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Bayern Jiujiang Santa Cruz, this summer, came on loan in the form of newly promoted Real Betis Liga. The September 11 for the third round of the Primera Liga match against Real Betis Real Mallorca game, Santa Cruz celebrates his debut league. He was replaced at play in the first 75 minutes, the ultimate real-time Betis a 1-0 victory over his opponent. In fact, Camisetas De futbol Replicas Santa Cruz and had before his injury, but he says the maintenance of Spanish media said it would resume as soon as possible to 100% of the state.In an interview with Spanish media interviews, Santa Cruz, also remembers his Bayern-time. He said. “Bayern are very very nice day at the club on the players affected, including great value to keep the team culture are like family, Camisetas De La Liga as if they want to retire Bavaria is very supportive of you.”
Santa Cruz, in Bavaria 1999-2007, 155 games played in the Bundesliga in 31 balls, and get along with Bayern Munich 1 Champions League, five Bundesliga titles and the German Cup four times champion. But his glass again and again did not lead to his physical injuries can play it later became a Bavarian bank. He still has to leave Bayern at the scene is always impressive. He said: “Bavaria is the price I want, then I too costly Betis Bayern, Camisetas Real Madrid but they do not believe can accept the price, so that in the end I went to Blackburn ..”Santa Cruz Blackburn to participate in the 57 Premier League matches, scoring 23 goals. Move to Blackburn as Santa Cruz’s career life to obtain. He was then in 2009 joined the Premiership giants Manchester City. But due to fierce competition and injuries, Santa Cruz, in the days of Manchester City is not so simple.
So, now it came to Real Betis. Paraguayans living in Spain now was very pleased. He said: “We can quickly make this team, his teammates very friendly and very good, they are often encouraged me, gave me a lot of confidence and courage.”In fact, Santa Cruz, the biggest supporters on his side of the family. He said: “My family always supported me in the ass, I have three children, and all have very healthy for me that I am very grateful, and I am now 30 years old, Real Madrid Camiseta Del Futbol  I’m always at stake in it. I have the good old days will come soon “, talking about his often troubled by injury problems, Santa Cruz, said:” Everyone has problems very concerned about my injury but I always come back to play again and return each time injury let me get stronger. “wants the state to Santa Cruz, Real Betis in a good crop to be harvested.
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Anti-Ge former team is never updated to play in a football, football all the anti-Ge due to factors such as more exciting. Bundesliga Bayern and Hoffenheim 8 The same applies to competition, the ranking in this article between 1 and 4, direct dialogue, Equipaciones DE Futbol Baratas it has a total of three anti-Ge former Bayern player of the team or goose tavo been in Alabama and Edson Braafheid Hoffenheim, Bayern Qijiang Edson Braafheid result is superior performance, courage, frozen joints, while Bayern also show both.The three anti-Ge in the drive, the best known, most attention, of course, Gustavo. Brazil of unknown junior Hoffenheim three years by the growth of players in Bundesliga, from January this year to € 17 million Hoffenheim high transfer to FC Bayern, Camisetas Bundesliga the game was his first time back in after leaving the arena card game. But the market began Gustavo is on the bench when he and Manchester City match a week for 90 minutes, then this field Heynckes arranged vacation.
Fortunately, Gustavo miss the final battle is a former team, the first 75 minutes when Van Buyten injured, he got played. Gustavo plays 15 minutes in 14 passes, the success rate of 100%, but not to be repeated in the second round of the miracle tradition Wolfsburg.Exercise a teenager in Alabama last season on loan to Hoffenheim, while the area can be considered anti-Ge Jiu Jiang, played in 58 minutes are likely, were manufactured in the left wing and on several times, Camiseta Del Bayern but can help Bayern way out of the impasse. Man of the Match against the old team certainly want to give the total left Hoffenheim Edson Braafheid Hyde. This summer, the Dutch players joined Bayern in 2009, it was not well supported, often return the ball to the feet, and the Chinese fans jokingly as “Emperor of return.” Since the performance is really bad so also laid Edson Braafheid Hoffenheim Bayern, at least in Dutch here for a first team place.
