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According to the sky sports "disclosure, Chelsea will be in the earlier this week for the proposed 30 million pounds of richie's official offer. The summer, Chelsea had 2 times to tottenham are looking for hogsmeade ridge, respectively, offer 22 million and 27 million pounds, all be spurs to refuse. For now, the blues will start their to join the organisation. The daily mail said, Chelsea will open for moab DE £ 130000-a-week ridge, this is the week's richie existing (45000) nearly three times. Earlier, the ridge was public comment, you want to leave tottenham, but spurs manager harry redknapp President levy and insisted World Cup Football Shirt that the Croatian midfielder is not for sale.
In Saturday's spurs 2-1 win over athletic bilbao of warm-up matches, the ridge's outstanding performance. Tottenham ta Jordan said after the game: "he is an outstanding player in his heart. No matter what, I can tell you responsibly, these things never affected his training input." Harry redknapp also reiterated its: "we EPL Football Shirts won't sell the team's best player, like the DE richie and bell. We will only seek to sell some of his fringe players, but still no buyers."In central midfield position in Chelsea was once very close to 22 years old of Argentina genius, but the latter being le finally with 43 million euro ($37.5 million) worth of for Paris saint germain. A few days ago, the former Palermo ace in Paris at the ceremony to the European sports "revealed the reasons: choose the French giants" in my life now is by far the most important moment.
The French although English and Spanish football, but not for me to realize self sublimation ligue 1. If it was in Chelsea that club, I may not be able to get what I want playing time. I believe I can in Paris saint germain get plenty of playing time, and fully show their value."Scopus tore think Paris is more suitable for you, but the Chelsea new signing luca library will be joining the blues as "dream come true". Sure will go to Stamford bridge, luca medical very exciting, he continuous library updated the DuoTiao Chelsea Football Tops push especially: "those fans, players... it is my dream team!" "I am to join a full is a veteran and winner of the team, I am very happy!" "The premier league is the best one in the world!!!!!"Luca library future strike partner SiTuLiJi, just in Chelsea's 3-1 reversal in the warm-up games away rangers scored 2 yuan, he said in an interview with the mirror confident that: "I saw the team in Asia by big gods general worship. I hope very much that in the near future can also get such treatment.
I won't be satisfied with just a regular player, and I want to become a world-class stars. The new season, I hope to get a higher degree of recognition in England team. Now, I want to do is to consolidate their position in the array in Chelsea."Another Chelsea Football Kit 5 according to the mirror newspaper reported on loan, Leeds hope has just had 22 years old birthday Chelsea left-back Ryan Bertrand, this name-England U21 to participate in this summer's European green "new star, 1 months earlier and the blues contract in 4 years.
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Manchester city just aguero springboard!!!!! ?As for friends who you believe it or not, anyway, the daily express is letter! The daily express newspaper quoted the Spanish sources in the words of insider: Manchester city boss drama mansour Qiu long Wholesale Soccer Jersey Supplier and real Madrid President perez summer exist between a secret deal to 38 million pounds to Manchester city this summer the "top" aguero, although with blue moon legion has signed the contract, but only five years in England for a-two seasons, then he will turn for real Madrid.
The Spanish sources said: "aguero dream to join real Madrid for Manchester city. Although effect also can let him feel excited, but his final destination is ultimately the bernabeu. Aguero will only short stay in Manchester, when atletico Premier League Soccer Kit Madrid will not stop him from a move to real Madrid, Spain, on a lot of people believe that when they have a chance, he would join real Madrid."Real Madrid have strong interest to aguero, but atletico Madrid are reluctant to the cultivation of their ace killer sold to Derby rivals, in will sell to Manchester city contract aguero, atletico have expressly: Manchester city may not be sold to real Madrid aguero. But the news source says, real Madrid and Manchester city will find a way to bypass the restrictions.
