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Prandelli Cassano appointed as the core of the Italian team, but the "bad boy" still can not play on the main AC Milan. Euro 2012 is approaching, Prandelli must hurry. 30-day news conference, the Italian coach said publicly that play on the main Cassano as quickly as possible, otherwise, Italy is no longer recruited him. Campaign for the Italian team's prospects Replica Soccer Jersey for the 2012 European Cup, but also for his player's career, Cassano is now forced to re-examine the situation of his AC Milan.
In the winter break before joining AC Milan, Sampdoria Cassano has been banned within the main Xijia Luo up to two months. However, this did not affect his play. Just half of the season, Cassano scored 4 goals 8 assists, which like a good answer. However, Allegri still did not give him the main location. At first, Prandelli was beating about the bush, with no effect. Euro 2012 is approaching, Prandelli no longer unable to bear. "From the beginning in August, those are not the main position in the club's players selected for the Italian team will be very difficult." In a press conference in 30 days, Prandelli to Serie A Jerseys Cassano sounded the alarm. "Now, Cassano should try to compete in the AC Milan team place. Generally speaking, if the play is not on the main case, players will gradually lose confidence."
In fact, AC Milan and Cassano had hoped to continue cooperation. Galliani said, "Cassano same until we have a contract that expires in 2014." Allegri stressed, "4 goals 8 assists, and Antonio Cassano in the performance of AC Milan for two months great, I'm happy for him. "25, Galliani and brokers Pozzo is also the case for Antonio Cassano had first met. After the meeting, Pozzo said, "No problem, Cassano AC Milan until at least 2014." Today, Cassano Prandelli forced to choose this position. "Milan News" said, "Now, Cassano only two paths. Either stay at AC Milan until 2014 to fulfill both contracts, or to participate in the European Cup in 2012 made the transfer request."
For Cassano character, competitiveAC Milan Jerseys AC milan main are torn up. Indeed, Allegri has confirmed that Cassano will play a key role in the new season. However, he also stressed that "not to mention me and Sampdoria, AC Milan, Sampdoria are not. Cassano at Sampdoria Pacini only when a star around. Now, Cassano is the AC Milan, we have a lot players, the competition is fierce here. Thus, not surprising substitute Cassano. "If Cassano want to make sure the core of his position in Italy, the transfer is a good choice. Accordance with the "slow motion," saying, Florence and Naples, Antonio Cassano is expected to become the new owner. "Turin Sports Daily," that preziosi now also introduced the idea of Cassano.
Taking into account the hostile relations between Genoa and Sampdoria, Cassano preziosi acquired no AC Milan Jersey small difficulty. In contrast, Florence and Naples are more likely to become the new owner of Cassano. Regardless of Florence, or Naples, AC Milan, Antonio Cassano will pull heavy trading. Currently, AC Milan would like to introduce the left midfield player, Allegri phase of the Hamsik, Cassano can act as a bargaining chip in the deal. If Galliani Buy Hamsik to no avail, leaving the team's Montolivo core is also a good choice. Of Florence, the use of exchange Montolivo Cassano is a good deal. Accordance with the "slow motion" was, Mihajlovic appreciate Cassano. "Turin Sports Daily," that the Viola are most likely to be his new owner.

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