Bavaria is a sieve such as wood Edson Braafheid certainly in this game is to defend the state. Perhaps because of the technical movements of his teammates before profit, Equipo De Bayern Múnich to Edson Braafheid play exceptionally well in this area. A total of 26 passes successfully 22 times, the guard left in the game is very safe, Robben has played in the second half after trying to break several times without success, the first half of the miller man of the same brand as Edson Braafheid became very quiet. The data show that Edson Braafheid with 6 steals, 3 blocked, finished a single mistake. Old wood waste Bayern in the background, while Bayern has suffered terribly.
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Bayern’s training ground on Thursday to about 20 cm of fresh snow and good competition in training local staff to clean the snow to clear. Since the weekend fighting with Schalke football shirts
04, Bayern are still the team to train outside.Ribery said: “Fortunately they are..” “In a cold day outside training is always very difficult to” dress in her field, pants, hat, gloves … Ribery said.But the French very seriously in training are war games for the weekend he is ready to do the hard work, “can not explain the current edition of the ranking is, Schalke, in fact, in a very difficult situation, only 0-5 Lost in Kaiserslautern, but we will be Thurs Schalke very hard, they played very passionate, because they are three points that we must wear the same “.
Bayern said on the last lap before the situation is not necessarily much better Bishaerke, Franck World Cup Soccer Kit
Ribery: “We now have to earn as much as possible, keep the good end of the season leading the championship.”After emerging from an ankle injury, remember Franck Ribery: “I feel better and my fitness is back, now the big race, and gradually the pace and regain confidence.”Media in Munich that the withdrawal of the State of Franck Ribéry is a nightmare for the other guard is. Whether or other rivals in front of Schalke, will be on its heavily armed. French slightest fear of such a scene: “I prefer more players, the team members to watch for more space.” Just in the game, he had to give it a cold equipment. Rakitic Italy Football Shirt (4 points, 3 steals four times the origin): performance is not satisfactory, killed at least threatening.Jurado (3.5 points, 2 steals a goal): as Schalke opened the scoring, but the rest of the time flat.Edu (4 points, 2 blocked 1 shot): a volley in the protected area of the threat, but otherwise there is no more power.
To help the most part, like sleepwalking, but his teammates in the second bullet: Huntelaar (4.5 points, 1 blocked shot 1).Raul (3.5 points, shot a 2 pause successful): assistance Jurado opened the scoring, but unfortunately hindered.Farfan (3 points, 3 steals in a successful breakthrough) coming on the bench very satisfactory performance.Papadopoulos (3.5 points, to steal a shot 1) of the bank, but threatening foot shot.Deer, Pan (3.5 points): Last minute appearance, there is not much power.Butt (3 points, 2 stops 2 goals conceded): Although the loss of two goals, but the responsibility is not much, you have two melee of color.Ram (3.5 points, 5 steals three interceptors): Although the damage exceeded the offensive of the enemy several times, but always opponents.District Molash Italy Blue  football shirts Cukor (3 points, 5 steals a second intersection with success): Retreat to the defender to play a team, but unfortunately could not prevent a goal.Breno (4.5 points, shots two interceptions successful) defensive error led to the break and Raul lost the ball, was disappointing.Contento (4.5 points, 2 steals four successful intercept): Connect attack is very positive, but unfortunately the poor performance defensively.Van Bommel (5 points, 3 steals 2 blocks): Return to the starting point performance was a disaster, a burglary.

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Juventus’s CEO Mr Agnelli announced this is Del Piero’s last season, almost all of them expressed their views about the event, and the outside world has been waiting for Piero’s reply, local time yesterday, Del Piero talked about that in the interview finally, but he only said a word, more like an irrelevant joke.
“Italian football” said, “Del Piero responded with words like joke about his leaving of Juventus message,” Del Piero world cup football shirts said: “The President just when my contract expires to remind me to nothing.” Del Pier said and laughed, but compared to the zebra Prince’s easy, the outside world is necessary to more harsh criticism on Agnelli. Famous correspondents Jacques Bailey National Team Football shirts criticized said: “Juventus can not treat such champions as Pierre like this, and now this time to announce the decision is obviously wrong! Even worse is that they are actually prepared to deal with such a parsimonious way for Piero Brazilian world cup Team soccer jersey
, this is definitely a shameful act! “
And as a former Juventus and Italy national team coach, Marcello Lippi remind the Juve fans should not be too early to say farewell with Del Piero, because “the season is far from over.” “Hear players like Del Piero will have to leave Juventus, I am very, very sad, but now to comment on his epic era in Juventus, whom is obviously premature. Piero Brazil  football shirts certainly written in the history of his mark, but I want to remind the fans, the season has only just begun, we should not to say farewell with Del Piero too early, in the season’s end, I waited for a grand farewell ceremony.