In 1985, real Madrid also used the same trick to get the legendary striker godot-sanchez. At the time, was also atletico Madrid, has refused to sell him to real Madrid sanchez. So, first turn back to his sanchez with old club ink west elder brother city puma team, it is just a day after, real Madrid, announced that it completed the signing Manchester United Soccer Jerseys of sanchez!!!!! Sanchez was in the 1989 1990 season one season in la liga scoring record-and the ball, the record until last season was cristiano ronaldo to break.Despite rumors in succession, at least 11 to 12 season will also be city, aguero, and a member of the compared, and his compatriots, Manchester city last season's captain tevez more faces an uncertain future. Carlos tevez has been put off, to fly back to end Manchester this week, will be training with the team. The daily mail says, mancini wish carlos tevez can as soon as possible to solve the transfer of, at present, inter and real Madrid also and the Argentine feng the contact, but if not in this weeks to reach an agreement, carlos tevez will still to Manchester city to the west of the swans' season opener.
And miss Manchester city pre-season preparations tevez compared, in the Manchester city on the pre-season great performance of shaun wright-phillips, but may be more early leave. According to the "mirror" report, bolton manager Man United Kits Soccer Owen-secco Doyle has won the permission to Manchester city, with shaun wright-phillips on the transfer to discuss the details. The mirror says, Manchester city club allow wright-phillips at any time, but mancini left in get spurs winger Aaron lennon, still want to keep this before flying wing name. Shaun hopes to get a new £ 60000 for 4 years contract, but secco Doyle hope persuade him to accept a degree of contract.
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Beijing time on August 7,, 04:00 (American 6, local time), a club 16:00 pre-season games in Dallas cowboys stadium for Spanish Soccer Jerseys Wholesale giants Barcelona launch, 2-0 win Mexico America, villa, the end of the lead keita scoring.1 in 4 defeats to guadalajara than after discharge, josep guardiola pre-season tour of the strongest since. Both sides after opening up fast rhythm, Barcelona the ball away and will cause the sideline throwback fans booing.
America eight minutes get the opportunities, vicente-the successful single-blade sanchez offside, but abidal return after interference of each other's chances to score and attack confiscated valdes. The 11 minutes long, peek into the villa, the left is to attack the goalkeeper's varese, tripped over, the referee gave the offside.Barcelona La Liga Soccer Jersey first appeared in 13 minutes from the right cross, adriano cleared, Harvey the box on the left of the brush in arc shot wide of the post. Barcelona for 20 minutes, but first corner, varese, attack on a curiously, the issue, the ball on his chest in the left edge of the penalty box after scoring opportunities for, but o Mexico international gilardino stole his thunder clears. Barcelona 24 minutes, adriano lead heading into the area, and there is no one right cross villa 8 defense front yards header.
On 29 minutes, tiago passing, and beriah into the penalty area on the right side of the small Angle shot was the varese, saved. A minute later, benitez passing, the edge of the box by low medina valdes confiscated. 31 minutes, direct passing, and beriah the issue on the right side of the shot was to attack the varese, barely hold, defender timely clears. 35 minutes, Harvey passing, adriano on the right side of the box his Barcelona Soccer Uniform shot was blocked, 36 minutes keita, passing, pedro the left side of the penalty area shot was the varese, confiscated.39 minutes issue, passing, tiago the ball towards the top corner above are. 42 minutes, adriano pass, the right villa get 24 chance, but jose Antonio reyes return after beat tackling clears. One minute, tiago passing, villa on the right into the penalty area 15 yards wide of the far corner. 45 minutes, medina was sent to tiago foul yellow CARDS, Harvey left of the shoot was free kick, varese, get out.
In the second half, Harvey and adriano has been replaced. The 49 minutes before the box, pedro, vicente-sanchez free kick foul shot wide out directly. One minute, vicente-sanchez the box shot was save from valdes. Then, off pique abundant tower. 55 minutes, issue, the right pass tiago a shot wide of the near post. Two minutes later, medina passing, vicente-before the left foot of sanchez was denied by valdes saved the bottom line. On 61 minutes, passing, HuoNa tiago mulberry-more-25 yards, santos shot Barcelona Soccer Jersey was confiscated.Keita foul penalty was yellow card. Then was forced to issue. 68 minutes, and beriah 25 yards was denied by his left foot, varese, over the bar. And then also be replaced valdes. On 75 minutes, benitez passing, AKuNa the right shot was abundant tower after sealing side, playing in the nets. Pedro and beriah both off the field. On 80 minutes, renato-gonzales free-kick from the right shot wide directly almost a horn. The 82th minute free-kick from 25 yards, tiago direct shot narrowly high over the bar.
