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It is the same situation where two teams have a coaching change, for Inter, more prosperity, while bad for Liverpool, the most. Affirmed that the Red Army with the Cheap England Football Shirts is the future of Coach Kenny Dalglish on the state of nature arrow Torres, the Spanish star's time to get brave, he went to Blackpool, newly promoted to mark deducted in game, but the team is still 1-2 def save lots. Liverpool is the fifth successive defeats in the league this season in a row, but two Dalglish immediately after taking office.
On 19th Round of the Premier League with the World Cup Soccer Kit moves in a race that Bloomfield Road, Liverpool, Blackpool Challenge Stadium. Only the first two minutes, Torres burst is turned at a slight angle, said a comeback. But other players Fletcher and Campbell, then two goals in the go-ahead score, Liverpool eventually lost two straight, the Premier League to 13 Rank among the missing. Dalglish said after the match, the game is very disappointing, "said the road we made a good start, but do not get the points back."
After last week's defeat against Manchester United in the FA Cup after a Zaibi Dalglish with the   Arsenal Fc Football Shirt to suspect the Red Army, the fans, the choice of top chicken Hodgson set up properly. Dalglish Liverpool by the British media as a "firefighter" is defined, in other words, if the senior does not change his views on Liverpool, Liverpool again the end of the season coach ringing. He broke the news that the British media, including Claudio Ranieri, Frank Rijkaard, the coach Didier Deschamps are enrolled, including high-level view of several of the Red Army.
Poor condition of the Red Army, the armed men also failed. League Cup semi-final leg in the match, lost a 0 Arsenal 1 Ipswich Crown. But at home, they have the option of return. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger with the Arsenal Shirt said of the game, the team at every stage of the error, disappointed by the results of the competition. by @
In the last two consecutive defeat against Juventus with the Replica Soccer Jersey and AC Milan to break away to disappear suddenly demolished by 5 points to 9 points, Juventus, after the winter from the favorites. In addition to defending the two games in the disappointing defeat to eat stupid license Mello, the line before the Juve is inefficient and incompetent rival teams can compete with the main reason. Fortunately, the Italian Cup and Catania, the veteran striker Alessandro Del Piero is currently no one is responsible for the Del Neri answer, Del Piero is the leading chip has a few games missed, the two wings of magic so that a smooth cutting Juve next round of the Italian Cup. Del Piero is old, but it is always very important for Juve!
1-4 loss to Parma, because Mello was sent off for stupid mistakes, Del Neri had tactical substitution, veteran Alessandro Del Piero with the Thai Football Kits replaced in the hope that young players more dynamic support from the number of Juventus disadvantaged. But the choice of Del Neri Alessandro Del Piero had agreed not to be replaced, Del Piero, especially in the game for 20 minutes in case the choice of the coach, the game was not satisfied, the dark face.
Italian Cup and Catania, as Amauri in the last game is still injured, injured playing Tony, 36, Juventus striker Alessandro Del Piero was the only candidate of the first 18 minutes, the bad news came back and played Tony limped injured, Del Piero Juventus offensive line one striker available. But it is extremely difficult in such cases to wear the Juventus veteran with your feet on a victory.
The whole game, scored four times Del Piero, passing 56 times, 49 successful, the success rate as high as 87%. 1 directly and indirectly support Pepe with the Italy Soccer Jerseys at Juventus and the two wings Krasic magic does not contribute more than the end of the embarrassment of scoring. Del Piero contribution in addition to data on the field, he also played in the tactics of the very important role, while Juve has lost three top-center, avoiding the restricted area is missing the point, but Alessandro Del Piero Magic Feet series, put Juventus supple attack in the middle attack more, which are the opponent's defense created a lot of problems, their defense is often lost, goals Krasic and Pepe after the point is that nobody had the opportunity to see burglar.
