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The head coach of the former Tottenham Redknapp with the Soccer Jersey said the Inter Milan goal Gareth - Bell is not for sale, the other party for any price they would not sell. According to British media, the Spurs are currently a heavyweight operation of the transaction, the hope of 25 million pounds to sign Newcastle, England center Andy - Carol. Thursday press that Inter Milan's hopes 40,000,000 pounds in the summer, the acquisition of Bell, this season's Champions League, Welsh extreme exceptional performance in two rounds, including a hat-trick and a series of passes, giving blue-black military leave a deep impression. Bell 21 years from 2007 to 5 million pounds to join Tottenham Hotspur from Southampton, who just last May signed a new contract for four years by rumors of acquisition between Bell said Redknapp. "We will not sell this summer, Bell, according to club president, but if we are interested in it at all costs to sell, I'd be very surprised." "His team is special players, if we want a team to become a top team, they must keep their best players, and you can not sell Bell. Three or four have the ability to bring different actors, is one of Bell. "" And if you lose, you can not find a replacement, how to replace it? when receiving the ball, is going to happen, you can do that others can not We can not lose. “Bell with the English Premier League Soccer Jerseys was an excellent recognition performance England coach Fabio Capello, Mingweiershi that the end is the best player this season has been.
Spurs present an ambitious and aims to strengthen the workforce and its aim is to introduce a notebook. The Sun, "said Spurs had made a £ 25 million purchase of Newcastle central England, Andy - Carol. President Levy Tottenham Tottenham boss directly to Ashley yesterday made the offer, the program is 22 million pounds, the other players have played in the number of additional provisions, such targets may be more than 3 million books. Carroll this season, scored 11 goals so far, the center is one of the warmest in England, Newcastle has always hoped to have it But the Tottenham offer was very attractive. The Sun said the plan was to sell Spurs striker Robbie - Keane and Pavlyuchenko, part of the transfer fee in exchange for the acquisition of Carroll. Another Spurs Darren - Bent in Sunderland for the transfer of Aston Villa also recovered a number of transfer costs (per year Transfer Protocol) is also used to strengthen the front line.
In addition, the Spurs also added strength in midfield, the England midfielder David Stone was injured, which has hurt the old Redknapp. Redknapp with the Hotspurs Jersey Soccer said: "David Stone damage occurred several times, it seems that when he was absent for longer than expected, and pain in the ankle, tried to run, but from there the road is still long to return." 25 people in the decision programming, we examine the case, I hope everything goes well; he's one of our major players, a great player. We needed him. "According to the mirror," said Spurs West Ham midfielder expects the acquisition of Parker, the solution is Robbie - Keane with £ 8,000,000, but now it seems, because the team focus on the introduction of Carroll, winter can not buy a Parker. Former midfielder labor shortage Redknapp with the Torres Jersey 9, you may not want to leave Janus maintain to ensure that the bulk of the people. by @
This transfer of winter, the Manchester United whose players are on Cheap England Football Shirts fired once; £ 4,000,000 to buy the Arleigh Sindt said the new Peter Schmeichel Linde Gardner. Banji Shang stable performance in the team situation, the team Sir Alex Ferguson in the first team is very satisfied. Last season, January is the final battle Ferguson test results of a large window of time during the winter season in January last stand the test of the FA Cup; Ferguson is the best lineup in the second half of possibilities.
Ferguson does not move often in the game this winter due to Van der Sar to retire this summer to determine, Sir Alex Ferguson has already been finalized to join Linde Gardner, and III were originally goalkeeper on loan to Austria Amos salt. In addition, the two young Hou Weike in Evans, Jester Carlisle after joining a lease to stay on the left, Hou Weike Evans to stay in the team, and Jester is a move to Hull City. It should be noted, has a genius murderer known as Ma Kaida is on loan from Sampdoria in the Banji Xia, Ferguson with the National Football Shirts appears four strikers of the current portfolio is still very satisfactory. In addition, the two young Hou Weike in Evans, Jester Carlisle after joining a lease to stay on the left, Hou Weike Evans to stay in the team, and Jester is a move to Hull City. It should be noted, has a genius murderer known as Ma Kaida is on loan from Sampdoria in the Banji Xia, Ferguson appears four strikers of the current portfolio is still very satisfactory.