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On a pre-season friendly, Liverpool over two straight away (3-3 draw with valeri Aaron add), in the red army fall behind 2-0 blew the trumpets counter-offensive, is Andy-carol. This a pre-season friendly, Liverpool over three games for the reds, be the first to open the door of the victory on the record, still is Andy Cheap England Football Shirts carol!!!!! Back to anfield carol thoroughly, finally for Liverpool seven-hour some embarrassing pre-season tour with a satisfactory full stop for the fans.
Carol was the game showed excellent physical state and the impulse. Six minutes in front of the positive, he had persecution valencia quarter albelda busy making mistakes, it appeared fatal mistake, carol cut the ball, even into the penalty area, in the face of attack on the left goalkeeper alves, calm to finish high heels, the ball hit the post pop up, carol, home quickly follow up after!!!!! Carol Premier League Football Club Teams is very excited, the lead on 29 minutes, around the midfield against gun crazy he again capture the opposing players passing error, grab the ball and ran to the box, but it was hidden by BaJiao floater blasts goalkeeping etc. In less than a minute later, carol was in the frontcourt sensation is left tackle, a central defender each other (dangerous actions were valencia player generally, nearly the players by the members of the conflict, carol therefore are also the referee shown a yellow card. Carol this convergence action, not 50 minutes, he again in the other party central defender pearl jump for golf, very discreet top to elbow to the latter's abdomen, caused the weird after landing fall on the ground. 60 minutes, carol was substituted, the match-winner won the full of fans warm applause.
Carol winter window last season his £ 35 million to join Liverpool after injuries, influence, has not been up to the value of performance, for only two goals in nine games, a lot of the media and fans of the day price to Liverpool ZhiDang Liverpool Football Club Shirt questioned whether the deal. Dalglish in February this year had to this comment: "denounce is gigantic endowment introduce carol and not short-term, but for the red army's future consideration, carol only 22 years old, he and we signed five and a half years of long about the future of the red army, striker will count on him."And carol last month said: "after I joined the performance is some disappointing, because when I signed the injury, has been trying to restore. Now I have recovered, I am very much looking forward to the start of the new season, we will certainly succeed."
According to the mirror reported, carol this summer in Liverpool's chief medical experts bruckner and movement under the guidance of experts bogs looms a specially trained; And carol's a close friend also revealed, carol is changing our way of life, in order to better keep their competitive state: "he Torres Shirt realized, must want to improve the way of life, and now everything depends on him, he needs to proved the question is wrong."Gradually get rid of injury carol in pre-season ZhengRong dew from goal, gradually performance made people believe that the "new shearer has the reputation of" young English center, in the new season can reproduce effect when Newcastle 20 games of 11 goals robin!!!!!
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When compared to the Manchester giants, Liverpool and Chelsea in the transfer market this year, the big summer also claimed that buying one Arsenal clearly some definitively if, looking at rivals frantically waving check, Arsenal by far the most expensive reinforcements also but is worth 10.7 million pounds, the hot whinny the pooh Mr. This, of course, it is enough to arsene wenger has the luxury of a transfer window, after all, the style Wholesale Soccer Jersey Supplier of the professor has always been a train their own potential players last season, will grow up to QiaoLu sprung up, and cher starting rotation Ramsey began to central defence, impact, and so on, is a first team place inside a typical example of arsene wenger tapping. The Arsenal this season there are those of potential rise to the surface? At the present, gibbs perhaps is one of them.