"Turin Sports Daily," praised after the match, team spirit, 36, Del Piero, you can not only led the team in spirit, is also the tactic does not compare to the soul. "Tony is out today, but the former Juventus field activated offensive capabilities, especially in the organization of Del Piero, Juventus attack very smooth, not only the two wings active, including Merlot, attack Teng Marchisio with the Italia Soccer Jersey the first box and the midfielder was threatening in the exclusion zone was also published. Seen entirely from the game that is not a center of Juve can fly with wings as long as Del Piero in advance that there are organizers, the team has yet to attack a deadly opponent. " by @
David Beckham has really admirable professionalism. Taking advantage of the MLS's drop, Beckham with the Cheap England Football Shirtswho has a high wages could has travelled all over the world, or has taken part in certain commercial activities, but in order to follow Tottenham to compete with the Premier League and Champions League, the former England captain would like to have his pay cut a half to conduct the transfer transaction.
Tottenham and David Beckham are all terribly moving with great sincerity, earlier this month, Beckham training with the team to come to London to follow, but loan to AC Milan last year, had undergone serious injuries during the period, while Los Angeles Galaxy is concerned that violent confrontation will lead the Premiership with the  Football National Teams this scene is repeated, so that even if they do not need Spurs dig rental costs, but ask David Beckham to buy a premium for 50 million pounds of accident insurance, plus they only agreed, Beckham on loan until 10 February this year, the maintenance of these two differences, the negotiations can be left open.
But do not give Spurs aspects of the loan plan Beckham, the team manager Harry Redknapp said: "For a player like David Beckham and exciting, everyone made the team work hard to get them, of course, we hope, is it the team and play in our name connection, we are now trying to switch as soon as possible to reach an agreement, but the current situation is somewhat complicated to say. I hope to get a player like David Beckham; I think it's very good for us. "
In addition, the report from Sky Sports', in addition to the Galaxy in Los Angeles to accept two applications from heavy Tottenham Beckham's salary is too high, the introduction of a weekly Top Spurs is really up to 12 pounds, 35-year player concerned is necessary. On hearing the news, has a high degree of professionalism Beckham to be voluntary, it would be his weekly earnings fell by 6.5 million 12 million pounds, according to the lease term, his salary only the original is almost half.
Beckham is very emotional attitude, Tottenham Hotspur, to show sincerity, they basically agreed to the insurance Los Angeles Galaxy David Beckham with the  Hotspurs Fc Football Shirt for the proposal, but the Spurs, saying that Beckham loaned for one month at least one source of the club said: "The problem is no insurance or income of rights issues of image, the biggest problem now is to borrow the Los Angeles Galaxy David Beckham, as they are of Agreement (February 10) + furnished Spurs announced the company an immediate success.
Time in the United Kingdom January 10, Beckham agreed to a doctor in west London, his physical condition in full conformity with the requirements of Tottenham. It seems the British media Spurs medical examination for the Beckham transfer negotiations, rather than the good side of things, the informant told ESPN: "To continue the negotiations if both parties can reach an agreement that transfer is a matter of time. "ESPN, that the joint efforts of Tottenham, and David Beckham Los Angeles Galaxy with the Cole Shirts resolved in principle to fear as long as the consent of the other lease several months, it can be formally announced soon move horrible.
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Needless to say, Cesc - Cesc Fabregas is the transfer market this summer to win the first goal of Barcelona, if the club president or coach Pep Guardiola Russell with the Cheap Soccer Jersey have faith, that is the two media .The two sides were "private life", the message, the Camp Nou ready to welcome Rama prepare graduates for Western Asia. Arsenal outside the nucleus, the beloved is the secret of Barcelona. fight before the media exposed materials prepared Barcelona and Real Madrid announced that the new Bell Tottenham winger Ryan Giggs, with excellent performances in the Champions League, he became a popular meat and potatoes all over Europe. Barcelona is almost a senior official said that Barcelona would prefer from the table Tottenham players are not committed to Bell, but the Croatian Luka. Modric.