Rarely harvested in the winter market, Ferguson must register Xia League and Champions League Banji with the Manchester United Football Shirts prepare in advance, in January last game this weekend, Ferguson is considered more of a permanent team of second half therefore, has publicly stated that players must send in the battle of first team players from the quarry is not considered, the importance of the FA Cup can be seen. In fact, last season in the war in January, Manchester United's performance was stable. The end of last year, a battle, the team won the League Arsenal 3 to 1, in late 2009, a war, the League Everton 1-0 Manchester United, ending the war in 2008 1, Manchester United beat Portsmouth 2-0 in the league in 2007 1 at the end of the war in the FA Cup win Portsmouth 2-1, at the end of 2006, 1, 3-0 FA Cup victory for the Lobos war. The end of this year, a team to combat low level response to Southampton, Manchester United's season 04-05 and 09-10 victory over the enemies of the FA Cup season, Jin Zhang with the Man U Shirt seems to result in “slaughter.”
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Pacini arrived and had to Gu Haer. Muntari with the Cheap Soccer Jersey joined Sunderland for the removal of barriers, Inter Milan will be accompanied by Gu Haer said Saturday, but at the same time bad news has spread to other Inter fans in the ears, compared with last week bank Italian debut in the Stankovic Cup Mariga same muscle strain, had to break with Serbia, 30-40 days of static, midfielder Leonardo even more nervous. Pacini join the soft, almost Inter Milan Moratti has confirmed to hunt Pacini, the transfer is complete. Centro Italiano Appiano completed early yesterday, "La Gazzetta dello Sport," said Pacini and even Inter Milan in the match against Palermo at the weekend from the beginning, people can not wait to show the first of Inter Milan Pacini. Compared to the Pacini, Haer Jia joins a little messy. But in fact, between Morocco and the Nerazzurri with the National Soccer Jersey midfield without any problem, the barrier is Muntari Inter Milan cleaning progress of the workflow, and at first was reluctant to join Sunderland Muntari, because people just want Ghana in London and Sunderland and Muntari to buy a transfer fee this summer with Inter Milan to negotiate much. Although there are many obstacles, however, Muntari, after all, the transfer is complete.
In addition to progress in the introduction of players, this two-day Inter Milan also get some good news. The first is a brand of razor with the Gazzetta dello Sport ", jointly organized the Future" Champion Award (it's actually different from the Italian Academy, voted by the fans, the best rookie), the mercato of the winter has joined the legion of blue-black, young defender Mascherano Zia 42% of the overwhelming support of the Juventus (39%) and Barry Ao forward Kaka (19%) had the last word. Inter Milan defender Marco Materazzi for the Zia Award Llano and Llano praised Zia is "Nesta's successor." Interestingly, Materazzi also use the personal website of the razor brand shaved his beard Mascherano Zia, Zia results Mascherano with the Inter Milan Jerseys Soccer joked: "There is beard I look like a boy of 16 years."
However, there is also bad news. Naples, Italy in the Stankovic Cup final due to injury and Cordoba, Stankovic confirmed after a thigh injury will be out for 30-40 days, and Cordoba is a dislocated shoulder, a 10-day able to return to game . But the game after the match, substitute Leonardo Mariga Stankovic also suffered a minor injury, but when people thought Mariga injury is not heavy. In an interview yesterday, careful diagnosis, however, after receiving bad news, Inter Milan, Stankovic Mariga as muscle tension, is expected to recover 30 to 40 days. This means that next month, the Inter Milan midfielder, almost no one can change, while the rival is Rulangsihu Roma with the Inter Milan Jersey, Juventus and other enemies. Leonardo's bitterness really wants to come.

