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Italian neighborhood of the final week of the Cup played in Serie A leaders AC Milan with the Replica Soccer Jersey, Sampdoria will disappear, just move to the Rossoneri Pete "bad boy" Cassano return Ferrari Stadium. Soon to join AC Milan, Antonio Cassano was overthrown Pato, Robinho, Ibrahimovic and the formation of a new Trident, games against his former club will appoint the best opportunities.
AC Milan coach Allegri and Cassano as a "super sub" use Sampdoria Cassano has been frozen in the absence of formal competence, physical condition sufficient to satisfy the public, and secondly, Milan Cassano need time to integrate into the offensive. However, Cassano League 3 games in 66 minutes on the bench contributed three assists in cash, Allegri Barry played at home last week in the Italian Cup, the first time in team principal Cassano played 66 minutes. field early in the training of young Barry Cassano Bari, but not in a war against the effectiveness of AC Milan scored the first ball, but the score was 3-0 win over Barry Cassano for the first time. November 1, 2009, Pete Barry and boring home and 0-0 Sampdoria Cassano poor fans responded with boos, the irony of his former club, thanks, Cassano with the Italian Serie A Soccer Jerseys has been threatened to leave, March 25, 2010 Barry revert 01.02 home Sampdoria, Cassano completed in the first half heel nice and does not celebrate after scoring to win the applause of 30,000 fans.
Compared to his hometown of Bari, Cassano for his second Serie A side effect of the Rome branch will not be welcome. Since 2005, when he was with Roma coach Luciano Spalletti standards, Cassano left the club broke with Rome so much noise from the club return to Serie A after Cassano had been waiting for the match against Roma to see. The first quarter has just joined Sampdoria, Cassano has already booked and the party in Florence, Rome, against the accumulation of suspended game and missed said after the quarterfinal draw of the Italian Cup final in Rome 1-1 home Mexes red card brought out war. Rome to return to the peninsula against the first 5 games, Cassano with the AC Milan Jerseys Soccer zero goals and zero help, and the team made only 3 of level 2 negative, but in the last 26 April Cassano Pacini aid in the Olympic Stadium scored the of victory fall of Rome, Rome, run of 6 games and finished the championship in Serie A. wild celebrations, and throw on the jersey and shorts, with a show of celebration "naked around the court challenge to the Roman fans boo him. Cassano at Sampdoria had a sweet experience, and even announced Samp intention to withdraw, but fight with Pete and equipment within the main Xiji Luo, the area also has a "bad smell" to place. AC Milan last weekend, winning 2-0 at home Cesena, starters Cassano played 84 minutes, Ibrahimovic forced the visitors to stop in the first half defender Pellegrino own time goal, Ibrahimovic sent a Cassano's pass over the ball. Pacini, attacking head injury against Sampdoria, Cassano with the AC Milan Shirt is perfectly capable of helping the Rossoneri beat former team of the cup.

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Corriere dello Sport ", an emotional, said:" Totti with the Wholesale Football Shirt Shop is a peninsula in the night, beyond the existence of any human being, "Because, Totti was very beautiful in their own files. And write a new T: 250. Goals the most important race of the club that this move is the goal, Totti. The goal awakens the passion of the fans in this way to the top of the AC Milan star Roberto Baggio and the legendary war. Who are the active players in Serie A striker? Di Natale is? Crespo ? Inzaghi? The answer is yes, yes Totti. Before the tour, his 194 Serie A goals, leading the ball 181, Del Piero, Filippo Inzaghi and 151 balls 155 balls Crespo. Today extended the record of 195 balls. With the "Corriere dello Sport as saying: Francesco Totti scored a goal each, is the history of Serie A, Serie A living legend he is.