Stuart Esty, Barcelona's technical staff with the National Team Soccer Jerseys and officials of the Foreign Relations is responsible for signing from Barcelona, plans, and coach Pep Guardiola is a good friend, "he said in an interview in early fantasy Pope Modric. "Performance Luca Pope Field won for sure, but a club wants the player not to get easily. Now, Barcelona eight titles of World .Since the summer 2008-16600000 € value since joining the Spurs, Modric was an indispensable factor in the Premier League have been reached in the tactical sense his presence is important Bi Beier and van der Vaart, with trainer Harley - Redknapp words, this team is the team's cash in the city. technology balance of payments 25-years of his left foot, the ball while moving the position, the key first aid, told the Croatian Cruyff his idol, and Deco will be delighted as it is interesting offensive and defensive players of these two players with the Barcelona Jersey Soccer throughout the high season in Barcelona, the number of Modric Tottenham also 14

Barcelona wants to succeed in winning the successor to Harvey's at least three major problems to face. The first is the attitude of Tottenham Redknapp is currently on the former midfielder left Dinamo Zagreb, back to its sales label unmarked, and if Tottenham could reach next season's Champions League, Barcelona was almost wiped out the hope, if not ahead, the older Harry, wherever Capello England can go to the estate; be second problem is competition now Modric has long been a transfer was Reds are on market, Manchester United, Chelsea have expressed the introduction of requirements, hopes Carlo Ancelotti in winter it can reach, have the English Premier League Tottenham Hotspur 14 should be used "far" Really? The third is the issue of price, Tottenham with the Barcelona Jersey refused last summer to Chelsea £ 25 million to buy after a year at least, it is worth EUR 30 million or more. Cesc Fabregas if Barcelona wins the smooth, spend at least more than 40 million in transfer fees, unless the owner is desperate, otherwise there would be no money to buy so many.

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Premier League Tottenham Hotspur with the Wholesale Football Shirt Shop played fast this season, and even a victory in the Legion, and is on the market First transfer of the upstart league did not even aspire. Beijing, Jan. 12, after media reports in Madrid, Real Madrid Tottenham defender Abeiluoe present, and the price for Tottenham side is € 1,200,000,000. This year,Real Madrid move from 3,500,000 € to buy a Shigui Beiluo.
Being highest in the Premier League top four, the higher goals for Tottenham is that they compete for the Premier League title. Therefore, strengthening the team is the depth of the giants of the Premier League the priority standards, and in the media today, Madrid, Tottenham reveal new targets, this man was Abeiluoe Real Madrid custody subject Media exposure of Madrid, near Tottenham price is from € 1.2 billion.
Tottenham Abeiluoe with the Football Shirt Thailand intends to introduce in the coming days certainly play in the reform wing of Bell, Tottenham has a protective position on the lateral wings of the lack of very good players. Both Joel - Lucca, Hooton and Hector can be average. This should be a different team than fight for the championship, with a difference. The ability Abeiluoe Needless to say, with Real Madrid before returning to Liverpool, he also played for a while, long proved able to adapt to the atmosphere of English football. Abeiluoe other two backs capable of position, the Spurs side without talent.
The press of Madrid also analyzed the possibility of Real Madrid, one of the Spurs side view of the price even more attractive. In addition to € 12,000,000 to € 3.5 million want to offer Real Madrid spend a lot more present in Spanish were made at Real Madrid Kuibenmaimai back after all, a profitable business to be done. But the Spurs and the introduction of Abeiluoe quite difficult, particularly from Real Madrid is not very short of money, do not care to win millions of euros. The second is Abeiluoe originally designed in the youth system of Madrid, and if Real Madrid Real Madrid turn to limit the players hard work release four young lobbying Champions League file.
More importantly, the tactical system Abeiluoe Mourinho with the Hotspurs Football Tops is also very important, if not necessarily the most important but also essential in Abeiluoe defense. Marcelo Ramos when they do not play will be provided in the site Abeiluoe wings to act as players fight against the fire, or if Pepe Carvalho, one of which appears in the box, Ramos will host Zhongwei, replace Abeiluoe Real Madrid vice-captain to play again immediately. It seems important Abeiluoe a member of Real Madrid, Tottenham must pay to put more effort.
