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Uruguay, the Argentine national team was eliminated after the blue and white members of the Legion is very sad, Pastore, Zanetti, Higuain Wholesale Soccer Jersey Supplier , Javier Mascherano and other players after the game to face the camera, have expressed their sad feelings, although the team's number one star Lionel Messi also appears sad, but he did not accept any media interviews, but silently bow back into the locker room, and the more such a situation, the more shows plum West of the pain.
Massey performed well in fact this game, he is the source of creativity, Argentina, Higuain's goal also came from his accurate assists. After the game, he not only won the official selection of the best single-game, but the media did not criticize the Argentine Lionel Messi, but Messi is fair to play a team-high points. "Andes newspaper" Messi as the best audience, generally World Cup Soccer Jerseys only four or five of his teammates score points when Messi got 8 points, "reported the Andes' Comments said:" The outstanding performance in the first half Messi , decreased the level of the second half, but each time as long as he got the ball, it can form a break, let Uruguayans feel worried. "
Argentina's Messi geodetic network also played a team-high 8.5 points, comments, said: "Messi is soon to enter the state, assists for Higuain Argentina National Team Soccer Jerseys , he demonstrated his best state, after which he created the opportunity for the vast majority of Argentina Messi for Uruguay defender off guard, Uruguayans can only block with continuous foul Messi. "
Argentine Lionel Messi is gradually won the respect. Before the game, once in Colombia Messi fans boo game, apologized to the Massey. "Leo, thank you! Please forgive us!" "Macy + team + fans = 2014 World Cup", "Messi, forgive us!" Santa Fe fans playing all sorts of requests to forgive their rude of Messi Argentina Jersey slogan. Unfortunately, while Messi has become the normal relationship with the fans, the Argentine national team once again lost the. But this time, the media did not blame the failure of Argentina to Messi, they know that the Argentine national team failed to win the Championship for 18 years, the responsibility is not one person in Massey.
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"Alvarez player definitely has super strength, the facts will eventually prove that he stronger, Inter (microblogging) the deal is definitely super-successful." Although the strength of the opponent two consecutive Inter are weak, but this did not cover Ricardo Gabriel álvarez talent and ability, Gentile Cheap Soccer Jersey on Sky Sports commentator praised him loudly.
First warm-up against Trentino, Alvarez suffered minor injuries before halftime replacement fate of Ned, in his debut in the harvest at the sub-goals, to the game, joining Alvarez celebrates its Inter Milan after the first starting opportunity. After arriving in Italy, Alvarez said he can not only play attacking midfielder, also can play winger, is also an 8 player, and Gasperini Italian Serie A Soccer Jerseys said Alvarez never able to adapt to the requirements of multiple locations, The game will add handsome "new Kaka" on the right wing position, and the fact that evidence Minge Alvarez in this position equally well.
Alvarez is not only capable multiple locations, means of attack is varied, playing the game he restricted area Qiangdian Tuishe break, and today he demonstrated his skill header, 33 minutes, Sneijder out corner, Alvarez Inter Milan Jerseys Soccer 8 meters high jump in front of the ball into the bottom right corner of the top; second half of the first 9 minutes, Alvarez and 15 meters in front of left foot volley directly, the Inter goals fixed in 6. Alvarez quite satisfied with his performance, he said: "I am very very happy because I did it very well, I'm getting better adapt to the Inter tactics."
Through two games, Inter has to understand the hearts of 14 million euros is indeed their own value for money, but now Inter Milan in the celebrations of it is still a trace of chuckle and rejoice, because on almost Alvarez joined Palermo. "Football Market" revealed that in January, when Palermo president Zamparini Milito Jersey Soccer 22 and Velez have reached an agreement, but ultimately failed to agree on the treatment of the players, Alvarez requirements for annual salary than the bus Palermo higher than the contract provided 10 million euros, which led to Palermo finally abandoned the acquisition, and as "Football Market" is it, for this old news, "Gasperini can burst into laughter "because it is the 10 million euros, to Inter picked up a big treasure.
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Nasri's transfer is still in the soap opera continued indefinitely, patting, but this did not affect the French position in the Arsenal team. Hangzhou Greentown with the friendly, to the starting lineup as attacking midfielder Samir Nasri has been entrusted with the task of the organization's core team, which is used to position the old Fabregas, but Nasri is not shown convinced the commander of talent, and perhaps Wholesale Soccer Jersey Supplier have grown accustomed to fighting on the sidewalks, the old French genius seems to have less to adapt to the role of commander in midfield.
