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"Daily Mail" revealed that Juventus are ready to lure the 25 million pounds Manchester United winger Nani of Portugal freed. "Old woman" the general manager Ma Luota Tuesday - Gary Neville's memory appeared in Manchester before the game, it was reported that Sir Alex Ferguson he will have dinner with old friends.
Ma Luota this trip in addition to the old together with Sir Alex Ferguson, but also the requirements of the new coach to Football Shirt ask Nani Conti situation, "Bianconeri" I hope to introduce some stars in the summer to complete the reconstruction of the team, Nani is their One of the goals. In - Gary Neville's Memorial Tournament, Ewing was invited to Old Trafford as Manchester United's opponents, so Ma Luota Ferguson will take advantage of this opportunity to talk about issues related to the transfer Nani.
This season, Nani has fantastic performance, it can be said to join Manchester United after his season best performance, the Portuguese winger in the Premiership and Champions League battle 44 times, scoring 10 goals and 14 assists sent 10 +10 He has been promoted as Italian Football Shirt the data makes a world-class winger in Manchester United player within the selection of the best players, Nani is the most teammates to win the support of a smooth election.
However, in the end of the season, along with Valencia and Park Ji-Sung's back, Nani started his spot was not guaranteed guest Chelsea and Schalke in the Champions League, Nani have missed the debut, at home Juventus Shirt to Chelsea in the Premier League after top World War II, Nani battle is not given the opportunity, which means that Ferguson heart, qualifying Nani and Park Ji-Sung has been followed in Valencia.
In last Sunday's final round of Premier League Blackpool, Nani's ready for 90 minutes, which means most likely miss the Portuguese at Wembley in this weekend's Champions League final against Barcelona as a starter, completely reduced replacement Nani will probably re-consider their own in the future this summer.
Juve in Serie A this Krasic Shirt season, the final only to No. 7, is that these results will undoubtedly disappoint the fans, "old woman" has decided to dismiss Del Neri, so that the former exploits led the team captain Katy again next season to glory, according to reports, Juventus Conte 110 million pounds will be to the reconstruction funds, "Bianconeri" determined to challenge Milan clubs next season, won the Serie A's dominant throne.
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Beijing May 24, according to British media, "Daily Mirror" reported that Manchester United winger Ashley buy Villa - Young has made a breakthrough. It is reported that Vera has already conveyed to the Manchester United of their psychological level, to 1,500 million pounds.
Ashley Villa wing - Young's contract with the club expires next summer, although the Villa owner Lerner ready to the England Soccer Jersey international out of £ 80,000 weekly salary, but to realize their championship dreams, A Ashley - Aston Villa Young resolutely rejected the lucrative contract. As Ashley - Young unilateral refusal to renew, in order to avoid a free transfer in the Ming Xia, after the British media has reported that sportingo, Villa club ready to June 1 when the transfer window re-opens to sell, bid 25 million pounds.
According to authoritative assessment of the German media, "the transfer market" valuation, Ashley - Young is now worth about £ 15,840,000. Also taking into account the Ashley - Young's co-Yue Premier League Jersey Mingxia will expire, so you can see Villa offer is tantamount to have a big opening. Although the two Premiership giants Manchester United, Liverpool are interested in them, but the price is so that they stay away. Recently, Ashley - Young's teammate Darren - Bent in an interview, also said the matter that the transfer is inevitable, "Every day, I told him, 'the fighting with us In it to year ', but he still did not say yes. When, like Manchester United and other teams to play Champions League invitation to you, this is too difficult rejected. "
In this case, the Villa side forced Ashley - Young helpless to go core, and finally began to cut prices. This time, Villa Man City kits goes to Manchester United side to convey the psychological level of about 15 million pounds, which happens to coincide with Manchester United the previous offer. While Liverpool are also interested in Buying Ashley - Young, but for now the advantages of the Red Devils bid succeeded already obvious. On the one hand Ashley - I am keen to join Manchester United Young, because in his opinion, Manchester United won the Premiership title next season is the most popular stadium in the Champions League, the Red Devils are second to none strength; the other hand, despite the intention to Liverpool , but no clear offer.