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Beijing, January 29, "mirror" the source said Arsenal manager Wenger has confirmed that goalkeeper young team Wally Disney with the Cheap England Football Shirts has officially handed over to play, returning from an injury after the veteran Manuel Almunia just enter the rotation. In addition to personally Wenger also expressed the hope that the establishment of a loan in the form of another defender to strengthen the defensive line
Manuel Almunia last year aged 33 in late September in the match against West Brom when the kick elbow injury, followed by being bothered by an ankle injury, he could not fight again for Arsenal. Manuel Almunia, during his absence, as the Gunners goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski, but outside you can put Wenger Manuel Almunia leave the team, Arsenal have the satisfaction of the offer. At the beginning of super-giant land mass Galatasaray Liga giants Atletico Madrid are interested in veteran Spanish, but finally let go of things. Manuel Almunia back from injury today, but to his surprise, shoulder injury as the Gunners goalkeeper Fabianski with the World Cup Soccer Kit has changed hands again, a successful young Disney host Wally. During the last two rounds of the league, Wally Disney guard the door without conceding a goal, a stable operation Wenger also confirmed that himself in an interview, the Polo is now their first choice.
"In the absence of Manuel Almunia and Fabianski injured in the performance of Disney, Wally is quite good, which means that now is the number one goalie in my mind. Of course he is young, is also facing. Many challenges, but I think it will make great progress "Of course, Manuel Almunia, for the former goalkeeper for two seasons, Wenger has to look good, said:" I am very happy to stay here, if the presence or the courtyard, I liked personally. He missed a lot due to injury of the game, I know that there is no player like that, that feeling is like the unemployed, I understand. "Wenger also hinted at the same time, then Huddersfield down with Manuel Almunia with the Arsenal Fc Football Shirt set the rotation of the FA Cup to play, apparently, the teacher could not stand on behalf of veterans, once ruled out completely. In addition, Wenger admitted he was struggling to see if the form of loans and the establishment of an advocate. In all positions, the first team of Arsenal's defense is probably a fatal short board Coase Czerny, Lu Zhu, Squee Laci another advocate of the strength of the attacking team more than enough to deal with the middle and lower But in the case of power shooter when he made this season against Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham and Liverpool seven games without defeat, only two bodies, and the only concern for Wenger is currently defending Weiermalun with the Arsenal Shirt and long-term injury, Wenger is without a doubt, give priority defense crisis. by @
Although football is a man's sport, you should never judge by appearances, but the Spanish press has long been a consensus, Ivan - Campo Real Madrid whose players are on Soccer Jersey is the worst player in history. Field is always a hair and eyes, also reveals a vision of fuzzy set. Just look at the features, the field is not a bad guy. However, this feature in your face, Minato, but creating a good "surprising" results. This name was used in the galaxy at the Bernabeu in time back, now ended his career. Field began his career in 1993, played for Alaves in the Spanish team. 95 years to go to Valencia City, 97/98 season, spent a year in Mallorca. 98-03, Campo Real Madrid played up to his team took two Champions League, a league championship, a World Club Cup and a Spanish Super Cup. Switch to Bolton Campo 03, 08/09 and Epps effects Villa for a year. Field last season the team played in Cyprus, AEK Larnaca with the English Premier League Soccer Jerseys, recently announced his retirement from retirement at the end of his career.
In an interview, "Mark" interview, Ocampo admitted that he can continue playing professional football: "In many years as a professional player, I choose to retire; I spent many years in Spain, also played in England. 7 years people have to understand all there is always at the end of the day, who now plays football veterans Mallorca "Bolton, in fact, Campo and Jose Mourinho had a confrontation; I appreciate very much the fool.”When he coached Chelsea, I know that Mourinho is indeed the image in the media, is totally incompatible with their knowledge let you know that Jose. Mourinho is a good man, always protect their own players" has been criticized Negredo with the Real Madrid Soccer Team Jersey recently by the training of young players do not comply with Real Madrid Campo also gives his opinion. "Barcelona and Real Madrid's policy academy one big difference, Barcelona believes that children of West Branch, Real Madrid prefer the opportunity to foreign players, even if training camp with Kathy Green, Barn genius. But in my opinion, Barcelona and Real Madrid's policy remains unchanged; each team has its own style. "