Just 21, gibbs early in the 08/09 season debut, was at that time in the champions league semi-final against Manchester united in the game, gibbs also endowed with cristiano ronaldo-the burden of single speed, and from view, gibbs talent no insolently cristiano ronaldo. But young Arsenal defender nova was eventually the world of that time was the first explosion, Mr. Football with cristiano ronaldo's cross, oneself in the box slipped, achievement goal after the park, and cristiano ronaldo with all sorts of people Champions League Football Shirt action, but this experience had no doubt make gibbs has the same age than any other player higher growth starting point. Gibbs is revealed: "that is absolutely an unforgettable experience, with cristiano ronaldo to play against any of the people will learn a lot, I feel benefited from it a lot, especially the spirit level." But from the end of 2009 began, gibbs continuous experienced three big injury, this is in the rising for him, it is undoubtedly a setback. But this summer, with John kerry and move into the city, is fit the gibbs finally ushered in the down, for young players has been employing purpose before the season wenger in the game, the team will left-back to gibbs, the friendly against benfica, gibbs displayed to the full their technical features, for the team's leading scorer robin van persie into a "perfect assists.
When play to 33 minutes, Arsenal hit and fluent attack quickly, o arshavin the ball from rosicky in the face before, but this lot of open space the choice of direct shot some waste, no doubt at this moment, gibbs from the left to plug in high speed, the czar will send a ball forward homeopathy, gibbs instantly broke through the benfica defence, hot whinny the pooh's inserted into the front, he spurned but gibbs very calm, he Arsenal Soccer Uniforms observed two defenders are closely followed hot whinny the pooh behind Obama's, but in the middle of that region, set aside gibbs wise to choose to knock the ball into the six-yard box is the position of the robin van persie, follow up in completely unmarked on the situation, relaxed will the ball into an empty net, break the game deadlock.
The assist fully displays the gibbs at lightning speed, strength and tough re assists ability, together with his debut at the beginning of the rough and low-key, gibbs and the whole of Europe last season before the bell quite have a somewhat similar, of course, gibbs and tottenham cannon the same and that isn't reassuring defensive ability. The second half of the match, gibbs is the left will become the benfica, repeatedly on ZhuGongDian Song Jersey 17 pressure in the attack gibbs often in left behind a large gap, benfica DuoCi directly behind the long dozen gibbs, and often work, if not AnSiJi method is better than the state of the fate of the red to, I'm afraid not only Arsenal lose a ball. Of course, for the young gibbs is concerned, he is still enough time to accumulate experience and improve the defense assists the timing of rationality, even once the first left-back ASHLEY cole has also had to be labeled as strong keep weak label attack. Arsene wenger can boldly to diving price sale gael clichy, is undoubtedly the prospects of the development of gibbs extreme value.
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6 3-0 win against real Madrid after tianjin teda, in a seven game 7 victory over the excellent pre-season. On the game's tianjin teda, Mary is the hero of the first half, and when the second half cristiano ronaldo and immediately after the game, the jersey by two people leading to blow the storm, wiped out the so-called "China Barcelona" opponent. Cristiano ronaldo scored one goal in this jersey, MaMei a brace, such, seven games, this yzma scored eight goals, cristiano ronaldo scored seven goals, the state of their fantastic, you know, the Barcelona pre-season also scored only six goals. Cristiano Soccer Jerseys Wholesale ronaldo has vowed to break his own league and goals, and record the jersey in good physical condition of the horse, has won the jose mourinho's full trust. Use the marca "words, this is a formidable combination, they will be in the new season with a violent attack against Barcelona implementation.
There is no doubt, cristiano ronaldo and this yzma formed the perfect match, even, they are at present state of the best striker in Europe. Two players pre-season has scored 15 goals, the game, the goals before both parties is six, finally, this yzma to 1 ball advantage over a best striker cristiano ronaldo pre-season. This is between the two players Liga Espanola Soccer Kit of the competition, their unique to soccer has a unique understanding, and seven games, two players whether personal performance or the mutual cooperate, are left deep impression to the person. To guangzhou evergrande game, there had been two people with beautiful, when cristiano ronaldo and this yzma do with 2, the Portuguese heel no-look pass, this yzma 16 yards into the left foot bottom right corner to score.