Ashley, 25, - Young, is a habit Manchester City jerseys of dropping his right foot is flying at the speed of the left winger. The outstanding performance in the Premier League season, played in 34 games for the Villa into the 7 goals, contributed 10 assists. In the Three Lions, Ashley - Young also has a good performance, the team now he has firmly secured the main location.
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No matter how hilarious Wenger admitted Arsenal's season is not complete failure, he more than once revealed: "Sometimes we are too naive." Guest lost to Stoke City, Arsenal lost this season was the worst domestic defeat. Wen Ken Jones will not take off with the ball crashed into the belly, the culprit is Zhu Lu, the hapless or persons responsible for the back two goals conceded, Arsenal this season, people think the only reliable defender, but also can not Cheap Football Shirts stand pressure repeatedly make mistakes. Belly Jones scored a season sounded the death knell, let Wenger down the window of operation of the determination of the summer. Professor refused to rush to diagnose, only to disclose the idea of change: "We have long been associated with planning, we know very well what to change. This is not the time to talk about this. Must give an explanation, take a look at all the events we've ever played sessions, on the whole, not the outside world said that bad. look at the issue must calm down, from a distance in order to outline the whole picture. "Sagna believes Arsenal is always at Premier League Shirts the time and strength-based team encounters a disadvantage, is paid off, and not cruel. He stressed that the amendment this point, it is not through the transfer, training, targeted enough. Whether buying or not, Wenger knows this trend continues, on the one hand "too complicated", on the one hand "too naive", is certainly not. Jones scored his example, pointed out: "conceded a lot of positioning the ball, Jones's goal is to be avoided. Strengthen the defensive marking is not difficult to locate the ball, but team members must understand the value of Zhengding and selected bits. "That goal, van Persie missed the top, behind Arsenal Shirt the faint-Gibbs also subconsciously avoid the ball, Wenger no choice:" Sometimes, we played too naive. "Crash Four people distraught line, the way crash Can make Wenger pain killers, there is no answer. "A lot of teams want to play Champions League, just not enough for us to enter the Champions League, four lines lost regrettable, we are not anything. We really should win more, but think the Premiership is the toughest league in the world, In fact, we are very close and end. We must find it a little bit to make up for lack of something. " Summer there will be many people left Arsenal, Manuel Almunia, Denilson, Bendtner, Gael Clichy and Arshavin was included to give a different list of media, both Wenger give up, but also harbor dissatisfaction yell go. Turner said publicly that the total is scheduled to play the wing to let him unhappy, and not Arsenal Football Shirt enough chance to play, the cause of his poor state of reason, he threatened to find Wenger to have a say: "I play the wing this season, the number of too much. I now concentrate on preparing for Champions League qualification race, his season is over I want to talk about, playing the wing is not the best choice for me, but I can not decide where in the play. "He even suggested that if to his election, Barcelona is the ideal place: "I do not what the players will be idolized, but I chose a fantastic group, I hope, and Harvey, Iniesta side." remark, Arsenal fans at once a storm, the Danes have ridiculed himself.