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No exaggeration to say that, Anderson’s performance in this match brought together into a length short of “collection of mistakes”. After
the match, the Sky Sports to Brazil failed the people of 5 minutes, “there
have been some failures, midfielder-line is not enough”, second only to
the Evans was sent off, and the score is in the Manchester United team collectively cheap football shirts downturn given. Fans also take off the gloves given by 3.2 points!
His performance in the competition, which are poor, making many fans already feel angry. OPTA data after the National Football Shirt
game is more telling: Anderson was present in 66 minutes and 43 passes 35 times in place, passing success rates 81.4%; front successfully passes 22 times, pass the ball up front the success rate of only 73.3%. Threat 2 pass, 1 successful shoveling broken, but up to 11 goals, 4 anti-Rob success; the other side-by-side up to 4 times, the whole team foul, get 1 yellow card. According to statistics, 30 minutes before the first half, Manchester United ball control rate reached 65%, England Football Shirt 
there are no decent offensive opportunities. It can be said that was sent
to play Alex Anderson to blame, he makes time for Manchester United lost its pre-emptive or even personally the fiasco and laid the groundwork for the team.
Born in 1988 Anderson, used to get The Gold-Children in Europe, had
been seen as “new Ronaldinho”. Now, the “golden boy” had perish so everyone, good performance even at the beginning of the season
couldn’t give him any “quality upgrading”, which he greatly lacking
in ability: lumbar discitis and frontal waist tape two locations called Brazil people, leaving the impression they are “attack won’t go on and keep back.” Especially in the attack, who is known as a talented attacking
midfield players lacking inspiration and, passing basic skills are terrible
mess. Based on this, Secretary level striker Wayne Rooney was forced to
retreat the ball frequently organized attack, Ashley-Yang, Carolos, and other Cheap England football shirts players of the two wings are middle to shrink to help pass–the ball significantly influencing the efficiency of United’s attack. More surprising is that this season as has been the main force on behalf of Manchester United to play 8 League, Anderson had just gives up its top civil and even had two assists for guard Phil
Jones! Therefore, despite a defense devastated after Arsenal, Manchester
United to vigorous, breath into the 8 goals, but this tough guy event of
Manchester City here, defence ability to execute a very strong team, Anderson “Jack of all trades and master of none Kung Fu” immediately apparent.

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Henry played against Manchester United with many of the big brother Ferdinand had previously said: “I will not hand over people to the Réplicas De Camisetas De Fútbol main location, (Jones) if you want it, you rob rob look.” Jones has also received television interview, said Manchester United : “I know every position competition, this team, good sound.” He also told “The Mirror” interview, said: “coach proved his courage to use young players, when When I get a chance, I am confident grasp. “After the game, Ferdinand can be really careful strategy!The freezing of Henry, just as Phil – Jones, although very bright young and already added a new resume a light-colored. The 19-year-old England defender supernova, on March 22 last year, the Premier League had a successful debut in the Camisetas De Fútbol de Premier League freeze “Warcraft” Drogba. Chelsea coach Carlo Ancelotti was once so praised him: “Jones represents the bright future of English football, at his age, he is one of England’s best defender, he still need to continue working, but I believe he Terry’s ability to achieve a high degree. “fans, friends, whether you believe it or not, anyway, Ancelotti is believed Phil – Jones could become England’s” new Terry. ”Phil – is not only Chelsea as Terry Jones, successors, successors also Liverpool as Jamie Carragher, Liverpool think the defense has been very talented, but was Manchester United pre-empted. Now, Jones used his actual performance to prove that they can not only take over Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic, you can also fill – Gary Neville vacancies, called “Not O’Shea, John O’Shea is worth,” the Camisetas De Fútbol de Arsenal new defense snake oil! Rooney had released such a Twitter: “- Phil Jones is a new generation of good young England we! Is the brother had last season against one of the strongest players! And this baby can play midfield!” In Carrick, Anderson is not reassuring, Fletcher is subject to the case of gastrointestinal disease, all-powerful – Phil Jones also served as defensive midfielder for Manchester United to make up for the biggest moment of weakness.Owen told the “Daily Post” interview, said: “We are very pleased to see that he was still playing, this is not the first time he and the gang of guys play together, the impact of Manchester United and he is special, We are old friends. “flee with Madrid about the experience of the year, Owen said:” We had Zinedine Zidane and camiseta arsenal David Beckham, almost everyone will concern us, of course, be different now (referring to the of age), we have to take to the streets on Sunday to buy gifts for the children, but still some people stopped us to ask for signatures. ”Two veterans, a legend, a renewal of the contract appears to be arguing with Owen and David Beckham to return to the national team will put such a memorable moment to continue. They have not the protagonist of the game, but football has always been their life, decide the outcome of the game is still the ultimate goal, they will wait for the next opportunity in court to war, when the theme will no longer be sympathetic, willing to have old age and the recent rise of the hero can kill the enjoyment of play, because people always patiently waiting for them to make up for the Greenery of the rivers and lakes can remember after the last period of the legend through the ages.