Roma and Cagliari, in contrast, brightness Totti and become the greatest leader of the team. The first 20 minutes, Totti cross from the left, Toscanini without Daniele De Rossi, the referee awarded a penalty; Totti has the force of pumping the ball to mark the path of the door. With this goal, Totti's club career goals to increase the number of 250 balls. Of course, no credit is worth only Totti, Roma's second goal is to help accurate header Totti with the Premier League Football Club Teams Juan occasion, the porter stopped to get rid of post-Roman success. After the field before the game, Francesco Totti, Mexes also helps to hit the threshold. Totti is commendable that 250 goals scored for Roma. Totti in Rome this season, is the effectiveness of 19 of the season the last team in the first place, it was so hard to see the season 19, year after year in the flame, Totti can not write a success. As we all know, the flag of the players in Serie A lot of naive, Paolo Maldini, Alessandro Del Piero are the spine, but Totti is clearly different. When Roma Totti has not been a rich, limited financial resource for the team, Totti scored a brilliant record as a brilliant champion is not compatible with documents as partners in the Manchester United Football Shirts. But from another point of view, it is embarrassing, but the glory Totti. Years without a crown and become more loyal, Totti deserves applause! Totti on milestones, the Corriere dello Sport "in the opinion polls on the first page:" Totti can take Baggio record "Totti is the current number of 195 league goals in Serie A ball shooters total VI. First is the second Piola Nordahl, Giuseppe Meazza third, fourth, Alta Phoenix, four years is too long, but football is not a true professional. Serie a league has been recognized as the industry has been the top scorer in the person is ranked No. 5 overall striker Baggio, Baggio in 205 goals in Serie A.
Over the years, a large number of people chased Baggio, such as Filippo Inzaghi, Alessandro Del Piero, Hernan Crespo, and Antonio Di Natale and so on. But now, look, there's a realistic hope of catching the person recording a Totti Baggio, Totti Baggio record 10 goals. In the Corriere dello Sport "in the polls, 82% of fans think that Totti with the Man Utd Football Club Kit will be able to go beyond Baggio! If Totti can do, there will be 60 years since the 20th century was the greatest 50 years of Series A striker. by @
Wolves in the current round game away to Liverpool with the Replica Soccer Jersey on the score of 3-0, and finally a long absence, the victory, stopped the momentum of the sequence of five defeats in the league, the first time in seven games without conceding a goal. The last time that Liverpool has one win away from home so abundant that dates from last April, when Liverpool's 4-0 win at Barnsley, but this game is exactly what Benitez victory. Observation of the League of Liverpool in recent seasons results can easily find their away record is not as favorable. And this season, led by Mr. Hodgson, the Liverpool performance gap can be described as catastrophic a. Before the Liverpool game was not only a set of five consecutive defeats away, and only one win away games. The game, along with a valuable away win, or King Kenny Dalglish of Liverpool re-teach their first victory after whip. Invited back in the fire fighting team boss Kenny Dalglish, probably not even his thought as a difficult start - at least 3 level 2 in the field victorious 83 years after George - Patterson poor.
The case after the match, said: "Winning the game because we made effort, if we do not work, so nothing here, in addition to not accept defeat players work very hard in fact, thanks to them. Everyone has a sense of pride for the effectiveness of this equipment is "the friend called everyone in the race. Repair the new owners took over, the return of former coach flag, d a ship finally left Liverpool out of the darkness that one. After three games the wind began after Kenny Dalglish team with the English Premier League Soccer Jersey finally scored a thrilling 3-0. Werner also had a new boss calls to increase investment in the team: "We have enough money to buy big players; we are also fully able to attract star players."
However, the Liverpool to Blackpool for £ 4,000,000 to buy the Captain Charlie - Adam's proposal was quickly rejected, and thinks that Liverpool is the low selling price. Blackpool boss Holloway, Captain of thinking about killing themselves by their own very unfortunate, "Adam and the transfer of money does not matter, I had to do, blocking your life?" Liverpool responded by saying that, given the factor of age willing to pay up to £ 6,000,000. In addition, Dalglish is also the young former academy player Warnock with the Liverpool Jerseys Soccer wants to pick them up. Before yesterday, he openly admits Liverpool -. And hope to reach young people "Young people, if possible, it is certainly a subject of our analysis. We need more like him is an offensive player, because we lack the team speed." Aston Villa have always wanted to have in mind engagement with youth, but young people insisted on talking about the contract before the summer, which is to join Liverpool. Meanwhile, the transfer operation Suarez entered a substantive stage. Yvo de Boer for Ajax coach with the Liverpool Jersey, said. "We're certainly not at the January 31 following the last sale, so you just can not find a suitable replacement for a replacement that is not easy, but we have had another program." From there, Soares, Liverpool must be nailed. by @
Victory at home this past weekend Bologna, Inter Milan with the Wholesale Football Shirt Shop president Massimo Moratti is delighted: "Leonardo is definitely the right person, will correct the rhythm back to our team, especially mentally, was also seriously capable to mobilize our emotions. " Inter Milan after he took office in Leonardo Hao taking five-game winning streak in all competitions, for a set of six points behind Milan, hoping to regain the title race. Cycle was at Udinese, Inter Milan are expected in a necessary condition for the battles in the laughter of the best.
