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"We are always concerned about the transfer market, but I no longer need a midfielder." Ferguson phrase floor, declared the Inter Sneijder has gradually towards the end of the crisis, from a few days ago "It's hard to get Sneijder "to the local time yesterday," no longer World Cup Football Shirt need the midfield players, "should be said that the war in Sneijder, Inter successful, blue-black military success to retain their core.
Inter this morning's warm-up match for Bochum in Germany, set off before Sneijder mood is very calm, he said on twitter: "We want to start to Bochum for a warm-up match, the opponent is Niagara Tasa Ray, I hope that everyone have a good time on Sunday. "For Inter Milan and Inter fans for senior, received the best news this weekend, none other than Sir Alex Ferguson announced that Manchester United EPL Football Shirts midfielder will not introduce discourse, because it it means a month of chaos Sneijder regarding the acquisition of Manchester United was finally drawn on the words, next season, Sneijder is still the core of Inter, Inter is still relying on Sneijder driven chariot in Vegas Pei Lini new tactical system, Sneijder is still the most important one.
Sneijder is leaving Inter this summer, the most important transfer action, but by no means the only action in the lock of the midfield after the Inter Milan winger also is Gasperini recruiting tactics. Italian media said on Friday that Inter Milan and Genoa will resume talks on Tuesday, the focus of negotiations is not the Palacio, but Viviano, Viviano Manchester United Football Shirts seriously injured but is now 6 months, but the "Corriere dello Sport," said the two sides will continue the talks, as the focus shifted to Palacio, while Inter's price tag is still with Pandev and Palacio exchange, in addition, the two sides will talk about the Slovak midfielder Kuci Ka transfer possible.
Spanish media have said the Inter Milan winger position of another person, that is Valencia's Spanish international Mata. According to Sky Sports, said the news, Inter Milan and Arsenal are the Real Madrid youth academy for 23-year-old winger came to enjoy me. The "Sun" is disclosed, Matta has admitted the possibility will leave Valencia Man U Shirt as he said: "For those about me on the transfer market news, I have been unable to control their excitement of." Inter coach today's rivals Galatasaray in the summer Inter obviously will not be a guest because he had repeatedly indicated that it wants to introduce Cambiasso, but in a few hours before the game, he again expressed Milito Esteban Cambiasso and for the interest, "They are two very strong players, if I can teach them to be very good." Although they still resort, but refused the request of Turkey, is one foes know things.
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In fact, Carlos Tevez, "Milan's edge" from the spring began, he was with his girlfriend several times a row to the city of Milan, sometimes shopping, sometimes opera, but has nothing to do with the transfer. Accordance with the "whole market" argument, and only two pictures on the understanding of the handshake is difficult to say what the problem. In fact, there is simply not in Sardinia Carlos Tevez, "the market" that even the Argentine Wholesale Soccer Jersey Supplier media have reported, I have a choice of locations Tevez is his hometown in Argentina, but the "full market" raised another doubt are: Blanca on holiday, but he actually lived and Carlos Tevez is the same hotel! Inter Milan has been restored and training, and general manager of the resort is still, is not it a little strange?
Of course, all this is entirely explained through, because Inter Milan need to buy in South America, the successful introduction of Alvarez, the Blanca Italian Serie A Soccer Jerseys also access a range of players, prepare for the future. Living with Carlos Tevez in the same hotel, perhaps coincidentally, perhaps intentionally, but need to wait and see, but like the British media said, "that only buy", certainly not to this extent.
Meanwhile, Galatasaray and Inter Milan in between farce continued, the original two weeks ago, Galatasaray announced on the official Muntari to join, but now, with Inter Milan Muntari in Training and denies Galatasaray's offer, to make things complicated. Galatasaray has turned Juventus to break open and Merlot, while Muntari latest offer from Spain Real Sociedad, only 3 million, compared to the original price of 16 million, now worth Muntari Inter Milan Jerseys Soccer only 1 / 5. But for Inter Milan's good news is that, in Merleau Galatasaray official announced plans to introduce later, Esteban Cambiasso, "security", and his agent yesterday for Esteban Cambiasso Ida Erge transfer Niagara Tasa Lei rumors commented: "This is absurd and impossible."