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If not for the presence of Allegri, ruddy, facial muscle relaxation, Audi Cup host reap the benefits of the Bayern coach Heynckes a matter of course to Camisetas De Fútbol Baratas become the protagonist of the press conference, however, AC Milan, although through the Young Marshal with an Italian rare small shy, but with a Mediterranean-like depression, but in a question, the listless Heynckes not hold the jack to put a big red-faced, round two handsome Running, Allegri a small victory. Audi Cup press conference in the end what happened?If the city of Milan from the summer hot in the “X sir” to start. “Gazzetta dello Sport” analysis found in the age composition of the FIFA del Copa del Mundo Camisetas De Fútbol team AC Milan, Hong Heijun players either too old or too small, part 80 of the Mesozoic a little something along this line of thought to, both Philippe Mexes and Ta Yiwo This election is to be joined by the sea, the problem is in the front there is a broker predators Layiaola said “X, Mr.” – “pig” Schweinsteiger. Schweinsteiger 84 years, in line with the standard 80 signings after the Camisetas De Fútbol de Uruguay Mesozoic, followed by the “Corriere dello Sport,” a month more than a month ago, said flatly, AC Milan issue in the management of the introduction of Schweinsteiger level reached a consensus and to Bayern last week formally submitted a € 25 million offer.And in the Audi Cup, Bayern Munich and AC Milan on the eve of the formal fight, around the topic of Schweinsteiger, Heynckes and Allegri started Running. Pick things Italian beauty correspondent, she came on the outspoken, asked Heynckes, on the Italian side AC Milan, who already heard the news of how to look Schweinsteiger. Regardless of my heart drums or not, seen as an endorsement Heynckes big scenes as fluent, “AC Milan interested in him? I do not know, I only know one summer will be rumors, of course Grid is a high-level players for Bayern, he is indispensable, and, in my opinion, he is in Uruguay de camiseta Germany, a player comparable to Harvey, I do not know how news is coming out, but Bayern’s Bastian Schweinsteiger and contract until the end of 2016, and now Bayern will never let him leave the team. ”Sea Marshal answer questions, Allegri has been listening thoughtfully beside the German answer to him is not surprising that, according to “Corriere dello Sport,” saying, AC Milan, out of 25 million offer when the Bayern director Nei Linge said the same of similar words, “Schweinsteiger is not for sale.” Italian beauty correspondent can be plotted in Heynckes where the wind began to complete the ignition Adelman, “The second question is about Schweinsteiger, have you heard Heynckes the answer, then AC Milan Schweinsteiger will give up is not it? If so, there are no alternatives. “
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1300 pounds in order to sign Arsenal left back Gael Clichy and Montenegro defender Savage genius after Mancini had said in an interview, clearly stated that this summer would like to sign both names, little league and Camisetas De Fútbol King Aguero Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri. Even Tevez’s transfer to the Corinthians deal ultimately fall short, but Mancini decided to sign Aguero.23-year-old Aguero and his wife – the daughter of Gian Diego Maradona yesterday Nina communications, gave up to join Real Madrid, Juventus and Inter opportunity finally agreed to join Manchester City. ”Sky Sports” said the Argentine striker Aguero from Buenos Aires to London, on Wednesday the camisetas de campeones de liga final high-level talks with Manchester City, with Aguero flew to England and his agent Regula and Atletico Madrid sporting director Caminero.