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Pirlo arrived at Juventus smoothly through medical and immediately the bianconeri provides a three-year contract to sign their names. As Juventus this summer's brushstroke formal reinforcements, Pirlo arrival and delneri to leave just open big cleaning and big purchasing prelusive, in Pirlo after, with will be Juventus Football Shirt further reinforcements. In gazzetta dello sport set for Juventus conte, the guys at left-back in the squad is sampdoria, while in mulberry Ziegler shaved following after the player supermarket open level, Juventus have on ziegler shaved close to signing the. Sky sports famous transfer experts in his DiMa Jackie's official website revealed the deal of information, "today, mulberry appreciate the layer and Juventus, met as previously expected, they Ziegler shaved reached an agreement for the transfer of the quotation, Juventus Premier League Shirts have also reached sampdoria requirements. Therefore, joining an officially announced in Andrea Pirlo, after the next one." Ziegler shaved Pirlo belongs to the contract signed, and free Juventus bianconeri would in recent years have been pushing the "less money bought more people" strategy, next the signing imminent players and Pirlo is same, also be the old club contract expires with a free man. Palmer jean grace remain in Naples will determine the plunge in the champions league next season, after rumours are says he will travel to AC Milan, but now he is likely to join Juventus. Juventus Shirt Local time yesterday, palmer jean grace pierced agent for the football's assist dimension of the market, said: "whether is very close to Juventus? Of course yes! Wednesday? No, our medical must wait until this weekend or is the beginning of next week." That is to say, palmer jean grace karzai will abandon join AC Milan against champions league opportunity, also will not stay in Naples, but play champions league, only joined Juventus next season in Serie A and the Italian cup game. According to understand, Juventus have palmer jean grace karzai prepared a three-year annual salary of 120 million Euros, the contract. The former Juventus player joined in evaluating Pirlo's giuliano giannichedda said: "I feel his state can also keep at the highest level of about four years time." As can be expected, Pirlo will become a Juventus, Del Piero shirt while new organization core, whether a few years ago QiaoWenKe, diego playmaker performance such as use only disappointed to describe and, more let Juventus sad way to move to a big alligator vlajkovic oala revealed another piece BiWen. Today in oala accept the rajkovic Radio interview have "have two years ago:" I know XiKe ham is very close to Juventus, once very, very close, but eventually they had chosen to Diego." In recent years, has been XiKe ham Serie A’s shiny young players, in its constant growth at the same time, Naples led him to step by step from this season ahead, giants and champions league cup to play in the champions league next season, the value of XiKe ham to visible, and see where the Juventus, also place dauphine will absolutely the wrong choice for 2 years ago and regret for a long time.
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Although in the race for Sanchez lead, but inter delayed and udinese to reach an agreement. "WanYouBao news says inter once again improve the quotation: cash 20 million euros and Mali, add and obi's loan's library. In the final analysis, the transfer or a money problem, inter players would not spend too much in a cash, this will affect the summer other budget. Sky sports points out, inter Soccer Jersey buy must be sold back to front, Maicon, Mali gal, goran pandev and chivu is leaving, sneijder future also is mixed. The choice will be benefited Brazilian Maicon, a field friend all visiting right-back youan play well, gazzetta dello sport pointed out, Maicon is no longer untouchable. The Brazilian's agent said cary grace last summer, more of an inter refused to 25 million Euros Maicon offer, but former first right-back this summer worth will shrunk dramatically. His options are still may be real Madrid Premier League Jersey in 30 years old, can the Brazilian man received 15 million Euros is thankfully. Mali plus probably as Sanchez transfer chip was sent to udinese, and Kenyans fate similar Africa compatriots have tower, Ghanaian don't even returned to mei ah check packed up, premier league championship queen's park rangers before to introduce Portsmouth and Sunderland player, they have to inter inquiry. The remaining year contract with Inter Milan, Inter Milan Jerseys may also leave the cristian chivu to broker beka and player contract is not optimistic. "Christian has one year contract, I can't see any problem, but contract depends on inter. We do not exclude any possibility, even leave, but the premise is a club issued an invitation." Performance has been disappointing pandev will also walk in summer, Macedonia striker might go into next season's Uefa champions league in Naples. The player's agent pola Albion admitted the pursuit of Nebuchadnezzar the other. "Pandev went to Naples not impossible, I know walter mazzarri have been watching me player. But I hope he can continue to stay at inter Inter Milan Jersey this season, although he is not happy." Sky sports think sneijder's future also unclear, the Dutch just restore the team huddle, Manchester united manager sir Alex Ferguson is still not lose to the nerazzurri midfielder interest, it depends on the reds offer. The only get turnaround, because the future of Cesar’s HeYa introduced basic sure united Edwin van der SAR, the Brazilian take will continue to stay at Inter Milan.