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Barcelona La Liga round will be away against Levante, the team just gets a draw, you can advance two rounds of the Primera Liga title in the bag. Pre-race press conference, Guardiola also hopes that Barcelona can be resolved as soon as the fighting and he won the La Liga title that is more valuable than the other races: "Barcelona has been very close from the championship, but we have not completed the final target championship course, the Cheap Soccer Jerseys sooner to get better. I always think it is very difficult to win La Liga champions of, 08-09 season, we are at the Bernabeu after Real Madrid won the championship to ensure that, while we are fighting to the last year was decided at the last round of Champions, Real Madrid in the league has such a powerful opponent, winning is not always easy to do. " If the round does not beat Getafe Real Madrid, Barcelona will not automatically win the war, but Guardiola does not believe Premier League Jersey that Real Madrid will give gifts, he did not believe that good things happen. "Do not put title hopes in someone else, we can not control the game Real Madrid, but I think Real Madrid will win at home to Barcelona must do their work and concentrate all the energy to fight the game with Levante, to Levante know 3 months is not lost at home the ball, and the basic relegation successfully, as a newly promoted team, Levante kicked out of a good season. " If Barca victory the next 3 games, will be able to reach 100 points, will exceed last year's record of 99 points, while Messi La Liga but also in contention for Golden Boot last glimmer of hope to fight, but in view Barca Jerseys Guardiola, Primera Liga winning is the primary target, followed again to consider these, "Barcelona's goal is to win and win, even if you think something else is more important than winning, then it is surely confused, but also play a bad game. If Barca round won the last two rounds and will not turn on the water, it must play well this thing off the fate of other teams, some teams have to fight for their own goals to the final round. Of course Barca players to avoid injuries, because there are more importantly, the Champions League final to play. " A reporter took the Barcelona coach Johan Barcelona Jersey Cruyff Dream a dream and now coach Pep Guardiola to compare the three, this handsome humble melon gave his view: "Cruyff and Barcelona is the pioneer of that support , can not be used to measure the number of champions Barcelona now and then Barcelona, and our support team Dream Team and that can not be equated, because before them, Barca did not win the championship for many years, Cruyff the team lead in breaking this situation, in fact, Van Gaal, Frank Rijkaard and I are both inherited the essence of that team, and harvest the fruit, if not Cruyff, those of us who get nothing at all . "
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20 years ago, Manchester United's European Cup Winners Cup in Rotterdam, beating Barcelona 2-1 final, Ferguson admitted that Manchester United victory has made since he coached a crucial step, he hopes to replicate this season's Champions League final 20 years ago Barcelona beat feat again. 1991 European Cup Winners Cup final in Rotterdam, Barcelona Cruyff led the favorites, but Manchester United is a Football Shirt young team just getting started, the situation 20 years later with very similar results match Manchester United 2-1, with Hughes scoring twice beat Barcelona, Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson ushered in after their first European title. Beat Barcelona in the European Cup Winners Cup champion, who further strengthens Ferguson to dump, and then created a generation after generation of Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United dynasty Premier League Shirts comes to a decisive battle 20 years ago, Barcelona's game, Ferguson said: "This is a forward an important step, which is not in doubt. Sharp and Ryan Giggs are emerging, we still have Hughes, Mike Lyle, Ince and Bryan Robson, soon after, we introduced Paul - Parker, Andrei Kanchelskis and Schmeichel. This is necessary signings, this gives us really strong lineup. " The game 20 years ago, Manchester United and Barcelona goalless draw in the first half, second half, in the face his former club's Man U Kits sudden outbreak of Hughes, who in the 68th minute and 74th minute with two goals to help Manchester United into the lead, although Barcelona with Coleman goal in the 79th minute pulled one back, but in the end Manchester United still won 2-1. The case comes to the game, Ferguson said: "Barcelona's tactics deployed in the first half gave us a lot of trouble, they arranged two wide players and there is no center, they accumulate a lot of pitches in the midfield. Once we re-organized after halftime, we played better in the second half was Man U Shirts a team, which is fantastic for us one night. " 20 years later, the current lineup of Manchester United and Barcelona are related beyond recognition 20 years ago, but the Red Devils boss Sir Alex Ferguson is still in 2 years ago, Manchester United had lost to Barcelona 0-2 in the Champions League final, this time Ferguson will certainly be more careful select the appropriate tactics to deal with Barcelona, Ferguson can copy the brilliant 20 years ago? May 29 match-ups will give the answer.
