently sold as dominant deposit large sums of money Wolfsburg, they want to be on the lending of Elia, but squarely in Hamburg. Athletic Director Bastian - Reinhardt said: "We will not rent the sense it is a very simple conclusion is given to Elijah, we must obtain at least 12.5 million pounds.”
Daily Mail revealed that interest in the club to Premier League club Liverpool and Wigan Athletic to Elia. Earlier this month, Hodgson still functions as Liverpool Elijah. "Hamburg-line" or even disclosure, Elijah with the Liverpool Jerseys Soccer has negotiated personally with transactions transfer from Liverpool. Now, although the Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish was replaced, but the team on the offensive, the problem persists, Elia - Kuyt to Liverpool can really fly with two wings Torres be fully activated.
In addition, Wigan also wants Elia, manager Bastian - confirmed that Wigan Athletic Reinhardt offers received: "This is an offer from Wigan, want to hire Ely Under half of the season after taking over, but we n 'we disagree. "
In addition to building the wing, also a powerful Liverpool striker Fernando Torres to share the pressure, the Daily Mail revealed that Liverpool eyeing Stuttgart striker played mountain Reb Russian Ark, the centers most powerful in terms of nationality or about the club goal of a stable rate. Reb agent Kerouac, Berg with the Torres Jersey 9 said: "There are a number of Premiership clubs interested in him, but Stuttgart did not want to leave now, maybe in the summer, we'll take a decision in the future "."Daily Mail "has also led to hunting, the mountain club Tottenham Hotspur Reb Yake and Blackburn Rovers.
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