The last century and beginning of this century, the North team Udinese Inter had been a puzzle for the "tough." 1997-98 season, Inter Milan Udinese owner of Leonardo with the Italian Series A Football Shirts, led by former Mentor Zaccheroni won the Series 3, and this season to play the 2002-03 season, Udinese Inter handles 14 and is 6 6 wins, 2 losses, which fell to 3 times more impressive record at San Siro. However, since the 2004-05 seasons, played against 15 teams after glass, black-6, 9 negative bad idea 0.2008-09 season, a victory so far is 5 consecutive losses to Inter, Inter Milan before is no longer a murderer. It should be noted that 3 times last season, played against the measure, twice at home to Inter Milan's 2-1 away victory over the 3-2, two goals are a necessary condition for pattern Jieyou battles.
Switching between coach after the series of five wins, scored 15 goals 5 of war, while losing the ball to 7, and loses the ball in every game, the week before the game was tied, even Series Barry penultimate attack (13 balls) and newly promoted twice admitted Cesena. Udinese currently ranked eighth in Serie A, but the team scored 31 goals before 20, the second in goals for AC Milan, Juventus, Palermo and Inter Milan with the Inter Milan Football Shirt, but the number of white team (27) Series 10 is the largest in the league a little less of Bologna, Lecce and Bari club from relegation three. 4, 2011, after entering the game, Udinese in the 12-fault, not the 8-ball, the road in their last two league AC Milan and Genoa scored 4 goals, praise coach Guidolin profile in the ball after the last game Weekend Udinese team played in the recent movie "We are constantly attacking team." Sea Inter Milan, Chelsea and other wealthy Chilean extreme concern Sanchez is both for 4 consecutive wins Series AC Milan have won a war, a head Zhuangtaiqijia rarer. These factors have encouraged home game with Udinese and champions Inter Milan have more power to develop trade and, crucially, weeks Udinese in the Coppa Italia with the hard struggle for Sampdoria in overtime defeat on penalties in the 4-5, severe physical exertion, the link is not realistic, but once the game has evolved to share war coaching change shortly after the Inter Milan with the Inter Milan Shirt Football attack defense little chance to win a stronger more.
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Mirror Manchester United, Chelsea and is reduced to a blue dot. The victory ended the worst safety record in 2001 (six straight), but also directly enter the first time since October. End of the game, travel with the team driving fans singing at the Reebok Stadium! The campaign with Chelsea at the Reebok wins battle on August 8, targets 18 and 700 minutes Kuangguan horsepower left no fighting back is the disparity in the Premier clash of records. "Daily Mail" after the game is entitled "There are no women judges, adults only to beat the children." Coyle with the Replica Soccer Jersey very unhappy: "We should not be a four-ball team, but this time giving each ball is white to our adversaries" for the Chelsea, a decisive victory for a number of indicators:. after 6 there, the ball only 3 Chelsea but the Blues come at night 4 the first half with two goals, the last on September 19 the first time in Blackpool, is the sixth of the season came off Premier League victory margin of 4 + large, Chelsea is the only team to score twice to create this team. Xing, 2005 at the Reebok this place, the Blues seem to have found a strong defense again this support throughout the year to remove the domain.
Coach Carlo Ancelotti with the English Premier League Soccer Jersey, said before the match, the FA Cup and the last round 7-0 victory over Blackburn Rovers win is not enough to prove the team has passed the lowest point, the key to Bolton to see it. But after the game, suggesting the Chelsea before the main task is to keep the top four no doubt Ancelotti: "I said the campaign will be our big step, I think we're back in the ranks of the advocate have turned the corner. Back to playing good football, the attitude is correct. It is important that all now began to fight again. "Italians had already estimated at around 80 points this season, can win in these difficult times this means that Chelsea can only last 16 lost 6 points. Bolton and Tottenham won the open gap to 3 points, I heard the fans singing, "Carlos, Carlos, a sign for us," said Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti with the Chelsea Jerseys Soccer: "The title race is certainly not easy but in the worst moment later, we played a positive, beautiful, focused.