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Yesterday, Juventus CEO Marotta and the technical director of Para Mladic appeared in the Bernabeu and Real Madrid Florentino Perez and Sanchez, Chairman and Deputy Chairman had met. Italian media claimed that Juventus interested in buying Benzema, Gareth and Lassana - Diyala. "Marca" said the Juventus offer is, the Bianconeri are willing to pay a total of three players for the 58 million euros. Juve's first goal is the acquisition of Benzema, the French Football Shirt offer for 30 million euros. Although Mourinho did not appreciate Benzema, but Florentino do not want to give up the banner after the restoration of their signings, Real Madrid president claimed that Benzema is not for sale. Gareth worth 10 million euros has been on the cleaning list, Real Madrid is willing to let go of Argentines. Real Madrid wants to stay worth 18 million euros Lassana - Diyala, but the French themselves have requested leaving the team. But Lassana - Diarra did not want to join Juventus, yesterday, "sports daily," said his agent has indicated that the new Claude Makelele just want to return to the Premiership. Real Madrid will give up Emmanuel Adebayor in Premier League Shirts the summer, the new ships had to buy a striker. According to England's "Daily Star" said the Manchester United Real Madrid took a fancy to the peas Hernandez. Since a small pea in the famous Manchester United who Mourinho've admired him. However, Ferguson can not sell the Mexicans, the Manchester United striker, the little pea is the backbone of the next 10 years. Big Altintop's transfer, it has been basically finalized. While still secretive do not want to publicly acknowledge Ah, but the Bayern general manager Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has confirmed that the Turks will be rushed to Real Madrid. "Real Madrid did real Madrid shirts intend to introduce Altintop, Real Madrid top conveyed to us their intentions, even though they did not need to do so." Rummenigge said, "Altintop this season, starting only 3 games, we know it is not enough for him. We understand him, respect his decision, he told us that he did not want to complete the contract. " "Aspen Daily" yesterday said Cohen Straw may become a new aid under Real Madrid. However, according to the Portuguese "record" reported that Mourinho does not want to buy Cohen Troughton, Madman has informed the club to suspend high-level negotiations with Benfica. In the left Di Maria shirt back position, Marcelo Mourinho is trust, but can also be guest Abeiluoe left back, not the madman that Cohen Troughton Real necessities. Fernando Gago Real Madrid this summer will be cleaned, Western media have been rumors that he and Rome set for life private. But the broker Wei Jiqi denied this: "We must wait for Real Madrid's decision, and now we do not know anything, so can not say anything. Because of injuries, Gago will be very difficult this season. I and the other Gago, a broker Bromwich Beriah no contact with Rome regard, we have not agreed when the talks. "
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Gattuso curse after Leonardo was dog feces, Galliani was going through the motions. Unexpectedly, this incident caused uproar in the Italian football. 12, in the Xipanini football Card Company 50 birthday celebration dinner, Galliani had apologized, he said, "I am bitter lesson Gattuso meal, Leonardo, and I friend.” Away draw against AC Milan in Rome, the red and black players and team expedition over ten thousand fans at the Olympic Stadium began to celebrate Carnival. During the emotional ride Gattuso and a group Soccer Jersey of red and black fans singing in the stadium fence, "Leonardo is the dog feces." Gattuso was going to vent his grievances against Leonardo. Unexpectedly, he was photographed this indecent act. After this screen he passes in the online crazy. The rude behavior of Gattuso, Italian football legend has accused. Florence has had coaching experience in the Agnes Luopi that is not eligible abusive Leonardo Gattuso, AC Milan, the matter should be dealt with severely. Agnes Luopi even suggested Leonardo and Gennaro Gattuso on the thin court. After Leonardo, and