On the game, tianjin teda cristiano Fc Real Madrid Soccer Shirts ronaldo and this yzma 70 minutes to come on stage, the results led his team to play offense storm. On 74 minutes, with JiEr cristiano ronaldo's playing with this jersey wall, matt, meaning leaks cristiano ronaldo in the edge of the area close to the left shimmy later, the ball into the net, pillar to play made for 4-0. On 79 minutes, cristiano ronaldo into the penalty area from the left behind the ball on marcello lippi has tipped, Brazil, cross at the far this yzma easily finish to scoring. Two minutes later, it's the right JiEr, this yzma 8 yards on break from a brace.
Real Madrid fans say, this yzma excellent form surprise. After all, he joined real Madrid after had been enough stable performance, and is usually included in the list of media cleaning. Instead, you for cristiano ronaldo state extraordinarily brave accustomed, last season, the Portuguese will break the real Madrid and personal career Madrid Jerseys scoring record. The pre-season indicates that this state of yzma than last season had the very big enhancement, in addition to becoming the best striker before the season, he still is with six assists into the team's top assists hand. This yzma train hard, games, and also in the diet strictly abide by the doctor make scheme, compared to last season, he has lost 7 kilograms, the person also becomes lightsome many. In addition, he also get rid of the muscle injuries, and in fact, to overcome the injuries, after he muscle in the second half of last season for performance is better than last season. He gets more playing time, in the role of the game are getting more and more serious. Now in this yzma state so good, even jose mourinho is so strong, also dare not in the race will put his bench.
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Beijing time 6 August 20, 24 th Italian super cups in the Beijing national stadium "bird's nest" opened for serie a champions AC milan 2-1 reversed the Italian cup winner inter milan, create the new age 6 times won recorded. In the first half, sneijder free-kick first open records, and the ball hit the underside of the pieces. The second half, zlatan World Cup Football Shirt ibrahimovic and BoATeng the next city held the score. Eto 'o stoppage time will score, but is ruled offside.
Italian super cup fifth held overseas, Beijing is the only two of the city. Internazionale have attended the previous 8 super cup, and keep the title five times the record, inter this also created the record for seven years, AC milan is for the first time since 2004. After 23 th, serie a title 17 times, the Italian cup is a row of six times. Knee Italian Series A Football Shirts injury in training dejan stankovic recover in time, will he keep Italian super cup the record increase to nine games, and eto 'o play center, sneijder and provide support, the latter alvarez into two teams in the summer the only first hair new signing. Obi, captain javier zanetti back as a possible solution to blast, Thornton was not in the squad. And in milan, robinho pressure pato out, other place has no accident.
The opening five minutes, and eto 'o do ball, sneijder trip to duck the ball in front of the door nesta, 25 meters above shot. Milan after 1 minute nearly break! Right transfer large scope, bart, robinho left costal direct air cushion preach and ibrahimovic no-look pass through the back outside the instep two defenders aperture, robinho timely from 12 meters to the door with his right foot finish wide of the right post. 10 minutes, Mr Than AC Milan Football Tops the left into the bottom line defense breakthrough, but it took defender clears. 13 minutes, alessandro nesta was passing each other back to top front, and eto 'o breakout is tiago silva, interference, alessandro nesta fault will make up for the ball damage. The 18 minutes, the ball to dial alvarez transverse right rib, dejan stankovic abrupt stop after the deduction, 22 meters in front of the door clarence seedorf left foot shot above.
Gennaro gattuso kicked alvarez, referee rizzo first yellow card to flash the. Inter 22 minutes early lead! Gennaro gattuso behind his tackle on the two players, small happened alvarez friction, rizzo and didn't cut CARDS, 1 0. The 24 minutes, Mr Than Milan Shirts direct passing, beautiful alvarez left turn a trip, bart, breakthrough, bart tracking back interference, alvarez get calls. 33 minutes, BoATeng tong preach and ibrahimovic back to the front, BoATeng at the door 24 metres on low didn't play power. 35 minutes, alvarez and alessandro nesta played with two successive wall in front of the door, 25 meters left foot shot wide of the left the door Angle. 37 minutes, direct passing, and eto 'o right thiago motta right from the small Angle by Christian abbiati confiscated.