The fate, the Lucio contract has been talked about in 2014, not only is the Italian media, the Brazilian media revealed the news, and yesterday more than Caerleon Maicon's agent announced that "next season Maicon will remain at Inter, "but opposed to, Viviano but may not be able to stay, Inter Milan and Genoa have agreed a good Viviano next Tuesday to discuss common problems, failing an agreement, Genoa Inter Shirt will shift French goalkeeper Frey, but the Italian goalkeeper Viviano's identity, it is difficult to stay in Cesar Milan to come off the bench.
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Five America's Cup races, Suarez contributed 3 goals 1 assist, in Argentina and Brazil have been eliminated in the case, Suarez won the America's Cup Golden Boot increase the probability. FIBA Americas Cup, the most useful of the three measures Uruguay: Frank's passing, Al Valery - Pereira grab shot, Suarez's lightning attack in the costal regions, the basic package out of the Uruguay team all five games goals and assists. The Suarez Cheap Soccer Jersey ghostly fast collusion attack, the bottom line at the incredible wonderful extraordinary small area, no doubt make him the number one offensive weapon Uruguay, Suarez has the performance and status, is expected to completely overwhelm Argentina, Brazil, the number of dual giant big, as the current America's Cup the most eye-catching figure.
Today's two goals, Suarez is the most standard tactical value of personal expression, even though everyone love to read Suarez extraordinary, but in South America this boundary, you can not be too cool too extraordinary, more often rely on the opponent Emmanuel Zhaxian flutter to grab the opportunity to find the break time. The first goal, Fran was flapping long-range, long-range action Suarez made at the time of Big Brother Premier League Soccer Kit , has been turned to face the direction of the door, he actually two points ahead of the rush to prepare, what is the natural forward sense of smell, to be specific to the game, is, as today's performance than the other guards first thought the next step how to act, he really rolled the ball here, not a 50-50 chance the two sides, but at least can get a real shooting opportunities.
The second goal, in fact, playing the Peru leg to stand on, want to go sub-frame of mind, completely upset the overall offensive and defensive, Suarez is only around a defender, started his own watch as long as you can not offside. Of course, after breaking the offside, and the other guard, goalkeeper of the bucket Liverpool Soccer Uniforms rate, bucket foot, Suarez did flow freely, and the action swift pace, Peru players can only play looked Suarez, Suarez America's Cup three goals, all from the Peru game, the defense line as can be the first victims of Suarez. At this moment, we seem to have seen in the World Cup, in the league that seems all-powerful Suarez it!
Suarez in the field before the game, played 46 times for the national team, into 18 balls, goals and the first World Cup Uruguay Liverpool Shirt Soccer famous "one-armed hero" Hector - Castro tied for tenth, the war After two goals into the national team scoring charts to No. 9 Suarez, and 10 years of the last century, Pierre Dibei in parallel. Suarez reached in just 24 years old so highly, it is clear that even if we take into twenty-three ball this year, the low standards to Suarez, the 31 ball beyond Sika Luo, becoming the first scorer in national team history , but also a few years.
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Real Madrid in the summer, beat the second game in Guadalajara, C - 9 minutes three goals, so that the Mexican team's defense system falls apart. Real Madrid in the second half was particularly good, and let Mourinho Wholesale Soccer Jersey Supplier most pleased that the team from the outset into the state, the construction team is quite perfect, every place has at least two Real Madrid players available in the field after Real Madrid There are many versatile, they can adapt to multiple locations, which makes the thickness of the new season, Real Madrid's bench assured, the team's ability to deal with more injuries.
This game of Guadalajara, Alonso's absence for the last time Cohen Bertrand won the first opportunity, and the Portuguese continued his Los Angeles Galaxy in the first match in good condition. In the lower back position, Cohen Bertrand were very active in his efforts to suppress the opponents, the positive conclusion of steals, but also in creating opportunities is also very effective. Guardiola will be transformed into defender Javier Mascherano, back to Barcelona to overcome the crisis, in fact, Mourinho Guardiola Liga Espanola Soccer Kit transform the player's ability than poor, Bertrand Cohen introduced as a left back, but first game he has played left back, right back and lower back three positions, this, Mourinho continues to let him play defensive midfielder. Compared with last season, Real Madrid's lineup is more balanced, versatile presence to make the team more flexibility in the employment context, defender Arbeloa even said that Real Madrid already has the best lineup in history.