Bolton defender Robinson said before the game: "I used to watch Chelsea in the channel in the starting 11 will be shaking, but now it seems the fear factor has gone." However, Terry said that this observation is still too soon ", I saw the report, said in the locker room, these people can not be afraid of us, but by their own! The campaign from the beginning, which is very positive, because to some reports of stimulation. We've never been thrown into the row for the title, others say we are confused. We are not in the best condition, but the team is the sampling points. To play that way, we can say the game is? "The next 6 games away from Chelsea 5 with the Chelsea Jersey, more recently, Triple-off , then there is a set of keys against Liverpool, Terry said: "We are the South soft egg Perhaps people have that impression, but? See our performance at the Reebok Stadium, but that do not respect the North?"
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Beijing time on January 27, 2010/11, Italy 4.1 continuing Cup final, Sao Paulo, Inter Milan went to his rival Naples. The Inter Milan coach with the Wholesale Football Shirt Shop before Leonardo attended the press conference. Inter Milan very well after New Year, but in the end of the league last week but lost to Udinese, who was also the failure will be the impact of Inter Milan? "The hardest thing is to maintain continuity, is the most difficult and most important, Inter Milan a few years ago is very good. Now maybe we missed something, but it is not inevitable and important that we find a solution." Leonardo said, "State Udinese was very good, but not lose the deciding game, other teams are also on the long journey. Referee? I was a little angry, but usually do not comment on the referee, who is not a factor decisive. "Milan is now marked the beginning of a strong opponent, while Inter have just 20 days before the victory at home to Naples, but in fact, Naples is not an easy opponent, which is currently occupied second in Serie A, but has always been brilliant home record.”Naples, the performance of the last few big games but we won, but at a stadium in Sao Paulo is not the same, is fanaticism; the game will be very difficult." Leonardo said. Sound suspect tired of Inter Milan's Italian Cup will be selective and concentrate on the Champions League and the largest in the league, but Leonardo rejected this argument: "It is indeed selectively abandon part of our football culture? England has these habits, Rome and Barcelona is not, nor will differ depending on the game for different programs. We want to win, until we win the semifinals, and it is our power. "
Inter Milan, which is not yet all, the team with the Italian Series A Football Shirts played in Naples, what worries people. "There are three players suspended and can not participate in the weekend by the League of Palermo, which certainly can play, the rest I have yet to think of it, and some players need a break, after all, all parties we can not use the same lineup. "The Inter Milan coach explained that" injury Kudiniao now joint training with the team, and still has considerable potential to help Diego -?. Milito with the Inter Milan Football Shirt has detected a muscular problem, but will be back, that is the feeling, and I am optimistic about his condition. Sneijder could return immediately, Caesar was recovered. "
Leonardo also spoke of the plight of two current players. "Pandev? Him in a long time trying to play different roles, and now the team has changed, has to readjust to their new location, it is very difficult, and you need time to adjust. Mascherano Zia? When a player of the season came to an new team, which needs time to adjust, not to mention Inter Milan has many experienced players. Either way, Llano Zia is very important for Inter Milan, which is the future of the Nerazzurri. “Leonardo with the Inter Milan Shirt Football said. Transfer market is more concerned about people's problems. “Each team has their own choice, to be evaluated, and then make a decision. Judge for each team is different, so that a large number of signatures to support the team to be invincible If we reach the wounded, we can beat any opponent.” by @
Arsenal vs. Newcastle crazy war has created a history of the Premier League, the team became Premiership Magpies in the first 0-4 behind to get a lot of the team, along with being the "success" has Dodd also was the referee and midfielder Tomas Rosicky with the Replica Soccer Jersey of Arsenal, the former Newcastle awarded two penalties, and several controversial penalty, which is even more suspect to be out of the disclosure of a games outside. Arsenal is natural is completely denied, and ready to burst Mengliao the French media to the court. The new amazing is that suddenly the day after the end of the game came in, "France Football 365," The first is that the game, there are many doubts, gaming companies well before the start financial flows related to gambling is not normal, it can be manipulated, then media has noted that performance in the game Rosicky abnormal, with a number of clean sheets on "Newcastle" help "Rosicky completed the two goals , and accounts of recent transactions are often, he entered the International Criminal Police Survey on sight. "
The news soon spread, despite the conclusive evidence obtained before, the mainstream media have refrained from England, not reproduced by the way, but "with Arsenal Tomas Rosicky with the National Soccer Jersey allegations of fixing matches," the title is sufficiently sensational Fans forum is the major uproar. But soon, the "Daily Telegraph" to connect the International Criminal Police Organization, the truth of this statement was questioned, the International Criminal Police spokesman said it Rosicky did not investigate, that even with this question about the investigations have not received any claims: "We have not received any requests for investigation, if true, then countries concerned government agencies the Secretariat to assist in the investigation of the formal application, but so far we have not received. "At the same time, the FA and Premier League have confirmed that organizations and institutions did not Investigation of the notice requirements of the game, if the "France Football 365" is true, these two organizations will certainly need help in the investigation. Tomas Rosicky and other Arsenal players with the Arsenal Jerseys Soccer were now silent; he expressed no opinion on the matter.