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The champions league play-off, as the top seeds draw Arsenal drew udinese, this is absolutely a signing. In the five teams in the top seeds, Arsenal's most don't want to encounter is udinese and KaShan ruby, relative to character, the Danish team ode, the Netherlands, Switzerland and winter team team more easy to deal with. Zurich But udinese-his Arsenal might it not a sign, the Italian media down the whole market "and" the corriere dello sport, think, udinese this sign the terrible, they met with can meet the most powerful Cheap Soccer Jersey opponent. However, udinese President giampaolo pozzo but don't want to give up early, "before the game I'd rather play benfica, but we will be more rational view of the sign. This is a fruit stimulate challenge, like your first time to New York city. If we beat Arsenal, that will be a historic event, for the players, that will be a special gift."
Because the captain cesc fabregas wounded and small method and the kenaz distracted by the transfer, Arsenal in this summer's pre-season underachievement. Although successively in a 4-0 win over Malaysia the all-star team, 2-1 beat cologne, but has been hangzhou green city, boca juniors and New York red bull in the 1-1 draw, and, so far, only five friendlies game 1 Malaysia the all-star team without losing the ball, the instability of the defence still can't solve the problem. Top scorer robin van persie suspensions, midfielder jonas and boss arsene wenger also because in Barcelona last season PuBing Premier League Soccer Kit after losing to the referee, the uposatha card is "inappropriate" comments, and both be given a suspended sentence a punishment. In that case, arsene wenger may forcibly sent on the small method, although small method certainly don't want to compete. After all, they were udinese knocked out, the gunners will be reduced from 30 million pounds of income, this is a club cannot bear. When bad by udinese knocked out, Arsenal may see a financial crisis, next summer, may have more big players choose leave. But, once small method for Arsenal for udinese, will be on behalf of any other team lost a in this season's champions league qualification, that is, once the small method in for udinese match, small method will have the possibility of large in the summer stay on. And the latest news is, Barcelona to small method of 35 million pounds, by Arsenal refused to offer again, the gunman always insisted that 40 million pounds the following's out of the question.
The whole in August, the day of the Arsenal will be very difficult. According to the schedule, Arsenal will be in August 13 season opener away to Newcastle; August 16,, Arsenal in the emirates stadium against udinese; Four days later, Arsenal will be in league clash with Liverpool; On 24 August night, Arsenal Arsenal Soccer Uniforms will to friuli stadium away against udinese; But four days later, Arsenal will to old trafford away against the premier league champions Manchester united. In udinese, state and it's hard to say, new serie a season in the first round, August 28, starts and udinese patrolling at home against Juventus, and 24, war, is at home to Arsenal udinese new season's first game, it is difficult to reach the top state.
Compared with udinese, Arsenal is the biggest advantage of European experience. From the start of the 1998 season, Arsenal have 13 consecutive season killed into the champions league the race, and udinese war in Europe in the last game in 2000, and things flash, at that time, they won the intertoto cup. This summer, udinese strength severely damaged, absolute main sanchez has a move to Barcelona for midfielder Michael Arsenal Jersey because moved to napoli, parma tower went to central defender praise villarreal. Last season, udinese to internazionale in the game at home not at a disadvantage, 0-0, 4-4, road home and away all of the final champions AC milan, especially in the 1-1 draw away games, once a 3-1 lead; Home 3-1 beat inter milan.
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"He like rafael nadal in the wimbledon that stands a bouncing movement, and then walked on stage to kiss me, let me give him a Spanish flag." The father of the tower at Alfonso recalls. In the recently ended under 19 in the green, not only help the Spanish team at tower, he also won the tournament's personal best striker (6 the ball). Alfonso in the blackberry has a picture like this: his son tower), the top scorer of holding the cup in the side, he New Soccer Jerseys pleased to see, wearing the tower is in the 2009 Nigeria at age 17 when FIFA world youth championships in jersey. "In the way back I've been looking at photos and video of the phone. I've never like so screaming." Alfonso said.