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"Juventus initialed Pirlo!" Beijing May 11, "Rome sports daily," said the Juventus have reached an agreement with Pirlo on the move. "Slow motion," said Pirlo will be a three-year after-tax annual salary of up to 400 million euro contract. In the English version of Wikipedia, Pirlo has been changed to their respective club Juventus. Currently, Pirlo contract with AC Milan Soccer Jersey about to expire, but his new contract delay is resolved. 10, Galliani at a news conference in Rome, said, "From 16 on, I have enough time and all the players to discuss the contract renewal is about to expire, and if possible, about 24 hours a day.”Unexpectedly, in Galliani prepared to renew talks before and Pirlo, Juventus have reached an agreement with Pirlo on the move. Accordance with the "Corriere dello Sport," saying, Juventus transfer charge Maluo Ta, his assistant Para Krstic's agent Tingdi with Pirlo had a meeting recently. Juventus is very generous offer because the two sides reach an agreement soon. The Italian media thought that Juventus initialed Pirlo. In fact, Pirlo had hoped to stay in AC Milan. Since Premier League Jersey joining AC Milan since 2001, wearing red and black shirt he had 10 seasons. A few days ago, he won the Serie A squad in Rome title, this is his second career Serie A title. However, the two sides in a dispute over salary issues. Currently, Andrea Pirlo after-tax annual salary of six million euros, he ranked second in the red and black matrix. Earlier, Galliani gave him out of a contract, but after-tax annual salary of only 200 million euros. Pirlo 31-year-old is not reluctant to get, but he did not expect the club's pay cut so large magnitude. Because the two sides could not reach a consensus on salary, Pirlo's renewal has yet to result. Take advantage of this opportunity to Juventus. Accordance with the "Gazzetta dello Sport," saying, Juventus took the opportunity to give him out of a three-year, after-tax AC Milan Jerseys annual salary of four million euros contract. AC Milan offer compared to the renewal of the contract, the contract is very lucrative Juventus. Although Juventus missed the Champions League this season and may even miss the European leagues, but this contract reflects the club's high-level emphasis on Pirlo. "Corriere dello Sport," said the two sides reached an agreement soon. Juventus paid to Pirlo is not surprising. As early as the winter break, Juventus transfer in the introduction to Tony's adopted this strategy. At the time, Tony free to join, the club turned to 34 years old, he opened out up to 500 million euros after tax salary. At Juventus, treatment of Tony's second. Accordance with the "Corriere dello Sport," saying, Pirlo kept in talks with AC Milan, he continued to negotiate the right contract. If possible, stay Ronaldinho Jerseys or AC Milan, Andrea Pirlo's first choice. However, considering the AC Milan and Juventus are difficult to compare one to the contract, Pirlo is not likely to stay. In the English version of Wikipedia, Pirlo has been changed to the ownership of the club Juventus. "May 11, Juventus, a three-year contract with AC Milan from the introduction of a Pirlo free. The player's agent met with representatives of Juventus, the two sides had reached an agreement." Before the introduction of Afghanistan in Rome Jarno's transfer in Delhi, Wikipedia had a similar exposure material. It turned really introduced Adriano Rome.
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There is more than a week before the Champions League final played, but again, Manchester United has been making determined efforts of a decisive battle Barcelona, the club has long been ready for the game designed specifically for the promotional photos taken suit. The gray suit Manchester United is to coach and the players are obviously very pleased, Ferguson, Nani, Da Silva brothers and Hernandez and others laughing during filming. Champions League final, Manchester United is not to be optimistic about the party, however, the Red Devils never Football Shirt have enough power, in addition to the 2009 final defeat in Rome in revenge, but if Barca win, they can also get a Champions League record revenue the total number could be close to 7000 pounds. Which, in addition to including the UEFA prize money distributed according to merit, there are television fees, match day income. Articles by UEFA, Champions League prize money are 800 pounds. Therefore, once beat Barcelona, Manchester United, UEFA will be worth up to £ 4940 is divided into linked with the results, 2,680 pounds is the group stage and knockout bonus, another £ 2260 fee is divided into live television. In addition to the prize money, UEFA, Manchester United at Old Trafford this season, a total of six Champions League home games held, each an average income of Premier League Shirts about 320 million pounds, the total is 1920 pounds. These two revenue, allow the Red Devils received a total of 6860 pounds, nearly 70 million. Even Manchester United held Barcelona in the Champions League final again, runner-up also get £ 460 of UEFA prize money, the club does the total revenue decreased by 5%, but there are also 6,500 pounds. Interestingly, for many clubs, the final defeat of the interests of more than win. Because once the win, they may need coach and players to pay astronomical bonuses. But this is only calculated on the book, once the club wins the Champions League, get sponsorship and commercial income will increase. According to data from UEFA, Inter Man U Kits Milan Champions League last season, won £ 4290, £ 4000 runner-up by Bayern. Barcelona and Manchester United this season greatly increased the income it receives, it is because more high UEFA signed a new broadcast protocol, and participating teams based on the influence of television and the national team last season ranked in the different rates paid by . For example, the defending Premier League champions Chelsea this season, entering only 8 in the Champions League, but they still have 3,900 pounds of UEFA prize money; Tottenham have also entered the Top 8, but the Premier League last season ranked only No. 4, they only assigned to the Man U Shirts UEFA 2730 pounds, only first-round knockout over 2620 pounds out of Arsenal's slightly more. According to this distribution system, the Champions League 32 team can get at least £ 630 of income, including 340 million and 2.9 million live television into the group stage bonus. As for the performance-linked bonuses based on method is very simple, win a gain of 70.7 million pounds, a level of 35.3 million pounds. 16 teams into the knockout you can get an additional bonus of 270 pounds, 8 strong team is repeatedly used 290 million pounds, 4 there are other strong members of the 350 million pounds reward.