“Sun,” said Aguero arrived in Manchester today, to accept Manchester City’s physical, he will sign with Manchester City a five-year contract. Aguero transfer fee will be 3900 pounds, and his weekly salary was 17 pounds. ”Daily Mail” said the Manchester City hope this weekend prior to the transfer fee of £ 3800 to sign Aguero Aguero’s weekly earnings will be 20 million pounds. ”Sky Sports” that in order to get Aguero, Atletico Madrid Manchester City decided to pay the penalty Aguero, that is 45 million euros, equivalent to 3970 pounds. ”Manchester Evening News” and “Daily Express” said Camisetas de la ciudad Manchester Aguero transfer fee will be 4000 pounds.”Mirror,” said Atletico Madrid claim Manchester City have reached 4,000 pounds with the agreement. ”The Guardian” and “Independent” said Aguero transfer fee will be 3800 pounds; “Daily Telegraph” said Aguero transfer fee will be 3,500 pounds, will be 15 million pounds weekly . Even the smallest amount of 3,500 million pounds reported, Aguero is also very likely that the European summer transfer market standard king.Since 2006, representatives of Aguero Atletico Madrid in La Liga has been played 175 league games scoring 74 goals in Argentina’s national team played 30 games scoring 13 goals. ”Daily Mail” said Aguero has been renewed with just with fellow Manchester City Manchester City and Saba Leta talked about life in Manchester, but he did not contact Carlos Tevez, eager to leave. Manchester City striker in the group, if this summer has joined the Brazil international, Caicedo has joined Levante, Mancini may lose Carlos Tevez in the next few weeks, and in the summer, Mancini also needs cleaning Adebayor, Santa Cruz and Craig Bellamy.Mancini Aguero very much looking forward to camiseta de Manchester city join, “Aguero played Copa America, if we reach an agreement, I need to talk to him, ask him if he needs recovery time. Carlos Tevez will be back, if he good physical condition, he will have the opportunity to play well. The last time I heard about the club with Atletico Madrid, perhaps four days before the thing, perhaps we can reach an agreement this week. “But,” Manchester Evening News. “ said Aguero may even participate on August 7 at Wembley against Manchester United in the Community Shield.
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Liverpool partido, Emirates Stadium sonaba abucheos. Casa de la primera temporada en el riesgo de frío como, la presión sobre el equipo de Wenger y el fondo. Además de la insatisfacción de los fans de perder, pero también firmas de los pobres y los precios de boletos de temporada, pero toda la culpa la única pueden a su vez un profesor ciego que el centro de atención. Al mismo tiempo, Uniformes De Fútbol la guerra civil superior es responsable de los accionistas de seguir avanzando, pero se esconde detrás de Wenger. Kroenke llegó al poder, pero no una gran inversión, Usman Ivanov hubiera gustado poner Jin detrás de Wenger, pero fue expulsado del circuito en la toma de decisiones.
Wenger dijo: “Ahora estamos arriba”. Pero él no vive en Thames soleado, pero la agitación fue entregado envuelto por los rápidos, los rápidos son peligrosas e imprevisibles en toda la selva amazónica. Profesor en la preparación, Camisetas Serie A  pero no sé quién me preocuparía por las lesiones, y que se suspendió, que luego vendió al siguiente jugador a seguir. Él quiere quedarse Nasilibo un Bo, pero la junta se inclina a dinero en efectivo. Y para el Liverpool, la nueva ronda de determinación de la existencia de los jugadores “y para atacar y, aunque el autogol más mala suerte a todos los puestos. Entrenador de Arsenal durante 15 años, nunca ha cogido un profesor de dificultades difíciles, llame al director asistente en el juego están siendo criticadas.