Mast at 1.87 meters tall, with his teammates middle is a real giant. But he's not always been this high. In his 13, at tower at atletico Madrid junior levels to play football. According to atletico Madrid youth football coach memories, when the tower was very small, so), the friends in front of control appear. After a few years, but he Liga Espanola Soccer Kit became a tower), the RenGaoMaDa player. In Spain under 19, he's youth team is the tallest. "He is a very strong ability of striker, the body conditions very well, and more flexible than before running." Who once worked as a coach massimo), the tower reina said. Spain coach under 20 under 21 s squad she and also said: "the tower), the condition is very good, he is now just need to enhance self-confidence, high level in the world." in the game continuously
Real Madrid coach jose mourinho believes, last season's tower at not ready. In December 2010, for the first time), the tower for real Madrid first-team appearances, when real Madrid at the bernabeu stadium against zaragoza. But that game), the tower had played just two minutes. With levante team in the king's cup game, and he Fc Real Madrid Soccer Shirts played 14 minutes. Higuain injured in after mourinho wants to buy the club a striker and because in his view), the tower has not had the first team squad conditions: "), the tower is not ready to, first he should be in castilla team goals. He is our next season will be the fourth striker." So far, real Madrid's official website is not included in the first team at tower of the squad, but in castilla among the players.
Last season, the tower), the representative castilla scored 15 goals, he and Hector plug, Sarah is real Madrid at the second team performance of the main hero. Recovery On the way back from Romania, the father of Sarah), the tower and from parents take the same flight. In talking about Sarah joined at getafe, John Alfonso Madrid Jerseys said: "AnHeEr • torres (getafe chairman) also want to let my son to join in, but we didn't have the idea.), the tower, and he now know only 18 years old, still have a lot to learn. We agree on and real Madrid, let), the tower with the team the team training, representative castilla to take part in the game. When mourinho felt that it was time, he will get into the first team."
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Spain signed Arsenal and flew to inter genius about the transfer of fabregas between Barcelona struggle, now slowly evolved into a farce: the coaching staff and the club's management in precious season to make energy to the preparation stage for to discuss strategies, the players training but can't see his own Cheap England Football Shirts team captain and midfielder, even if the parties cesc fabregas, now also is a full face of hu resigue unbearable.
Cesc fabregas in Arsenal's pre-season this year still had been done not have even a minute to external appearance, arsene wenger said fabregas by ankle problems because 26-man. But it is obvious that, now is the key moment of the game all power, small method was just "voting with their feet." The daily mirror in the UK, said Arsenal tomorrow at noon local time at 11 30 new season according to official in the film, when the fans will be able to see cesc fabregas is it enough to leave or, at least, to see some clue.The daily star Spanish Teams Football Tops says, this new season Arsenal as the official filming is actually Arsenal in advance, they even have the will take two of his official as a spare: cesc fabregas, the other a no. On the season, Arsenal in the official shooting have been confirmed as before fabregas will continue to stay on, but this year but fabregas attitude insists hoping to move to Barcelona. Arsenal's attitude is very clear, try to keep, if you have to go, so Barcelona have to show 40 million pounds.
Barcelona also hope to take small method, the daily star says, Barcelona is ready to a new offer, offer a total of 35 million pounds, including 30 million pounds of cash and 5 million pounds the additional terms, one of the 3.5 million pounds from the method of salaries to provincial out.Cesc fabregas looks are likely to leave this summer, Arsenal of the "little threat" will cher aspired to give the opponent team bring "the big threat". The daily mail says, will cher stay positive is the recovery of an ankle injury, he Barcelona Football Club Shirt wants to play in the Arsenal's season opener against Newcastle game, in his personal, said: "in pushing through scanning, my ankle have some inflammation, hope to be in this for a few days to restore to." Wenger also reveal to the outside, will the injury is not serious cher: "this (will cher) is not a serious injury and he is just some inflammation, he should be back soon." Wenger added: "the England game in August 10, will cher will not go."
Because the transfer of the cesc fabregas and kenaz, Arsenal contract in other reinforcements are affected. The daily mirror, Arsenal Barca Shirts in the centre back says goal on the JiaJiEr card has made clear the table, even if Arsenal and everton to reach an agreement, oneself also won't leave everton. England defender says his very like Liverpool life, and now to the pay is satisfied. 28 years old, says JiaJiEr card in everton had fun, his "very loyal to everton.

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