Mexican League began on Saturday, Guadalajara players in the physical aspects better than Real Madrid players is obvious, but Real Madrid still with excellent overall ability to suppress opponents. Once given the opportunity to Guadalajara, Real Madrid's defense has always been used effectively to resolve the crisis within the young French Real Madrid Soccer Team Jersey defender Guevara outstanding performance, he several times to help the team saved the day. The second half, both teams have changed, the tempo is also reduced, however, Real Madrid's offensive capabilities have begun to reflect, Benzema, Ozil, C Luo, who are beginning to get angry, scoring only a matter of time, and ultimately, with C Lo outbreak, Real Madrid won 3-0.
Right now, Real Madrid has 27 players, or if Nei Maer Aguero joined, the number of teams that will reach 28, but Mourinho does not take so many players, Portugal hopes to form a team of about 21 people, which means that the Real Madrid players to clean 4,5. Mourinho likes streamlined, multi-functional team, but in terms of signings or training, he is to build the team around this principle. Real Madrid squad, is more versatile, such as Ramos and defender in the right back position will be proficient; Pepe Real Madrid Jersey is a defender, but the season playing defensive midfielder changed his outstanding performance, became Macy's nemesis; Marcelo can play left back, left midfield, left wing, and other locations, according to opponents of different positions to make changes; Albiol, Arbeloa are also versatile backcourt.
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When the Italians Fabio Cannavaro announced his retirement two weeks ago when he said he hopes to play in Inter Milan Figo or Zidane at Real Madrid that role. However, when Fabio Cannavaro became the image of the United Arab Emirates team spokesman when, just as Luis Figo Inter Milan's foreign ambassadors, when Zinedine Replica Soccer Jersey Zidane at Real Madrid began to integrate into the team. Mourinho On Zidane said: "He is a member of us." Not only that, a player like Zidane as the team's participation in a variety of arrangements, he dressed in sports all the time clothing the training ground.
Side of the pitch, Zidane, as for the fans as the players during the autograph. Although he does not participate in play, but he has been on the sidelines watching. He had announced his retirement from now, five years have passed. He is no longer playing, walking on the sidelines when the arm holding a folder. I began to enter their own role, take on Real Madrid director of football first team. "His image and charisma help the team and he Liga Futbol Shirt served as the liaison between management and when he was a player, we respect him a lot of people are now working around him on the outside, we feel good." In field Alonso said. Defender Ricardo Carvalho said: "He is behind us. The power of examples is endless, there is such an example of Zinedine Zidane is a great motivation for us."
Over the past two years, Zinedine Zidane Fc Real Madrid Soccer Shirts at Real Madrid's role is more symbolic. But this summer, he will gradually give up personal advertising campaign, to concentrate on doing Real Madrid first team. In March 2009, when Real Madrid president Florentino Perez announced to participate in the election, he is looking for a running mate Valdano and Zinedine Zidane. Florentino elected after the first year, Zidane away from the public eye, the President played an advisory role. Last season, Zidane began to increase the number of public appearances. Zidane head coach Jose Mourinho asked to participate in team affairs after the French began to travel with the team's Champions League campaign.
Now, with the departure of Valdano, Zidane's "apprenticeship" period came to an end. Not only did he travel with the team, and every day in the club's training base. Mourinho has not yet returned from vacation at the time, Zidane Maria Jersey 22 to introduce new players to the club's situation. When the collective team talks, a meeting to discuss the club's management when Zinedine Zidane will appear. In addition, he is also involved in the work of the club's signings. For example, the 18-year-old French defender Guevara in Zidane's referral is to join Real Madrid. Guevara had played in only 23 games in the French game, but as vice-captain Ramos said: "Zidane recommended people should go wrong."
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"Manchester Evening News," said Sunderland boss Bruce hopes to Darren - Gibson transfer problems, to explain to Ferguson. Buy Bruce Ferguson personally to Brown, John O'Shea and Gibson three, but Brown and John O'Shea in the completion of the transfer, the transfer is interrupted Gibson. It is reported that Bruce is the reason to give up Gibson Gibson can not meet the weekly requirements. When we went to the U.S. when the zipper, Darren Cheap Soccer Jersey did not know what to do, I keep him in Manchester, he is now quite entangled. "mentor Bruce hopes to eliminate as soon as possible Ferguson misunderstanding, he said: "Sunderland and Manchester United has maintained a good relationship, which has been going on for a long time and I know that Sir Alex Ferguson is still America, so I hope he comes back to him to explain."