In recent years, players from Real Madrid to the exceptional performance to be sold, like, Sneijder and Robben are not a major outcome of last summer from Real Madrid legend Raul mention is made of wind and water in the Bundesliga, while Spurs really wanted Beiluo a catalyst to introduce a Van der Vaart. After the introduction of Van der Vaart, the Dutch have made outstanding contributions to Tottenham and quickly became the core team. Those who have tasted the sweetness of Van der Vaart, Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp with the Real Madrid Football Shirt began the Real Madrid defender Abeiluoe mind. And as the media said in Madrid, "the introduction of Abeiluoe is possible but very difficult, depending on how full sincerity Tottenham." by @
Spanish media have found the opportunity to interview C with the Cheap Soccer Jersey. Behold, this is 9600 Mr. Wan early stage of the interview this year, and the "Mark" The dialogue between journalists, the words C rotate in fact should not behind Real Madrid 4 Barcelona from many points, but the state should not be the 0-5 derby defeat. "In fact, the Barcelona who won, but I remember very well how at the end of each game, the championship will be ours. TV does not lie, that changed the game of justice denied, but it became historically, no law to escape, but I must say that that day is very bad, we are not a ball or two balls lost on the road, and you might even lose 8.9 goals. When at home against FC Barcelona with the National Soccer Jersey, the situation is very different. "interviews at the beginning, C Luo said the Real Madrid first from top to bottom with confidence, and for the Portuguese this argument, the "World Sports Daily," is considered broken expected C suggest that the reason the national derby 0-5 loss to Barcelona the key is in the game when the value of referee missing a penalty.
"World Sports Daily", speculation is reasonable, because C We actually talked about the problem of the referee. "There is always sent to the referee before the Real Madrid put pressure on, I really do not know why. Take me personally, I always invite a lot of whistling in other words, do not understand why he was expelled on the contrary, I became on the defendant. But anyway, I do not need anybody telling me what to do at the end. “Let C be confused things even greater than these, the club was reluctant to buy a new striker is also confusing to 9600 Mr. Wan C with the Spain Soccer Jerseys She said: "We need a game for 6 months can play forward, tell the truth, no is my preferred position in the center, but what can I do if I'm in the middle, then I'll try to do their best either, but the place really made me uncomfortable.”
Although Mourinho hopes the club can qualify to buy a new center, but also admitted Lo C ". It will be very difficult" but believes that if you really want to buy, Llorente is the introduction of players. "Llorente is a great player, he is qualified for Jose Mourinho, and more, I think Torres is also very good. I am delighted with his return. “As the Golden Globe in the first three could not even enter, so that "Mark" wants to listen to C with the Spain Jersey of Romania in this regard.” I want a Golden Globe, because it gives me great motivation. Anything can happen, I will try to win the Golden Boot but my main goal is to win titles with Real Madrid." by @
Milan goalkeeper Marco Amelia can be read as "Oh! Meli" But now, look, this time is not good Beijing Morning January 19, Sky Italia. "Total Market" website also disclosed AC Milan with the Wholesale Football Shirt Shop news bad: goalkeeper Marco Amelia hurts! Milan officials have begun a series of follow-up inspection of Amelia, but Amelia Sky TV is likely to argue that the absence of a month. If true, then the most tragic character of the season probably comes from Milan was Amelia. Amelia is the local time in Milan, Italy, January 18, injured in training, the right leg and thigh adductor strain occurred. Lesion appears, Amelia was rushed to a local hospital, "the entire market," revealed a member of the Milan team with the World Cup Soccer Kit doctor Frascati group, said Amelia muscle fatigue rate reached 1.5 inches (4 cm)! Sky Italia and Milan team doctor also checked to determine the new look at Amelia time to recover, but overall I am afraid that Amelia is not only the absence of the Coppa Italia, and is likely to close a month to recover. Able to February 15 in Milan and Tottenham before returning from the war in the second round of the Champions League, has a chance. Milan said the damage in terms of irony. In the beginning of the season, Milan Abbiati session, two goalkeepers Marco Amelia, and the guardian gave a ring for the "double insurance." It is possible that no one expected the season came on the scene, wounded Abbiati, Amelia with the Italy Football Shirt did not spare.
Of course, there is some good news, according to the "total market" release, Abbiati was about to return from injury. Recently, Abbiati and Pirlo to do with the restoration of Milanello training should be a period of time, both will be back from injury. Amelia determines whether the absence of a month, then again wait until Amelia, Abbiati will have to find the best state of play. No doubt this injury will be very upset by Amelia Originally, it was his main competitor for the best chance, but this injury is likely before long that his career in Milan ended in failure. Amelia to join Milan in the summer, the heating phase in the summer, from custodians to share playing time Allegri, and Amelia performance has nothing to envy Abbiati, which shows a main impetus competition. But the season after the war, Amelia became the substitute, made his long wait for the state of deterioration. Abbiati twice in the season injured, Amelia intervened twice, but how well? Amelia has lost two balls, and then sat on the bench for almost two months.