Galactic field was recalled: "I appreciate most is the player Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid, but when changing when a large number of Spanish players, giving great support team, which won two Champions League and many other major titles. A team local power should dominate. "When Real Madrid Real Madrid dressing room with Iron Mountain, Raul, Casey, Helguera, Morante Adams Sangqi If, Guti, Salgado and many local actors heavyweights. To C what is at the heart of the Portuguese forces helpful, Carvalho, Pepe, Marcelo, Kaka is to help members of the Portuguese language. Argentina Dimaliya Mendes broker in relation to "retreat" in Portuguese Mourinho with the Real Madrid Kit is regarded as the pattern behind the use of Portuguese speakers. by @
Beijing, November 28, "Sun", the chief specialist in sports Stephen Howard said the Manchester United and Wayne Rooney with the World Cup Football Shirt should give Sir Alex Ferguson Wayne Rooney is expected to be in the auction at high prices this summer. Howard said he still can predict that Rooney would be leaving Old Trafford this summer, because in just signed a new contract after 5 years, chubby probably sell a good price. Although Rooney has recovered the original intention of not going to leave Manchester United, and the ambition to challenge for the Red Devils with the World Cup Soccer Kit to apologize, but on Tuesday night, fans began to worry that the hand of the Manchester United Premier League or even the highest paid player in the history of basic salary for each sub sorry for him. Wayne Rooney this season, poor, from only 15 scored three goals, including two penalties. Game Tuesday night in Blackpool, and played only 66 minutes Rooney, Sir Alex Ferguson to be replaced by a young Hernández. And this place has become a turning point in the game the Red Devils 0-2 in the Berbatov scored two goals; scored Hernandez, do the opposite. And Rooney's performance in the area had a shot and a great improvement.
Facts have shown that Rooney is not irreplaceable, but less firepower Rooney, the Manchester full of peas and Ababa to help the Red Devils completed a major setback States. Howard said that while Wayne Rooney, Manchester United to pay last year's success singing the success of Old Trafford, but Ferguson is still the most powerful nation blockbuster is not the strength to lead a congregation continues to lead the English Premier League Manchester United after the season, Ferguson's position is unwavering, if United remain unbeaten throughout the season and Ferguson decides to eventually become the Manchester United. but Ferguson is still the most powerful nation blockbuster is not the strength to lead a congregation continues to lead the English Premier League Manchester United with the England Football Shirt after the season, Ferguson's position is unwavering, if United remain unbeaten throughout the season and Ferguson decides to eventually become the Manchester United.
When it comes to summer, leaving a possible location for Rooney, Howard had this to say ", like Cristiano Ronaldo • As the best price, no doubt, Real Madrid, Mourinho will not deny Rooney." speaks of this time, Howard changed the subject, "Ferguson can still use the influence of Wayne Rooney in the field, offers his ass Dimitar Berbatov with the Robinho Shirt and Hernandez. Whatever the outcome, the decision is the hands of Ferguson."
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Some people do not know the note was not there a saying that last year, "said the old rag, and this year Xizhi Kang also said, which means the same thing, but the taste is totally different. Last year, he took the old cloth, a reporter asked him the starting lineup in mind, the old Cheap Soccer Jersey cut thin lips Hey smile: the director, not an absolute, which is Zhu Jun-chief. Said the director, is the protagonist of the media. Hortensia couple of days ago, the same cast Xizhi Kang Xi Zhikang thick lips sneered: absolute key, ie, Jun Zhu. Thus, when the old cloth, I think it's a compliment to the Western, as Juan Antonio Samaranch, I always say it's better since the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the old machine is in the heart itself as the main protagonist, the experience of last year also proved this point, including their right to be this year, the best coach in football today, even "one is not willing to yield, and if very narcissistic rag for the heart does not know Mourinho whose shirt is National Soccer Jersey, Ferguson, not the rag of ignorance, takes viewers look old fabric has a real and a lie.
Again I want to touch it, "Sha Jia Bang" of the famous lines: I led the team, but the bosses want to be home, and even the team heads the head of the truth, the truth. if the old material is folded to create a spectacle to see a camel sedan chair, the way is superior to Jun Zhu Xi Zhikang head in the bar. I am the villain in the heart of a man belly; I do not know how to think, after hearing June Zhu Jun Zhu, or care, if care does not necessarily mean as Zhikang Xi the truth. I believe that Zhu has been lost "in the corner of Phase I was the only son," the emotion. When he threatened to become something and Shenhua been high, more than we know, many people do not know the world of Manchester United, but not many people know that the head of Manchester United, but even the pattern of population June Zhu can not know. Manchester United's investment in previous years that people change the world or just know that the Manchester United star with the England Soccer Jerseys, as well as the old players like Eric Cantona is much more than the head of the famous star of Manchester United Manchester United States is the protagonist. Zhu is actually two years if the acquisition of Liverpool, Liverpool does not like the character June Zhu.