"Daily Mail" said the Manchester United teenager working with Blackpool on Diouf's move to negotiate. Manchester United do not agree to lease Diouf, they want to adopt a permanent move to Blackpool way away Diouf. Diouf's English Premier League Soccer Jersey performance, while not matter how eye-catching, but it has conquered the Blackpool boss Holloway. Diouf is now participate in the U.S. following the Manchester United Tour and the Seattle Sounders in today's game scored a goal, Manchester United hope to recover the purchase cost when Diouf's 375 pounds.
Diouf was that Manchester United can not meet the requirements, and another year of "demon child" Kiko is now at a crucial moment. Two years ago, only 17-year-old cheddar in the Aston Villa game, scored an important goal to help Manchester United get the title race war key 3. But in the ensuing season, Kiko by injuries, did not get more playing opportunities. Kiko last season on loan to Italy's Sampdoria, but did not get the coach's trust. Kiko period of time in the review, said: "I spent a difficult time, I found few opportunities to play there, but the team eventually downgraded, I was not even out of the house, the Italian fans Manchester United Soccer Jerseys a little crazy , especially when the poor performance of the team. "Sampdoria downgrade, Kiko back to Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson has promised that he will no longer rented out, Kiko has said he will seize the opportunity to take performance, he said: "I am glad I contributed over Manchester United, I come back, I want to do more, if the coach gave me the opportunity, I will be caught."
Kiko has been only 19 years old to start their career cherish every opportunity, while 18-year-old prodigy Morrison has still not awakened. "The Guardian" said, Ravel - Morrison recently got into big trouble, he was summoned by police on suspicion of harassment, but the police did not last due to insufficient evidence on file. Early Man Utd Soccer Jersey this year, Morrison also because of threats by his fellow police robbery victims were not allowed to file, the court pointed out that if Morrison re-offenders, he will be sentenced to imprisonment for one year. Manchester United club on Morrison's series of performance was very disappointed that he had been coaching the last two reserve games out of the list.
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Although Aquilani Liverpool's Asian trip into the list, but he probably still has no future at Anfield, in order to make the team balance, Dalglish has indicated that it would sell some players, the midfield-heavy, A Kui Lani Wholesale Soccer Jersey Supplier] is likely to have been cleaned. In the last season, was loaned to Aquilani Juventus, had "old woman" can be completed at the end of the season Aquilani permanent transfer, but the "Bianconeri" feel Liverpool's asking price too high, so they give up Aquilani to complete a permanent transfer. Aquilani has now returned to Liverpool in front, it was reported in Florence for the former Roma midfielder was interested, but Aquilani's agent Franco - Ayman al-Australia will be his biggest transfer obstacles.
"Anything can happen, never said it was impossible, we will have to wait and see if there is no specific bid." Ayman al-Elijah said, Aquilani remains the possibility of transfer, but he acknowledged , it would be difficult to maintain in the transfer in Liverpool to take the £ 70,000 by the weekly. Ayman al-Australia continued: "Aquilani Champions League Football Shirt and Liverpool signed a big contract, Florence, Liverpool's economy is clearly not good, I do not know whether it is reasonable functioning of the economy, but his salary may be reduced."
Aquilani in 2009 to 20 million pounds from Rome to switch Liverpool's high prices, when the Reds boss Benitez Alonso as his successor, gave him a 70,000 Aquilani £ 5 weekly senior contract, but unfortunately Aquilani not adapt to the Premiership style, in the first season after a long absence through injury, with Benitez's class, he Liverpool Soccer Uniforms was on loan to Juventus last season, In the new season, as Henderson and Adam to join Kenny Dalglish array Aquilani is also difficult to find the location.Aquilani is a high transfer fee Liverpool is difficult to clean one of the reasons he originally did intend to sign the Italian Juventus midfielder, but the asking price 12 million pounds since the Red Army, and willing to cut prices, the result Juve had to give up. Although Aquilani is now interested in Florence, but Italy's transfer fee and salary would be an obstacle, you want to successfully complete the transfer, in addition to Aquilani need accept a pay cut.
but Liverpool probably have to lower his price. Relatively speaking, the Liverpool price may be easier, because if high prices cause Aquilani Liverpool Jersey insisted the transfer fails, then the Red Army will need to continue to take his £ 70,000 weekly, instead of continuing to pay high salaries to Aquilani, direct obviously its selling prices to go even more cost-effective, Aquilani can finally join the Florence, may have to see if he can accept a pay cut as well as the magnitude of the pay cut.