With a "Buffon's successor" of the title came in Milan, with 28 years of age, was filled with ambition to join the Giants, Amelia in Milan this season full of color of sadness, and is so outdated that seriously injured once. Amelia method considering a lease-purchase of the arrival in Milan, then, may remain in force even in doubt. No one can deny the talent Amelia large, but in Milan Italy Shirt, his bad luck to end, you feel that something bad weather.
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Liverpool Babel with the Replica Soccer Jersey to leave a message, the media adopted in England for two years, in January 2011 has become reality. Beijing, January 19 message, the official announcement of Liverpool to accept the offer from the Bundesliga side Hoffenheim, has agreed to transfer Ryan Babel, the Liverpool Echo, said the sale price is 580 million pounds. The Dutch winger was flown to Germany to negotiate an individual employment contract, and underwent a medical examination, he could see no accident, and then the edge of the Dutch striker joined the Bundesliga team advance. "The club today announced the acceptance of the offer of Babel Hoffenheim, Bundesliga clubs and players were allowed to contact and negotiate an individual deal, Babel was also transferred to Germany, the Official Liverpool with the National Team Soccer Jerseys website published the following announcement. Although UK is also interested in signing a team like Sevilla, Babel, Babel has also been described above can be used in connection with the transfer to Ajax Suarez, but finally agreed to the Dutch established the Bundesliga and development. Coach Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez before the summer of 2007 to 12 million pound increase in prices have been on the popular young team signed Dutch striker Ryan Babel continental arm, but the Ajax youth national team does not score high rate, the performance of striker to Anfield after unsatisfactory, change the location of the center to hit the left wing, or a piece of tacky, rapidly losing the seat. 's World Cup last summer, but coach Dutch Ryan Babel hired, but it is not even playing opportunities in South Africa only when a visitor to return.
Both Coach Tony Ryan Babel three years and the successor of the season and Kenny Dalglish Hodgson have no confidence against the Dutch. too many injuries this season because the team, Ryan Babel playing in the four-play 17 games, but scored only two, the efficiency is still low, so when the Red Army, eager to shake off the winter transfer market, which naturally , became the number one item for cleaning. The low performance is not worth the high course, the Liverpool Echo local newspaper, "said club Hoffenheim agreed 580 million pounds (700 million) offer, compared with losses of more than half of the purchase price, but the collection money for the purchase of Smith, the Red Army with the Liverpool Jerseys Soccer also agreed to transfer out of this. Babel is not a manifest refusal to return to their own Ajax: "If Liverpool and Ajax in the Suarez Transfer Agreement, I am safe ready to return to Ajax in order to stabilize the games mark me willing to make some concessions in the income of my age (24 years) players, game to play each week is more important.”Babel sells the Village Hall, Liverpool for the introduction of air Soares out of position, and negotiations between Ajax near the end. Despite last season's Eredivisie Ajax striker has made 25 million pounds price can not stop the Red Army attack murderer to cover high vacancy determination. Uruguayans all competitions last season, 48 games in 49 balls, with a total score of Bi Meixian over the World Cup has also registered three goals and four League with the Torres Jersey 9 is considered the best striker outside Europe.

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January 18 new nations, Samuel - Inter Milan Channel Roberto Eto'o with the Replica Football Shirt Supplier received - ska Pini interview, talk about a variety of issues, a theme is to remind Leonardo Eto'o said, given the need to play with free mind appointment. "I think it is something all players want to hear, but I played with a free spirit, always football, to love, but also to help others to enjoy things do not matter long as I can play, I will behave as a work of art can be seen:. You can give full play to win lose or get a draw, but you have to play with the right attitude. And try to win "And the purpose of entering into the exciting, as in the game against Bologna and then Milito with the Football Shirt Thailand scored the goals as an aid.”This goal is not only the work of two strikers, but teamwork, but it really is a wonderful goal."