have also publicly reprimanded Moratti Gattuso. At first, Galliani just muddle through. When in Rome to attend the news conference, Galliani said, "This is an act of forgiveness. Now, we should not over-exaggerate accusations. At the time, Gattuso than celebrate league title. We should not forget many players act like children. "Unexpectedly, this move does not work unless the. 12, Galliani Xipanini football card companies out of 50 birthday celebration dinner, Moratti also invited to attend. Sky Premier League Jersey Terrace at the front of the camera, Italy, Galliani public apology, "I whipped the Gattuso private meal. I told Gattuso he made a mistake. Gattuso also know that what I said words. Here, I do not want to open the conversation at that time. Now, let us forget that this thing right. " Galliani said, "On behalf of AC Milan Inter Milan President Massimo Moratti, Leonardo apology. I admire Leonardo, he is still my friend." To prove this, Galliani from his pocket and took out a pen. "See, this is Leonardo gave me in 2001, carved above the 'thank you' message. I have never used the other pen, has always been this, I really like this pen." Leon Nadeau and Galliani are in good personal relationships. In 1997, it was AC Milan, Galliani advocated the introduction of Leonardo from Paris St Germain. In 2009, Berlusconi suggested the appointment of Leonardo Galliani as AC Milan coach. They worked together Inter Milan Jerseys for 13 years. In signing the former Inter Milan, Leonardo returned to Galliani called. When the scene Galliani asked whether the media will use this pen to sign Gan claim, he humorous reply. "For me, now I'm more concerned about Moratti ... ...." Galliani face apology, Moratti is full of grace, said he no longer held. "For Leonardo, it is clear this is the kind of injury. However, this is a lot of things we say, Leonardo also know that this thing is over. Now, I did notInter Milan jersey say AC Milan, plus the penalty should not be Figure cable, but they have the final say. I feel sorry for the Leonardo. in public humiliation, and no one will be happy. Now, AC Milan, reaction to the attitude pretty good, this matter will gradually end. "Leonardo next season will be humiliated? Moratti said with a smile, "No! We will win ... ..."
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Because of the World Cup last year compared to reinforcements this year, from August to Madrid coming early reinforcements.10-11 last season's tournament - the Champions League final has not yet begun, Real Madrid in the transfer market has completed multiple transfer - Shaheen, Big Al Goto Top and Kalie Hong have been finalized, According to the "sports daily," said Real Madrid is likely to sign on June 4 Cohen Strong Portugal left-back.
In the minds of Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid and Barcelona want to contend, the greatest vulnerability lies Replica Football Shirt in the two backs, although Ramos is the Spanish national team is selected at right-back, and Marcelo, were Maradona known as La Liga third-best player, but in the eyes of Jose Mourinho, his two full-backs to be able to go up and attack, but to be able to keep the back.
That is why, although Marcelo in the league sent out three goals and four assists in a lot of money record, in Madrid derby with Barcelona of the century is to create a penalty and scored a goal himself, become the most threatening an offensive point. But the guard's left in the powerful dialogue was often punctured, and in defense balance the grasp of the Portuguese left-back is the strongest point.
Although the offensive end, no Marcelo la liga kits Cohen Bertrand speed maneuvering, nor the excellent Brazilian technology and dedication on the other side of the goal, but Cohen Bertrand can also use their own precise pass in 45-degree angle to the team's offensive to help. But the real heart of Jose Mourinho is to defensive end, outstanding personal defense and defense capabilities, the timing of the attack, so Cohen Portugal and Benfica Bertrand became a very formidable defense on the left gate. South Africa World Cup, Portugal lost only four games for a ball, known as the best defensive team, is proof.