El viernes, llamó a fichajes Jiqiu los fans deberían tranquilizarse, “Hemos perdido hoy a ocho personas, pero el equipo aún tiene un buen desempeño, Camiseta Inter Milan  lo que no todos son malas noticias.” El profesor admitió que lo hizo hincapié en el hombro. “Daily Telegraph”, el viernes, la encuesta de la organización de la red, todavía hay más de seis adultos cree que Wenger será pistoleros como entrenador la próxima temporada, pero también hay más de 35% de la gente piensa que los franceses de clase en esta temporada. El profesor dijo después del partido: “No voy a renunciar, voy a tratar de dar todo por el club La realidad de la vida es que cada derrota es presentada como una vergüenza absoluta o un terremoto, y estamos muy decepcionados por haber perdido, pero ahora. la temporada es aún comienzo. ”
El ex vicepresidente del Arsenal fue el viejo amigo, el profesor Dunn cree que los actuales aficionados, hablar sobre el futuro de Wenger es un “muy peligroso” el tiempo, dejó entrever que Wenger puede incluso retirarse de distancia, “Siempre hay una opción siempre es posible construir una empezó a decir: ‘Bueno, Camisetas de fútbol Inter Milan ya he tenido suficiente “nivel”, pero el profesor negó que él puede, en Guayin frustración lejos diciendo: “.. No, él (Dunn) no está bien un día, se lo diré que te quedes, pero tuve que bajar por las condiciones, usted se sorprenderá al ver que se puede cuestionar mi decisión, pero no puede poner en duda mi lealtad “presiones, antes de Wenger, sino también para la carga del campo para animar a adolescente..: “Creo que (Inglaterra) se esforzará por ampliar la eficacia de la Parkinson no finlandés. Flynn Peng es un soldado, su sorprendente nivel de compromiso, también es muy bueno con el balón”. Sin embargo, esta Fleet Street: Esta en la final de la temporada 2012/2013, o la preparación para esta temporada?
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Desde que Kenny Dalglish como entrenador del Liverpool, Roy Hodgson ha reemplazado al Ejército Rojo en la Premier League 13 puntos en 39 consiguió 25 y seis partidos en Anfield cuatro victorias dos niveles se mantienen invictos. Lejos de Chelsea, Manchester casa con planos picados, para dibujar con el Arsenal de distancia timbre, Camisetas De futbol Replicas Dalglish y otra vez para demostrar su valía, pero, sin embargo, el jefe legendario de los Estados Unidos de que el Ejército Rojo – contrato positiva John Henry o no.
Según “Daily Mail”, dijo el propietario del Ejército Rojo parece hacer nada en realidad ha comenzado sus operaciones, Clark Kenny Dalglish tomó al día siguiente el rey fue invitado a asistir en su propia “a fuerza de” asistente, ahora en los clubes y para discutir contrato extensión, sino también para los ex jugadores en Stamford Bridge, asistente de Mourinho se reconoce.
Dalglish también elogió al Camisetas Bundesliga Canadá por Clark: “Llegamos al club, que de hecho tuvo un impacto profundo en el equipo, pero el crédito no es personal, todo el mundo está haciendo su propia contribución al club (debido a cuestiones contractuales de la mía) he dicho antes, si hay cualquier novedad te diré, pero todavía no “.
Dalglish llevó a la capacidad de circulación, junto con la gran cantidad de dinero en los Estados Unidos este verano, el jefe, e incluso sugirió que la temporada de Liverpool en la Premiership título junto al ataque, pero no todo el mundo vio a Kenny Dalglish en el futuro en Anfield, el ex delantero del Chelsea Hasselbaink ha dicho que cree que el Liverpool en la Premiership próximos tres años son muy difíciles de convertirse en un competidor verdadero campeón.
“No creo que el Liverpool puede obtener en los próximos tres años, Camiseta Del Bayern el título de la Premier League, el Ejército Rojo de una recuperación real es todavía un largo camino por recorrer si se puede volver rápidamente a las filas de los que la lucha por el título Premier League es sin duda una buena cosa, porque, al igual que el Liverpool ha sido el nivel del club debe ir por el campeonato anual, Equipo De Bayern Múnich pero creo que el Ejército Rojo y ahora una gran brecha entre los mejores equipos, y esta es la razón por la que no soy optimista al respecto . ”
Para el Ejército Rojo, si desea algo para llevar a cabo la temporada siguiente, la introducción de los jugadores este verano, el trabajo será crucial. De acuerdo con “TalkSport” página web, la persecución de Liverpool de Lyon dejó Mohamed Lamine Sissoko cosecha de las buenas noticias. Sissoko, de 23 años de edad, es considerado el mejor fútbol de Europa, uno de la joven guardia, incluido el Inter de Milán y la Juventus está interesado en introducir el delantero francés, que recientemente dijo que él sólo quiere jugar la Premier.
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