Bo stressed that different standards Dodd sentence: "Such acts must be stopped, it is actually in the game kill, Diaby if deported, then his actions and Nolan have done for our actions and the goalkeeper what is the difference?”- Will Shell refers to a penalty 67 minutes Barton rewrite the score of 1 to 4 after the Arsenal goalkeeper Wally Disney Nolan clashed; the former had no small body movements. This is not the first Premiership player accused the referee in the micro-Bo, Liverpool in the round of the FA Cup third before being eliminated Manchester United, the Red Army was still playing for the winger Dutch Ryan Babel in their own micro-blog published an article where the value of referee Webb wore a Manchester United shirt Hecheng Zhao, ironically one another tend to the Red Devils, the result has been fined for FA million. This time, taking into account the FA Wilshere after half an hour in the post immediately deleted, and words is not too intense, did not directly point the name of Dodd with the Arsenal Jersey, and also saved. by @
Manchester City in the FA Cup against Notts with the Cheap England Football Shirts County in the fourth round of the challenge, only to see two teams playing in a way, but the biggest surprise in this game is not the game itself, but both teams coach Roberto Mancini and Innsbruck, young quarterback had a player in Serie A on the battlefield. In memory of Mancini said: "I totally lost the sense that Ince to land, then it is hard to imagine the situation, the final field Ince was sent off." But over time, both sides seem to have forgotten about 16 years of hatred. "Daily Star" today, the author, Innsbruck, said in an interview: "I was in the race kicked in the leg, and then hit me enough to have 3, 4 times; I have no suspension of 6 games. Remember "more generous Ince with the National Football Shirts also said Qi Manni one of the greatest players:" Even should become the next Sir Alex Ferguson, they all have excellent management experience; I think it is his unique position. "
For this match of the Cup, Mancini has also paid special attention to: "We are very excited about the tournament, but we have to win this game because, as we all know, the FA Cup tournament a great opportunity, but we do everything possible to win the game.”At the same time, according to the" Daily Express "message after the Manchester City player to clean up as one of the best small Wright will remain on the team." Letters, "the author, the original club Premier League Bolton Wanderers, Everton and Fulham three clubs wanted to hire local end, which is fast, but because of Adam Johnson on Thursday with a sprained ankle in training, end of Manchester City to maintain the rotation, the final decision was left Wright.
Note that Mancini had always regarded as a fringe player Shaun Wright-Phillips. So far this season, Shaun Wright-Phillips has played only eight times for Manchester City, where only a poor Premier League three times, but playing time was more than a total of only 126 minutes. The younger of the Wright Brothers in the Premier League debut for Manchester City goes back to October 22 last year, Manchester City, Wigan with the Manchester United Football Shirts away game performance over time and only 2 minutes. Note that Mancini had always regarded as a fringe player Shaun Wright-Phillips. So far this season, Shaun Wright-Phillips has played only eight times for Manchester City, where only a poor Premier League three times, but playing time was more than a total of only 126 minutes. The younger of the Wright Brothers in the Premier League debut for Manchester City goes back to October 22 last year, Manchester City, Wigan with the Man U Shirt away game performance over time and only 2 minutes.
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On the afternoon of February 8 "football market" broke, German giants Bayern Munich whose players are on Replica Soccer Jersey this summer, for 700 million euros in figures Inter Milan striker Pandev marginal and, this winter 2010, second cancer “The gunman in Macedonia, again with very tragic roles may be the final race of blue-black show. Pacini Meazza first played 45 minutes on the bench scored two goals and the creation of an Inter aid penalty get to shake invested so far, scored 3 goals 3 games, and manufacturing of two penalties, Pa Qi Nepal showed surprise people, the Italian press began to praise the new Trident Eto'o Sneijder Pacini, Pacini, which is directly on the guillotine.