After the World Cup last year, Cohen Bertrand had deliberately left the band, but has let go of the Dima Benfica real Madrid shirts Australia and others to stay warm under Bertrand Cohen chose to continue for the team. But with the sale to go Ruiz Benfica, the team's competitiveness in Portugal is Porto super revolutionized, Cohen Bertrand also want to flex its muscles in a new environment. According to Benfica's staff revealed that Cohen has no intention of Bertrand contract with the club: "Cohen Strong agreed to the request of Benfica team to stay for one year is unlikely, he will transfer 80%."
For Real Madrid, they introduce the opportunity Ronaldo Shirt Strong Cohen on the same side than eyeing Bayern defender and Liverpool is much greater. Except for real Madrid for Latin players natural attraction, but also the agent of, and Cohen brown concerned. Bertrand Cohen's agent is the first broker has the world known football Mendes, Mourinho, C Ronaldo and Pepe Real Madrid are out of the operation of this person.

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Manchester United's American owners the Glazer family told Ferguson he had enough of this summer transfer budget, you can purchase the best players in the world, the British media that Manchester United will be in bank deposits over 160 million pounds.
Manchester United have won the Premiership title this weekend that they expected to win the Champions League, they Replica Soccer Jersey will spend in the transfer market since the most recent seasons of funds, Glazer has given the green light for Ferguson, Ferguson's goal is the world's most Good players. Atletico Madrid keeper De Heya be joined by 17 million pounds, while Ferguson and Gill have said, the Manchester United this summer to check in three players, two other heavyweight signings will soon penetrate the veil, the money simply Not a problem.
In fact, Ferguson, Glazer has been highlighted the need for the transfer fee, but the fans will inevitably question Premier League Jersey the ability of the club competition star, because the United shouldering huge debts and interest. Glazer is just to demonstrate that this season they do not empty promises, in Rooney who threatened to leave, they mind to come, give him a huge contract, chubby weekly pay rose to about 20 million pounds. Ferguson spent huge sums of money to sign one if the biggest names, Glazer will be very relaxed.
Insiders said the club must comply with any signings signings Glazer era policies that can preserve and increase the focus Man City kits on the introduction to the appreciation of young players. Manchester United over the past 14 years, bought only one player over the age of 27 years old, spent the summer of 2008 is 30 million pounds to sign Berbatov.
British media recently reported that Manchester United in the bank's deposits of £ 1.13 has been much doubt that Glazer will make some fans to take part of the money to pay the debt, but insiders said the money was used to transfer funds and to cope with unforeseen events. Then Manchester City jerseys next season if Manchester United season ticket revenue in the bank, this figure will exceed 160 million pounds.
Manchester United Manchester United CEO Gill has repeatedly emphasized that they can easily issue bonds to pay the 45 million pounds to bring the annual interest, especially now that Manchester United already has a 26% bond, the other because of the growth of commercial and television revenues, they annually £ 6,000 cash deposit.
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UK site givemefootball said Chelsea and Liverpool will compete with this summer Brazilian star Diego, the Wolfsburg midfielder currently worth about 15 million pounds.
Diego has recently become the target of Liverpool, Dalglish intends to introduce the Brazilian star to improve the team's Football Shirt creativity and attack. Last week, Kenny Dalglish confirmed that Liverpool will be chasing some high-level players this summer, attacking midfielder, winger, left back and center are needed to consolidate the position of the Red Army.
Dalglish will be completed together with the director of football Kemo Li Liverpool this summer's Premier League Shirts transfer program, in addition to the introduction of some new players, the Red Army in the summer will face cleansing, such as Joe Cole, Jovanovic, hole Qiesi Ji and Paulson and other fringe players are likely leaving the team.
Although Chelsea immediately after the end of the season fired Coach Carlo Ancelotti is no state, but this will not affect Chelsea's transfer plans, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich will chair the transfer action. Diego is also very interested in Chelsea, they will compete with Liverpool, the Brazilian genius.
Diego this season, Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga battle on behalf of more than 30 times, he scored 6 goals and 9 assists sent, although Liverpool Football Shirt doing well, but now there is a conflict Wolfsburg coach Felix Magath, which so he is likely to Wolfsburg in the summer was brutally cleaning.