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Brazil is not a superstar, after all, not miracles. Past 20 years, Brazil's most civilians stop America's Cup quarter-finals of the national team, the fact is that de Menezes failed, Brazilian soccer superstar aura and without support. In order to prepare for 2014 World Cup held on home soil, de Menezes in Brazil after he took office launched a comprehensive reconstruction, he had intended to give up all Dunga era veteran, even Cesar, Lucio Replica Soccer Jersey , Maicon in the mene Seth taught early are difficult to selected Brazil. But after a warm-up match against Argentina, France, after successive 0-1 defeat, Menezes decided to move into, like Lucio, Maicon such a veteran, but this is limited to Brazil after the field.
Brazil never a lack of superstars, not to mention the 1970s and 1980s before the era of samba football star-studded, one is nearly 20 years, a Brazilian National Team Soccer Jerseys coach in order to create a populace of Brazil, is a very difficult. Because of the emergence of Brazilian football players, such as river carp. Especially the 1990s, such as Jardel, Dejiamingha, Elber, Edmundo and other superstars, are difficult to be a frequent visitor to Brazil.
The following is a competition in Brazil in 1990, a major star after the community (subject to space limitations, each list up to four), from which may be found, why de Menezes of Brazil is almost not say anything to the elimination from the Copa America, Why vigorous heroes from the past into the present unknown pawns. If only the date 1990 can be found in Brazil in the World Cup, the Copa America which Brazil Soccer Jerseys two alternating contest, always at every game the successful launch of their new players and combinations. As the competition is too intense, leading to the abovementioned Jardel, Dejiamingha, Elber, Edmundo, who became Brazil's passer, and many such examples, as well as Juninho , Juninho, Flavio et al.
However, the current America's Cup, Brazil has suffered a loss of superstar dilemma. In Brazil before the court, in addition to already on the decline of Robinho made a brief success, but not be called a superstar who, in fact, even today's Robinho Brazil Jersey 9 , also no longer stars. At the same time, Lucio, Maicon, Julio Cesar, who has spent his peak period, can no longer be known as Brazil's star. Brazil is now also regarded as the only superstar to play, Kaka may be only one person. But Menezes focus for the 2014 World Cup, has 29 years of age are not optimistic about Kaka. If you do not re-recruit Kaka, Brazil should harvest a new star, probably have to wait a long period of time.
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Bertrand Cohen in order to get Real Madrid to Benfica to pay 30 million euro transfer fee, after the completion of the transaction, Benfica sporting director Rui - Costa sigh, "one guard even be able to sell such a high price", at the same time Madrid the media is kept on the move Real Madrid burn doubt.
High price to join Real Madrid Bertrand Cohen is an established fact, and in the awful transfer case which is once again can see the shadow of the famous agent, Mendes, Mendes Cohen Bertrand is the customer, of course, have Cheap England Football Shirts to strive to Mendes sell at high prices, and thus make themselves earn more commission, but this way, Real Madrid's interest seems to have been damaged, after all, is not to Bertrand Cohen introduced the main level of the players, the Portugal international to win over Brazil Spanish international striker Marcelo Bello with it?
This is not the first time Mendes Real deal as early as four years ago, Mendes had to Real Madrid in operation for a stunning transfer. The summer of 2007, Real Madrid Pepe who spent 30 million euros, but that awful time when he had by the Mendes and the Real Madrid sporting director Predrag Mijatovic led to make arrangements for the Spanish League Football Shirts transfer after a lot of questions. Printing until now failed to understand, Porto 2004, signed Pepe Timmer from Malta to spend 2.3 million euros and when the down payment of only 90 million euros, the remaining balance due is not paid, but why after three years with Real Madrid has 30 million Euro sign in the second half of this outrageous price has also suffered a serious injury was Pepe.