A person with the England Shirt is not the main character is a thing not to be when the main character, like the protagonist is another matter. Jiang where to stop, so well, huh, who is dominating? When I was in the "Letter from an Unknown Woman," a supporting role, people see that it is joining Xu Jinglei, who was "sunny day", the director, there are scenes, and people understand that this is Jiang. This tension is the main character. The identity of the head, the team is not as it should, right? I asked to speak using a pair of smiling, apply a buzzword called fixed smile, and then apply a more popular: To steal the head.
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Chelsea in the indulgent, the language may Lotus Mourinho with the Cheap England Football Shirts is the star most attractive car in the Premier League and now the magical charisma of the birds, but also return to! According to the "Sun" said Real Madrid coach expressed his desire to return to the Premier League coach, but did not in the house. High profile was the Bernabeu last summer, Mourinho is unhappy at Real Madrid flies, 20 Harding Park League, the Galaxy fleet leader in Barcelona was opened by 4 points, and Mike Mussina led his team in the above to be a very difficult championship. In addition, the madman in the midst of training at Real Madrid has become difficult, and he and the team intensified the conflict between high-level, general manager of Real Madrid, Valdano was his thorn in the foot. Due to the demands basic Higuain surgery of the season, Mourinho hopes to introduce in the winter transfer market, an attacker, but Valdano, that's life and death do not agree with the toner, combined with aspects of disagreements signings Last summer, his relationship with a possible fire and water. But now, Mourinho with the Spanish Teams Football Tops signed Emmanuel Adebayor got Valdano.
The current situation for next season, Mourinho has refused to reveal whether he will coach Real Madrid, who yesterday said he was ready to return to the Premier League coach, because it is very unfortunate that the giants of the league "I decided go to England to train, do special programs for the future, I can be happy just does not work, plain and simple. I would choose Manchester United, Manchester City or Chelsea? It is important to me, I just want to re-examine urgently training joy. While the Premier League can not be the best in the world, but I must say that c 'undoubtedly is carefully organized to plan, the most commercially successful league where each team a fair competition, even against other players also have great respect for, I have a great value. "
Mourinho with the Real Madrid Football Club Shirt is not surprising remarks released, and he coached at Real Madrid, the future is not optimistic. Barcelona La Liga has been eliminated in the national derby defeat rivals 0-5, which are so crazy, feel the pressure, and sub-level with the club to let him into trouble. As firms and even Mourinho and had a great friction Valdano led Lafayette, or to avoid the crazy CEO Valdano all charge transfer services through its own, the two men running to some extent in the Real Madrid unit affected domestic. In addition, the mouth of Mourinho is also very critical of the Real Madrid top to bottom, the arbitrary assessment of the referees and opponents often Rehuoshangshen crazy. "Mark" has revealed that Real Madrid coach will resign after the season ends, if that is the case, return wild dream of the Premier League with the Real Madrid Shirt Football this summer can become a reality.
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Beijing the evening of 17 December 2010 to-2011 UEFA Champions League 1 / 8 final draw for the UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland. La Liga in
Cheap Soccer Jersey encounter two-Lyon and Arsenal respectively, Milan clubs will welcome the challenge of Bayern Munich and Tottenham. Premiership teams Chelsea and Manchester United also quite good luck will face Copenhagen and Marseille. This time Arsenal signed shipped quite poor, opponents may be encountered, they pumped the strongest Barcelona. It should be noted that the history of Arsenal beat Barcelona has never had the record, which makes Wenger's team cut hopes greatly reduced. The results revealed, the first paragraph to issue a micro-Bo Xuan: "Arsenal really Bitter!" Obviously, he also said the gunmen with the National Soccer Jersey worried about the prospect. But somebody said: "This will be one-eighth of the most anticipated; the contest is the best looking." There is no doubt that Barcelona and Arsenal are the representatives of technology flows play, maybe the end result has been to guess, but two games of the gold content is high, it is worth every fan just enjoy.