In the end of the season, Diego had the penalty but the missed penalty and robbed the club 100,000 euros have been punished, most recently as before the Battle of the key out of the starting lineup by coach rather than leaving the team without his initiative has once again raised Liverpool Shirt the club's anger. With the deterioration of both conflicts, Diego left Wolfsburg in the summer seems to have been inevitable.
Diego is a very talented offensive player in 2006 and 2009, Diego Werder Bremen scored 10 goals each season can be more, but to join Juventus in the summer of 2009, after Diego Ying to a career as a setback last summer to return to the Bundesliga after joining Wolfsburg, Diego is still unable to regain the best in the state of Bremen, VfL Wolfsburg this season, ranking only in the Bundesliga fourth to last nearly downgraded to join Chelsea or Liverpool in the summer, it might be for Diego to save a good opportunity of his career.

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Finale last weekend, gunmen Corps League draw with Fulham after a difficult, Wenger admitted in the post-match press conference this summer, the team can not have more than 50 million pounds more than the large transactions, remark, Arsenal fans the heart is almost a mile and cool. For this summer, aiming at reconstruction, the only generous, it can only restore the sinking of the Arsenal, Arsene Wenger of the seats, "relentless" as if next season the team should have won way too tightly sealed.
Perhaps, though, is not the case, from the British media today, "Sun" of the latest news, but in fact Wenger is preparing a Soccer Jersey masterstroke, and his goal, even until the Real Madrid striker Benzema heartthrob, "Sun "said Wenger is willing to pay the high price of up to 35 million pounds transfer fee.
Only 23 years old France striker Karim Benzema warships in recent years in the Galaxy can be described as not having a happy day comfortable, Real Madrid in the hands of Jose Mourinho, his position has become increasingly marginalized, there is news that "madman "This summer was hard trying to sail away to Manchester City chase Argentine" beast "Tevez and Benzema Ever since the team inadvertently dropped to the cleaning list. However, the young Benzema Fortunately, fame has been the attention of Arsene Wenger.
"Sign he is not an impossible thing, he is the kind of player I like. His movement is very erratic and alertness, but also Premier League Jersey good cooperation with the team, can well into our tactical system. Moreover, his personal capacity is also very good. "Wenger Benzema gave high marks, as if determined to win a pair of posture.”So, to me he is the best player in the world."
Of course, in addition to another Benzema Arsenal outside options, from "Mirror," the source said, playing for the club's striker Kevin Lorient, France - Jia Meiluo Wenger also aroused great interest. , 24-year-old representative of the team this season, scored 35 league games, 21 goals, has attracted the interest of the wealthy in Europe. Once Wenger buy Benzema failed, he would Arsenal Jerseys immediately invest in the target striker signings this "lightning striker."
At the back, Wenger's primary objective is to effect in the Bolton team - Gary Cahill, but the person up to 17 million pounds in transfer fees to discourage professors, and the sea to face competition from Manchester City because of its wealth. In desperation, Wenger had to look to join the Blackburn defender Samba and Phil will double - Jones body.
As for the roll-out, the only Arsenal Jersey remaining one-year contract midfielder Samir Nasri Titans the team's sale in a list, including Manchester City, Inter Milan and Bayern Munich, including a number of wealthy are its expressed a strong interest, according to French news media exposure material, even the "mortal enemy" Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United (@ Manchester United news) are also playing his idea. Then on defense, "colander" Krishna also had been coveted Inter Milan and Bayern Munich, his transfer worth about seven million pounds or so.