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New Arsenal midfielder made rapid progress in the past year, Wilshire, and now he is not only the core of the gunmen, the adult national team even have a place in England. Wilshire has a strong heart to serve the country, in Capello under the command of a firm foothold, he also hopes Soccer Jersey to win in Europe this summer to help England U21 Youth Championship. However, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger Quedui Wilshire does not agree to participate in the European Youth race, he thought it would be a mistake. Wenger is out of health considerations Wilshire, in his view, too much for Serena this season, is close to physical overdraft. If you go to Denmark to participate in the European Youth race, then there is great risk of injury. But Wenger's warning did not listen to Wilshire, who said recently that travel with the team if they can win, it would be beneficial to him harmless. Impose pressure on the club, so England U21 boss Pearce has some let go of hands and feet was originally released in Premier League Jersey Europe this week, five young season roster, he had to postpone this process until Monday. Will Hill in the end whether it should participate in the European Youth Competition? This problem is probably wise see wisdom eyes of the beholder. British "Sun" on Saturday wrote that Wilshire has now been exhausted. This clearly points to the British media this side of Arsene Wenger, the paper pointed out, "Jack - Will Hill has been exhausted, the FA should be very clear. Data strikingly confirm that Arsenal should not be in the summer Wonder Kid Youth tournament on the European adventure. " Pearce determined to call on Monday to enter the European Youth Wilshire season roster, but Wenger has Arsenal Jerseys repeatedly stressed that in a tournament after the season-intensive, 19-year-old Serena deserve a break. Wilshire how tired in the end? Data do not lie. So far this season, Will Hill took part in 57 official games, the cumulative time to reach the 4,585 minutes played. Will Hill's playing time than any of the Arsenal team-mates are more, U21 teammates to none. Before participating in the European Youth Competition, Will Hill will be June 4 to participate in the European Championship qualifier with Switzerland. In fact, the workload of Wilshire England is even Arsenal Jersey more than some of the key players. Data show, Ashley - Cole (4574 minutes) and Captain John Terry (4100 minutes) is not the time of the season and Wilshire battle. Arsenal is equipped with high-tech GPS technology also shows that Wilshire's physical condition is in obvious decline. Play game dragged his exhausted body, Wilshire indeed high risk of injury.
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Serie A champion AC Milan after a lapse of the new Section 7 years to win again, so that Hong Heijun lifted up and down. Milan vice president Adriano Galliani to talk about a lot in these two Football Shirt  big wish for this summer's transfer operation. Detailed analysis of each target in the player before, "Pfister uncle" to show the other goals.
"AC Milan, Inter Milan must be embroidered on the chest Double Star," plus general told the "Gazzetta dello Sport." "This season's Serie A win is important, because it prevents the five consecutive inter."
Serie A win at least 10 times the number of teams can be embroidered on the chest of a five-pointed star, AC Milan and Inter Milan are now in 18 Serie A champions, Juventus is likely to disregard Italian Football Shirt some of the objections, on winning a After the embroidery on the Serie A champions "Samsung." After the outbreak of the door phone, deprived of two Serie A titles before the zebra Army has won 29 Serie A titles.