The entire first half, Arsenal is the team's offensive organization can be described as prolix and not only attack very slow pace, bad rate, and Nasri, Andrei Premier League Soccer Kit Arshavin and Tomas Rosicky are crowded penalty area before trying to penetrate Road, in the face Hangzhou Greentown's tight defense, a serious lack of three-dimensional Arsenal attack routine, completely unable to penetrate into the danger zone. Objectively speaking, the performance of Nasri is no shortage of highlights, especially the first half before the end of the game, Nasri has a continuous use of personal ability to put pressure on the opponent's defense. First 36 minutes, Nasri received from outside the area of the wing knock Sarnia, 90-degree turn after the in situ force sideways volley the ball over the bar Kankan , attracted the audience fans exclaimed. Two minutes later, Nasri and exquisite straight plug in the box before sending help get singled out goalkeeper Van Persie the chance.
Arsenal's 4-0 victory over Malaysia in the warm-up match after Wenger has vowed that Nasri's excellent performance status and dedication that he is still an important member of Arsenal, and that Nasri and the team continued and not much about the problem. Obviously, Professor Nasri Arsenal FC Soccer Club Jersey gave high expectations, set in Fabregas leave a few cases, Nasri will be the team focus on training small law successor. But the second half, when the teenager Ramsey debut after it was discovered that perhaps this name when Wenger snatched from the mouth of Manchester United's Welsh talent Binasili more like a small bowl vestments inheritors.
Ramsay's style of play Binasili more concise, less time on the ball, the ball is faster, which makes the second half of Arsenal's passing rate suddenly improved two stalls, half in the middle on defense ease of Hangzhou Greentown no longer keep up with the beat of the gunmen's attack, returning to the Arsenal attack to fill the gap, and finally in front of Chinese fans show up. Ramsay Arshavin Jersey 23 second half as the team's offensive core will be his breakthrough, plug, ball, show the most talent the organization. The first 64 minutes, Ramsey almost assists Walcott ahead score, Ramsey was outside the area the opportunity to obtain excellent long-range, seeing the Welsh teenager ready to whirl round kicker blasts, but the twinkling of an eye, puts assigned to the right the ball when the air, Hangzhou Greentown players Ramsey was completely fake to attract, Walcott within the restricted area the opportunity to face the goalkeeper, but his oblique was turned back, then hit the empty can tip shot the ball high, wasted Ramsay's exquisite pass.
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As President of Germany Naples - Dino De Laurentiis's resolute attitude, AC Milan signings Hick gradually shifted from Hamm and Montolivo Pastore, everything has embarked on the front from behind the scenes ... ...
Local time yesterday, Germany - Dino De Laurentiis in an interview once again stressed his dissatisfaction with AC Milan,  Cheap Soccer Jersey  after a few days ago said publicly that, "Hamm Hick 100 million price tag", the German - again yesterday, Dino De Laurentiis " Gazzetta dello Sport "made clear his own attitude:" I will never sell to Hicks Hamm AC Milan, if we sell, I would choose Moratti, at least he is a gentleman. "
At the same time, the odds of gambling companies out amazing show, Pastore to join AC Milan lost 1.22 to 1 odds! This shows that the gambling company has been quite optimistic about Pastore's transfer, while the other one the strongest evidence comes from Pastore's friends, but has been banned because of doping before the Palermo defender, the current bus transfer Lecce Palermo  Premier League Soccer Kit   defender Carlo Qi Ye Li, Kaluoqiye in the media yesterday, said: "In my opinion, Pastore will join AC Milan." But he did not disclose what he knows the inside story. But now once again Sneijder and Manchester United's negotiations reached an impasse, according to the previous "full market" editor Peiduliya called "Pastore's next home is just two AC Milan and Inter Milan", then now Sneijder move to Manchester United thing repeatedly, has made it clear that "wealthy want to be able to rise to a higher level," Pastore, whether the patient's transfer from Sneijder to determine their own transfer, drag August 31 bet if he could join Inter Milan it? Although Zamparini said something similar, "Pastore value 50 million" this is the case, but Zamparini Manchester United Soccer Jerseys  has always been so exaggerated, last season's Cavani 29 million price tag, but eventually went to Naples lease, buy off the price of 16 million, the Italian media predict that the current situation, either AC Milan or Inter Milan, 30 million can be won Pastore, but not Inter Milan will not sell Sneijder shot.
At the same time, Berlusconi demanded to Allegri's "Left midfielder" has basically decided to Montolivo, while AC Milan fans on Friday came the collective challenge Montolivo news, but get this bit Italian international is much easier than the introduction of Bastian Schweinsteiger. For Montolivo, Florence Man Utd Soccer Jersey  has been open to the public people, sports manager Corvino in yesterday's news conference, said: "On Montolivo, and now we have been identified, these days I asked him if he's willing to brokers and our contract negotiations, but I was told that he has made the opposite decision in accepting his decision, let us look at the transfer market it. "Currently, Florence intends to introduce Aquilani from Liverpool to replace Montolivo.