Gazzetta dello Sport ", chose by the worst team in the half, Pandev them. As long-term injury plagued Milito, Pandev occupy most of the time one of the starting points, a total of the season so far played Pandev in the league and the Champions League in 22 games scoring one goal that sent 4 assists, and now the latest to join the Pacini, and the return of Sneijder with the National Team Soccer Jerseys, Pandev four consecutive dry bank, has not had the opportunity of minutes. From Indeed, since his arrival at Inter, Pandev's contribution is only 42 games 6 goals, well short of 177 field Lazio 60 times the level of the ball, but the annual salary of up to 300 million Pandev euros (2.5 billion euros, but the annual salary of Pacini), in terms of becoming a burden for Inter. Recently, Macedonia Pandev and Eto'o also appeared, for the week of Macedonia in Cameroon and start a friendly against fellow team Inter Milan striker, they become rivals in the field. Eto'o Pandev joked. " I'm ready for anything, never hit the ball "Cheetah an easy laugh, but it highlights the dilemma that now Pandev is now at Inter, Pandev will become a ball hit iron bench vain. Pandev with Gaokaidizou to describe the most appropriate performance after joining Inter. However, despite poor performance, but Pandev also no shortage of suitors, the Italian media, "Football Market" broke the news, Bayern prepare to launch this summer June for further Pandev, and the current market valuation of 700 million transfers of Macedonia, now depends on the attitude of Inter. In fact, in the summer of 2009, the group knocks Bayern Bianxiang olive Pandev with the Bayern Soccer Jersey, but refused to release the attitude of the Lazio, so that poaching Bayern shots useless.
As soon as the transfer window in the winter on the verge of closing last week, "Football Market" have become interested in rumors Pandev burst Wolfsburg Bundesliga giants have made the same offer Inter € 700 000 000, but the transfer did not materialize because the Inter Pandev another point of addiction, Pacini ignores the qualifications of the campaign in the Champions League, so the Champions League Leonardo also need a replacement striker Pandev may play a role, injury and Mili Tora now out for at least 30 days, the bad news has been heard, Pandev is likely to begin to work with Samuel Eto'o with the Bayern Soccer Shirts and playing for Bayern, which is his career as a turning point.

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In 2011, the final phase of the winter transfer window, and finally heard a message that enough to shake the world - Chelsea buy Torres with the Wholesale Football Shirt Shop. More than a month after boiling, the Red Army eventually won Soares, but faces the danger of leaving pillars in front. Although the Army has rejected an offer from Chelsea yesterday, but the reality is that Torres is close to nothing. Before the "Daily Mail" quoted an official as saying that the Red Army, said that Torres has no patience for Liverpool, his desire to settle in London. And since "The Mirror" to track the information Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has personally ordered the prosecution of Torres. "Mirror" that the last two years has been suffering from the outskirts of Abu criticized mean miser who is not willing to invest in Chelsea, so that the Russian people want to step back for the rectification of names.
Prior to the analysis of the British press are not willing to invest in Abu 2012-13 seasons due to the implementation of the policy of financial equity. However, Manchester City is still a great disparity in the money with impunity, as "rich old man," Abu with the National Football Shirts could not bear. "Mirror" by Manchester City and Abu clear that the double stimulus of public opinion before deciding on the winter market in a deal that shocked the world. Terrible worth 60 million pounds transfer if completed, would be enough to return seven years ago, when the madness Abu entering the era of blue.
Of course, the correct names for themselves, Abu additional factors or competition for Chelsea. After all, the Blues are now two main ones are the center more than 32 years, the bank also temporarily chops Kalou and Stu Ritchie difficult. They aim to compete in a championship club, Blues striker made positive when the game needed to maintain the front line in the star. And Torres is undoubtedly the best candidate. If they could cause Torres, Chelsea will become the eyes of the 'dream team' in the world. As the Blues coach, Carlo Ancelotti with the Chelsea FC Football Shirt does not highlight his desire to Torres, but Torres has hinted he could, and now blue Drogba Feng Wang coexists. "I know this quote, because every time we sit down to discuss which players to buy, to act only after the decision. Drogba to partner with any player, who must be at the top of the tip, but the stadium, is L being very large. "Regardless of who bought it no problem for Drogba with the Essien Shirts, who can coexist with any person, including Torres, no doubt?"
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