It was predicted that: "Birth of a lot worth seeing knockout round game, the last championship of the war, Arsenal, Barcelona and technology flows in making traditional aristocratic contest Milan and new forces are attractive Tottenham . "Although the results of the ballot did not like the media predicted before the game field as more powerful collision of the dialogue, but so have many more than the historical background of the battle, or does it start in February next year rather looking forward to the game. Inter Milan and Bayern Munich for the war, Bundesliga teams Bayern Munich and Schalke's luck in general, are strong opponents are tough. La Liga and the Serie A club to the Bundesliga has been relatively headache. But both teams also have great prospects for advancement. Inter Milan whose shirt is Inter Milan Jerseys Soccer now the state is worrying, but the decrease in the strength of Valencia. While Schalke and whites are beginning to go up another point, the Bundesliga team has been tough at home, after the two teams are playing at home, which is very beneficial to them. "
16 from the Champions League draw results, the most favored gaming companies four teams Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea are ideal opponents overall. Of course, no one wants to touch the Arsenal, but no one is more reluctant to touch at the peak of Barcelona. Therefore, the four teams qualify for a great possibility. The other four opponents of the contest, you are evenly matched, and what results can happen. Thus, Barcelona's most promising of the other favorites, Real Madrid might break out the fate of the opponents in Inter Milan Jersey has never beaten Lyon, Manchester United and Chelsea rivals Marseille and Copenhagen as the weaker, so the last eight is hardly any suspense . by @
The front and Almeria Guardiola Rey with the Wholesale Soccer Jersey Supplier semi final on this issue carefully Cup, said Barcelona will not be a repeat of the scene in the league 8-0, but the Barcelona player is always engaged in a perfect game, made the first half to lead 4-0, the second half on a ball again to end the game 5-0, the King's Cup for two consecutive home victory scored 5 goals. I am very happy after the game Lumpur, said that 5-0 is a wonderful result, but still remember the players, the second leg away match absolutely can not relax, because losing 1-3 to Real Betis after the lesson we before us. Melon Shuai said second step has not touched the ball is now valid until 5 benefits should also be careful: "5-0 is a good result, but he had learned in a very serious Betis, which makes us more relaxed, but now some say that Barcelona has entered the Copa del Rey final. No matter what, to meet with the opposition, we have to go on the road to win the game to win; you can not repeat the mistake of playing at Betis. And today we 13 minutes, scored 3 goals of Almeria, this is accidental. Barcelona, the advantage of a fine leg, but the second stage is still fighting for a good result. "
Messi with the National Team Soccer Jerseys played in the room today, Harvey played 70 minutes, and both suffered minor injuries in the game situation, for a tournament, the team has a big advantage, does not replace half or there is some risk. For this item, melon Shuai also gave an answer: "If this is a league, I have replaced, but the Cup, we want to expose more young, we need them in the yard to see if. So how gym, because soon the road Town would also like to play weekend, Gus, and have not replaced Messi, a very important reason is that he wants competition, he wants to stay on the floor scored more goals. "Feilai currently in the bank, with a good performance, melon Shuai also praised the Dutch: "After arriving in Barcelona very seriously, both in and out of bounds and today are more of a threat, and full of strength for her. performance, I'm very happy," also renewed Busquets will be completed in Barcelona, in the eyes of Kuala good material, little can Puyol and Xavi and the successor to become the captain of Barcelona, "will continue on Busquets is the best news, but he is young, but that's the kind player that can carry a great responsibility, and experience, hopefully I can play for many years in Barcelona, Carles Puyol with the Barcelona Jersey Soccer and Xavi as his successor.”
Real Madrid has been leased to the city of melon striker Emmanuel Adebayor of Togo's nice that the big players that Real Madrid has a thriving business, and spoke of the final of the Copa del Rey this season at Barcelona and Real Madrid, probably the period between the time the two giants of melon Shuai just do your own thing to do: "Obviously, Barcelona whose players are on Barcelona Jersey and Real Madrid do not want to fail, because both teams are strong, and long thought that if the Barcelona final, then, is likely to face Real Madrid. "
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