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3 to 0 victory over Venezuela, Spain continues to shine as the world champion light, and coach Vicente del Bosque has With the victory, as the Spanish national team victory in the history of screening up to the coach, coaching the national team three years, he has made 39 wins. Cheap Soccer Jersey  Aragones previous record was 38 wins, winning percentage is obviously higher Bosque, he achieved 39 wins and 44 games, 54 games Aragones made 38 wins. Aragones is at 62 games after the 36 victories achieved Clement. Bosque continues to break all records, and his success is far from coming to an end.
August 20, 2008, Bosque Spain led the first race, in the first game he beat 3-0 in Copenhagen, Denmark, to create a good start. Aragones led Spain in 2008 made the European Cup, Bosque to move beyond the "wise men" very difficult, but do Bosque. Direction, he developed along the lines Aragones National Team Soccer Jerseys  ahead, including the team's style have not changed, he was just the team's lineup and tactics to make some minor adjustments, become the main defender Pique, cloth Sike Ci main marked in the midfield, Alonso's more obvious, the results in 2010, he led the World Cup to get beyond the history of Spain's Aragones as the most successful national team coach, do not forget, In Madrid, he has also got the Champions League and many other top honors.
61-year-old Del Bosque led Spain played in 44 games, scored 39 wins and 4 losses and 1 level of success, winning 89 per cent. The only draw is the World Cup after a warm-up match with Mexico in 1-1 draw. Several loss is 0 to 2 loss to the U.S. team in the Confederations Cup, World Cup opener 1-0 loss to Switzerland              Spain Soccer Jerseys after the World Cup friendly against Argentina, losing 1 to 4, 0 to 4 lost to Portugal. That U.S. team lost the game after he took office Bosque let the record 13-game winning streak end, after he made 12 straight until losing to Switzerland. But lost to Switzerland and Spain toward the World Cup is not hindered. Bosque era's biggest victory was 6 to 0 victory over Azerbaijan, and the same victory over Poland.
Western media said a team made history must be created by the history of the composition of the coaches and players. Players, the Casillas  Spain Soccer Shirt  and Villa have made history, and coach in the Bosque is also making history. Aragones sowing and harvest the European Cup, Bosque continue to maintain the results, so that the Spanish football team to become the world benchmark. Bosque commendable and his modesty, talking about his record, he laughed: "We won so many games, players must rely on the efforts, of course, at some point, we also have some luck, we in all respects in history, not just winning sessions and World Cup. "
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America's Cup to be eliminated from 4 to 8, the Argentine fans are happy to sad, and other popular titles, so not a big rock, while the other Mourinho in the ocean, perhaps smiling mouth at this time to sleep,  He Replica Soccer Jersey saw the most need to see the scene: Higuain confirmed the worst state, played a beautiful ball, plus the group stage has not been taken seriously when the overall performance, it is clear that today's "small pipe, "from the previous quarter, real long-term damage to move forward on the road out of a generous target.
120 minutes in a ball, Iraq has a very clear positioning melon strength: the left peak of his shots beyond the control of their own luck. Others, in the restricted area storm high-power, courage, and Xia Sanlu National Soccer Jersey  singles sight, 9, center, after which the players must be some collusion, and even sacrifice their feint echo of the fact that luck is not enough to not quite right, he is not has entered a wonderful head it it?
Head, Batista can be considered the most successful in practice the first half of the tactics: delay sending the ball to Messi, Higuain Pa grab the opportunity to live restricted. Uruguay's defense of high quality, but not as head of the alley-oop way, because Messi and Higuain's paintings, most of you second line too, less than half a second is simply the top. If you Argentina Soccer Jersey  close the Super rabbit-like activity, and Higuain movement and location, its excellent sense, but also accustomed to an open state, into a slow burn to eat Uruguayan. First of all, offside, Hou Meixi get the ball, Higuain got the ball, but when I successfully complete the flight loading flash of light, the moment thing, and for the other guard position? Plan than the rebound? After much thought, without this scored a goal!
The official ball Messi the best, in fact, non-host team does not really want, you can consider Higuain, two relays, led the breakthrough (a little bit offside), the ball hit a small area, resistance to both sides continuous attack, Saba Leta heel to send the ball, if not Muslera wonderful show today kill Ghana World Cup points, Higuain Messi Jersey  will undoubtedly become the game's first true one bright spot. But even if ultimately only scored one goal, but also the expectations of his people, the penalty shootout, his mind has entered the door, although the process is a bit breathtaking.
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