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Am Beijing time on May 13, according to "Turin Sports Daily" message, though the season is not over, but Juve have ambitious action up, Marotta, and Parra Armitage flew to Madrid, and Real Madrid Xifu Luo Perez had lunch, during which Marotta that of Karim Benzema, Diarra and Higuain's interest, while Real Madrid are on the intention Chiellini and Amauri. Juventus invested heavily in nothing being done this season, and even missed the Champions League next season, zebra top Football Shirt and work hard to continue to increase investment decision in the summer, Agnelli promised transfer budget will reach 120 million euros, will be introduced in the three lines when the fight strength of the players. According to "Turin Sports Daily," the source said, inspired by high-level, Marotta and his assistant have been action Para Krstic up. On Thursday noon, Armitage line Marotta and his assistant flew to Madrid Parra, and with Real Madrid President Florentino lunch, it is learned, the two sides is the main topic of the summer transfer, Marotta shows the Ze Ma, Diyala and Higuain's interest, the most important goal is to Benzema, the Premier League Shirts French people in the post-World War on the three were at the bench, he showed a great race dissatisfaction, Juve tried to ask Benzema transfer possibilities. Higuain and Diarra's name was mentioned Marotta, compared to the "small pipe" difficult to leave the Bernabeu much larger, but added into the transfer of Diyala has something Shaheen to join is to accelerate the process, Juve hopes to replace with Diarra in the summer, leaving the team's Mohamed Sissoko. As for Gareth, it is Mourinho ready to wash the players in the summer, the Bianconeri this 24-year-old Argentine defender is very interesting. Real Madrid also put forward its own requirements, Mourinho has long been interested in for Chiellini, mad rock also hope Juventus Shirt that this defense can rush to the rescue were the Bernabeu, but Amauri's name was mentioned, this is the Italian international may leave Juve in the summer, Mike Mussina hopes he can hold up in the club after the departure of Emmanuel Adebayor's strike. In addition, According to the Italian "full market" news, Juventus is also targeting the binary Pastore and Sergio Aguero of Argentina, senior Juve and Palermo at the end of May for talks Pastore's transfer would be the main issues, Juve will present a 30 million euros offer, and will also Giovinco, Amauri and Del Piero shirt co-Palladino right into the transaction. Sergio Aguero Although the team announced that it will stay and stand will not move to Real Madrid, but Juve will not easily give up the investigation clearly the goal for a long time, the Bianconeri are still chasing the horse will be fully-law, "the whole market," said Juve get it as long as one of the two Argentines in, is bound to lead Juventus to attack the new season champion.
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According to "sports daily," the latest news, UEFA has today announced the official website of the Barcelona midfielder Busquets on suspicion of race attacks are likely to be suspended for five games, UEFA has launched a formal investigation, charges soon established Busquets missed the May 28 will be the Champions League final. The event is April 27 first leg Soccer Jersey Champions League semi-final place, is labor lost to Barcelona 0-2 Real Madrid at home, during Busquets with Marcelo had a physical confrontation, even though no injury to the fabric Marcelo Sike Ci, but it burst into Ming Basa players fell to the ground, and made a face like an infinite pain. Busquets fell to the ground later, when the value of referee did not bother looking at his eyes did not lead to Inter Milan last season, like Marcelo Mota, as licensed general, Busquets some depressed, and then he went to Premier League Jersey Marseilles Luo and cursing in front of the Brazilian players is the "monkey", after the game a lot of experts from the lip of the mouth Busquets has confirmed he is indeed hurt exports. After the end of the match, Real Madrid for the first time will this appeal to UEFA Busquets, but UEFA was not ignored, the matter was delayed until now a formal investigation, the alleged reason Busquets suspected racial attack. It is reported that the Disciplinary Committee will be held in Europe on May 15 on Busquets survey results also will be punished to convey to the day after Barcelona. If Busquets get a ticket, he will become Real Madrid Jerseys the first three on suspicion of racially offensive players suspended by UEFA, Werder Bremen players Hunter had a very serious player Anton England - Ferdinand and Richards ( are black players) to implement the ban by UEFA racial attacks 2 games, Bremen Appeals for the Hunt Club to withdraw through the ticket. The players of Serbia Sri Lanka Nicholas - Migu Pavlovic not so lucky, he was attacked in the European Union, South Africa striker McCarthy Cup race suspended Real Madrid Jersey five games by UEFA, after the ticket could not be undone. Busquets will either suspended 5 games, anyway, it seems many fans in Spain, Barcelona actor should be punished, "Marca" has launched a survey on this, according to the results, a total of more than Liucheng of voters that should be Busquets UEFA punished.
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