Then add more detailed explanation of the total Kaka will not return something, no intention of Van der Vaart, missed Asamoah reasons. "Kaka will not return because Milan can not sign him, Real Madrid can not loan him to us, or return to Spain, the Brazilian will be taxed heavily. I am madly in love with Kaka, but he can no longer be. "
"Van der Vaart? Allegri want more aggressive players - we do not know why, but the top always agree with his thoughts."
"For instance, we agree to Inter Milan Football Shirt compete for cable Gan. We need a traditional, such as the engine without too much running as the classic 10."
"Milan does not sign anyone in Italy again. I, Mr. X, such as left as Udinese midfielder Gerald Asamoah will be purchased from abroad. We are not Ghanaians because the two clubs usually too little transaction. "
"If Seedorf to leave, we just have to buy a player."
A handsome sum of the last praise the same time, Samsung also talked about following the former Cagliari coach possible. "Allegri have done well, but also with the support of President Silvio  Maicon Shirt Berlusconi all relationships. When we were not sure when signing Robinho, the total support of Tony Brazilians and put us to sign Borriello sold to Rome. "
"Ma Qiedi's future depends on our goalkeeper Marco Amelia. We will not sign Razali, but there may return to Hong Heijun Astor."
Milan's reserve goalkeeper Marco Amelia is the sum of beginning of the season on loan from Genoa, and Milan youth academy from Cagliari defender Astor in 2008, formally bid farewell to Hong Heijun.

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After winning in Milan ahead of the club and the players began the renewal, but the effect of Milan midfielder Andrea Pirlo has 10 years of freedom of leaving the team announced. Pato in an interview that talked about the sad scene, "when Pirlo farewell to our team he cried, and he won all the honors in Milan is the core of the national team. Now Pirlo leave, I would like to wish his future endeavors. "
While Pato also pointed out that Milan and Pirlo's departure will not damage the strength, "Pirlo is a great player, he could Soccer Jersey play a decisive role on the court. We must respect the choice of Pirlo, but also have to be careful, because no matter which team he will join the team greatly enhances the strength. Pirlo is a unique, no one can completely replace him, but Milan will be introduced and his players the same level of excellence. "
In reviewing the course of this season's championship, the decisive battle that is Pato 3-0 derby victory over Inter Milan, "Milan, Bari and Palermo before the two rounds of the league numerous, people thought that we would lose the Derby and lose top spot. But Milan played a great game, 3-0 victory over Inter Milan, and then changed the view of public opinion, Milan again Serie A Jerseys become a hot favorite to win. "That alone Pato Derby with two goals, winning the biggest player in Milan.
Although the win ahead of schedule, but will still do well in Milan Pato said the final round of Udinese in the league, "that would be a difficult game, but I, Robinho, Ibrahimovic will strive to do well. Goal of the striker is very important, but in modern football, the striker also must help the team defensively. I hope my position is closer to the goal, scored more goals so I can, but the coach decided. Prior to joining Milan 4 years I finally obtained after the Serie A title, I will strive for more glory, I want to be the symbol of Milan players. "
Pato then praised several of his teammates, "Robinho has entered this season 14 goals, his performance AC Milan Jerseys is very good, he is a great player, brought a great help for the team, and whether appropriate He was always smiling, Robinho likes to joke, but he was very focused during training. Ibrahimovic and my partner, well, this season has been the case, we are happy about it. Cassano is an interesting person, and everyone enjoy the joke, but his only taboo is not allowing people to touch their own hair and hair gel, his great strength, I hope he can stay in Milan. Boa Teng dance in addition to his level of play is also high, and he wanted to stay. "
Most Hou Patuo that there are two  AC Milan Jersey trophies this summer, his need to win, "first America's Cup, we all want to win. Brazil points in a difficult group, but we have a lot of good players. As well as the Netherland's and Brazil Romania's two friendlies, because we only have a week's holiday. I hope that when Milanello return next season, he can bring America's Cup trophy, and then we go to Beijing to win the Italian Super Cup. "
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