Eto'o then discussed his book, "Samuel - Samuel Eto'o, Italy, the heart of Africa," the book for him and journalists - co-Pardo, Rizzo Posted by Lee: "This is my second book, the book about my life because it is a dream, this book is written very well the name of the book is what I said, I work in Europe. But my memories and preferences are in Africa - I am today, tomorrow and in the future to see Africa When I'm not playing, I'll do something to improve the living standards of African peoples, and improve. People have done some charity in Africa. "
In the general situation in Africa, African football, "Labyrinth of Mu club to beat the World Cup that I feel today, do not win because he with the Inter Milan Football Shirt has more money, if more effort, more stronger faith, more than anyone in court to pay more, you win Inter Milan to do and won everything. Who has only lost six in the championship I think that African players are performing well in the world, Africa. In many club coaches European success means that our children can have more models - the sporting point of view or another point of view is true now, the national team has achieved a good level, but farther away. In my point of view, the situation can not be the case, there may be some time that some teams more than the national team, but nobody knows. I think when we become more stable and can improve the quality of football at all levels, at the time, you can see the world champion African teams. If we increase the level of national championship, then the fundamental strength of these countries will be strengthened, the players with the Inter Milan Shirt Football are not going to Europe to improve their level. "

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A place in midfield to shake insufficient for AC Milan with the Cheap Soccer Jersey midfielder When AC Milan this season as he struggled Galliani, Braida plans to shake the hand starts. He had published "in the heart of Milan," AC Milan team, with an open day before the Gatti Pellet old journalist said, "The AC Milan, the objective of the summer from Real Madrid to Las - Diyala , which closely follow and Real Madrid Las between the development of incident calmly waiting for Real Madrid to the French in the transfer market "In fact, the use of No. 10 on The Roots -. Diarra of Real Madrid fans as once a favorite, but Mourinho's men and his playing time reduced considerably, if made public in the transfer market, AC Milan, is expected to make a preferential price, but still well, The - Diarra also worth 10 billion or more. AC Milan with the Thai Football Kits Pellet Gatti is true that an old friend for many years, and even "the heart of Milan," a book signing ceremony as guests are complemented Galliani to attend, and a number of high-level AC Milan team members have maintained a deep friendship in the circles of the Italian media, his mouth has revealed the new Milan is often the insider is the most accurate. Furthermore, the AC Milan left corner of the introduction, the reason why the first option Ziegler, Torrey and the Christian West for the second option, with the price because there is another potential target. Pozzo's hand is that another player of Sampdoria - Boley, while AC Milan midfielder to shake like a big project ahead of AC Milan hopes to have a good relationship with Pozzo, with its complete set, and finally You get 20 years Boley. In the summer, Inter Milan Boley had to offer 800 million, but was rejected, the AC Milan and the budget of 1000 million dollars. Meanwhile, the Netherlands "Amsterdam Telegraph," the source said, AC Milan, Ajax is currently working with the talented midfielder contact 18, Erickson, even though only 18, but Eriksson has been the main Ajax, and Ajax and AC Milan in the game of the Champions League with AC Milan, left a good impression, AC Milan, for its offer to 1.1 billion euros. And with 14 million asking price was in the Plaza Qieli Nuo (AC Milan with the Italy Soccer Jerseys with Astor in the winter in total cash plus the right to deduct from 7 million in total power exchange Plaza), AC Milan, the center field of exchange transfusion The total investment will reach 45 million euros! Galliani will probably want a solution.
If last summer, the AC Milan striker's signature issue, and this summer, midfielder and defender of the book signing, AC Milan will be the theme in the transfer market, and with AC Milan in the center of signings area around the attack area, Seedorf will contract a new topic. From today's perspective, Clarence Seedorf was on the decrease of AC Milan has not been heard of his contract year, although the relationship between Seedorf Galliani, and well, but Berlusconi by the Dutch current state is not popular, in fact, Carlo Ancelotti in the hands of Ronaldinho, Seedorf often come off the bench to the era began, the old shell of Clarence Seedorf was not very cold, the prospect of Holland AC Milan with the Italy Shirt Soccer Kit is still questionable.
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