A similar situation occurs more than once between Real Madrid and Mendes, Mary transfer fee last summer after the Spanish media in general that the price of 25 million euros higher (Note: Mary's transfer fee up to € 36 million floating ), has also been pointed out, if not too Mendes beats, and also their customers Mourinho insisted that Real Madrid signed Mary, certainly not to the worth of Argentine superstar. However, later when Mendes to help Real Madrid to € 8,000,000 Carvalho from Chelsea to buy low-cost, and the player after a good performance, the question will be far fewer of Mendes.
Mendes to say the most generous completed, we will have to be helped Real Madrid to sign the C Luo and Mourinho, two Real Madrid Football Tops Portuguese, Real Madrid now rebuilding the core backbone, although total spending of money, but Real Madrid executives still believe, do good work Mendes, Real Madrid gained a lot of benefits, and "the daily sports newspaper" is that today, since four years ago to help Real Madrid to sign Pepe started until recently to Cohen Bertrand came to the Bernabeu, during the past four years, Mendes has been Real Madrid burned 205 million euros, as the money's in the end is worthwhile, "the daily sports newspaper" is a list of other similar cases for the reader judge.
"Daily Sport newspaper," highlighted in this report, and any wealthy as long as the fight with Mendez handed, ultimately can not avoid continuous high throw large sums of money signings. The reason why Chelsea will not even sign Ferreira, Ricardo Carvalho, Tiago, Maniche, Cech and Bosingwa, the main reason is to convince Abu Mendes money. Mourinho goes Real Madrid Shirt Football to Inter Milan after Mendes has become a guest Moratti, the Nerazzurri coach Jose Mourinho had to buy two two-year period is Mendes's players: Quaresma (23 million euros) and Motta (1300 million euros), the former showed moderation, which became the backbone of the team.
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Marshal Bo Asi because the new post, still need time to become familiar with and sort out the Chelsea team, so in the current transfer market, blue high-rise being no major movement. Today, seeing rival Manchester United, has in Replica Football Shirt Supplier just half a month within the time ho throw half a billion pounds, has hit to the Phil - Jones, Ashley - Young and Degea three generals, unwilling to be left behind The new season's Champions League and League aspirations aim at Chelsea, also has been generous in the offing.
From the "movement of life," the latest sources, although the coach has just changed, but the Chelsea executives for the "Little World of Warcraft" Loukakou interest but in no way diminished, and has progressed to the point of official contact. "People are saying that Chelsea, after the change of coach is no longer interested in the library of Luka, but I get the message is diametrically opposite." Anderlecht general manager Herman - Fan Huosi BAK confirmed Chelsea team for their English Premier League Football Shirts general interest.
"But we will only be beneficial in the case of three parties, will sell the player." Van hoss beak implied as long as the price is right, they will let go Loukakou to Chelsea. "Of course, we need substantial reward." In addition to Van hoss beak, Anderlecht chairman Roger also admitted the club has been with Chelsea on transfer matters Loukakou consultation. "Chelsea is Loukakou said that he was going to support the club, so Chelsea will probably be his next stop, but Chelsea never really put bid on the table, so that they can not get our players. Let's see what will happen next bar, he eventually landed the Premier League, but will stay on if he left last season, is good. "club president Roger said so ambiguous. "Movement of life," said the Anderlecht club for Loukakou psychological price of around £ 20 million.
Loukakou coming golden boy Fernando Torres can be composed of gold partner, but the combination is bound to strike such a strong need someone to transport artillery behind them, and this man, in the minds of senior Chelsea already secretly selected. From "mirror" the latest sources, Palermo President Zamparini has already publicly Chelsea Football Club Shirt admitted that Chelsea's midfield in order to get them out of the 45 million pound price.
"Pastore is a phenomenal player, and now there are about 3,4 to their home clubs are eyeing, but I'm just a businessman, does not speak any sensibilities. Anyone who wants to get Pasto Ray's team have enough money to pay in exchange. "Zamparini said so:" Chelsea is that one of the most powerful one, of course, Juventus, Premier League, but they do not have such a strong desire. "
In addition, "Mirror" also reveals Boa Si Chelsea Corps while also targeting the youth camp magician Barcelona Chelsea Football Kit 5 striker Gaelic - Hector. The 17-year-old Cameroonian was only known as "Little Eto'o", 1 meter tall and 84 of his last season on loan to Sporting Lisbon exercise, allegedly, Hector has been very close to signing the Rama West of the good timber, and he will be the new coach Bo Asi office after the first official signing.
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