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Inter milan in the summer, one of the biggest characteristic is to strengthen the efforts to introduce young players, except alvarez, card has, and is seeking listrac card, inter milan outside the millo plug after introducing the direct bono, Mr Greenspan's Wholesale Soccer Jersey Supplier on, dolohov, g jonas miller four young players, but it's not over yet, according to Spanish, o the reported, and a young players to inter milan will set foot on the journey.
He is from the Spanish players leandro barbosanone-rodriguez, o the 17 year-old striker in the las parma effect, but be Barcelona, chasing DuoNian, but inter win the final victory, according to the Spanish newspaper reports the chains, the next few days, the young striker will be accompanied by his family came to milan, and sign for inter. And, of course, Marco branca not with the team to Beijing, also is not only for and rodriguez, he signed this a major or for the card, and fill the millo work has been branca Italian Soccer Jerseys have preliminary results, according to sky platform of markov Katie report, luca-if card plug the millo finally to Italian football, so his options must be inter milan, markov Katie said: "in Italy, card plug the first choice of the millo is certainly inter milan, although still have other Italian team (Rome), AC milan want him, but inter milan won't let them win.
Of course, inter need to get enough of the transfer, perhaps the money from Mali, and will add tower, Cardiff, or seeing a big-name signing comes out. "From Brazil and the news says, card plug the millo has refused to renew his contract with Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo to his contract only 20000 6000 euros a month, then increase annually by 4500 euros, and 270000 on pay the bonus, but card I want to plug Inter Milan Soccer Uniforms the millo at least two times the contract. Of course, in addition to inter milan and roma, but also have other country club is in the CARDS plug interest, it's the millo including the premier league tottenham and Spain. But although sneijder sevilla in Beijing, but also be clinging to transfer news.
The famous agent vincenzo morabito said: "in Beijing's super cup, really may be in inter milan last sneijder world war I, and in this, he will put on the Manchester united shirt, for the Italian league is concerned, it is a great loss." Vincenzo morabito said, "I'm surprised, whether inter milan and sneijder, in previous to this thing has been without a clear statement, they have been keep silent." About the transfer, vincenzo morabito don't think that after the 30 million pounds is that: "I think more or less than the former a bit less, now, see whether Inter Shirt the inter milan invested that money transfer market, and I believe that inter milan will bring in a defensive midfielder esteban cambiasso, as successor." Vincenzo morabito word soon received a part of the sky, the sky by platform of baal zagi revealed: "part of it is true, sir alex ferguson has been in order to get the really hard, but in sneijder inter in Beijing during the games, talks, it will all be temporarily suspended on until August 6, after the super cup again."

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The youth team game should have full of surprise, at least not representative of the adult team brilliant youth team success-Germany, Italy and the Netherlands is a clear proof of defeat. But the Spanish are proof of the youth team game also have rule over the past few years, and almost the same, adult international unbeaten Spanish youth as the autumn wind sweeps away the green leaves a championship, not to leave Soccer Jerseys Wholesale any hope opponent.
So are calm, belarus victory has given them trouble, but Adrian's goal to destroy the opponent's line. They are the most goals conceded during the second team, less. In the final, the Swiss have just left without a goal for the record, but it's on the green "article in the final of the best defence become so fragile, AnDeEr header and irrepressible tiago that the Swiss defense instantly crumble. "Our tactics in the future for a long time in a dominant position," the newspaper, after the game, appear so optimistic, the Spaniard has started looking forward to the Olympic Games because, Stanford and London in competition for success in the experience, let them have never been so confident.
The green, in addition to the first group and the final, Adrian played the role of a savior, the last two rounds, for three consecutive semi-final group and the game he has scored booking. The most critical semi-final, belarus, most of the time are Wholesale FIFA 2010 World Cup leading 1-0, but before the final goal of the game to Adrian overtime, overtime, ensure that the goal is Adrian Spanish people can get their, this also is Spain in the youth team Europe on the most thrilling youth championship game. Although final Adrian can't score, but with previous performance, he still took the best players and the best striker two awards.
After winning the World Cup and euro successively, the Spaniard has begun to the rule of world football. The whole football discussions about how to deal with the Spanish national team and Barcelona tactical system, but still had no answer. You can say jose mourinho is to study further the Spanish against Barcelona strategy, but the ousting of real Madrid and Barcelona mind-blowing the winner is still, Barcelona, Spain after the World Cup is not also, in addition to lose in off the insignificant of warm-up matches outside, vicente del bosque's team in the European championship qualifiers still overwhelming.
Not only is adult team, all levels of the youth team in your age group also began his rule. Spain's youth team is the most luxurious youth Cheap Spain Soccer Jerseys championship team, to be sure, the London Olympics next year they will have the most enviable line-up, history BeiErGeMi had only to champion of the world youth championship in the identity, and this time the Spain squad but have two world champion: mata and Harvey martinez, same age-appropriate and booth g, but he's not participating. Mata and Harvey martinez has become the top two in the world champion identity to the green championship player, and they are now beginning to win an Olympic gold medal, the men Spain Soccer Jerseys look forward and Spain also are likely to become the first in the next year, the World Cup and euro straight winning Olympic gold medal soccer nation.
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About half of the past time, "Mr. X" are AC milan's exclusive vocabulary, but recently, "Mr. X" has entered the inter milan transfer the news, like the whole market "writing special puts it," now, everyone was very happy, because inter finally had his "X Mr."!"
Inter milan's Mr. X yesterday for the new aid from inter HuoNa sang in a news conference, HuoNa mulberry answer the reporter's question, Marco branca admitted Cheap Soccer Jersey after inter and Genoa are common cooperation, the goal is "a player", "are we going to buy BoATeng like AC milan, and Genoa that together make a deal? Really possible." "The market" will branca of said "a player" called inter, Mr. X and who on earth is about Mr. X, "all market" is also listed the master the information.
In recent days the Italian media and exposure to go abroad m Lucas and card plug the millo the two Brazilian has interested in news, HuoNa mulberry on to talk about the opinion of them: "the two people are very good players, it's very very young. Lucas at a very fast rate, he has been named in the Brazilian national team. Card plug the millo very talented in midfield, he did a great job for control of the game, was Italian Serie A Soccer Jerseys like, 'as' the steering wheel. I don't know whether between inter and they have really talks, but I believe that they would be a huge in inter's success, just as they do in Brazil." so domestic
The news from the previous view, Sao Paulo, Brazil's young midfielder card plug the millo, and he himself also most likely has to Europe for well prepared for, especially inter, "the world champions will be my first choice to Europe." But for card plug the millo, but branca in action and inter said no media coverage of the then speeding, he denied the inter has to offer, "the news of Sao Paulo for card plug the millo and Lucas, inter have never offer to Sao Paulo, like HuoNa mulberry said that, they are two young gifted players, but I think inter and is not the only team to interest them."
About the second choice, "the market" gives a strange name: playing for lille Senegal-the player he. "Although no longer young (25 years old), but general-cable to add sperry, the team is definitely very practical." Last season's ligue 1, general-the game with lille win the title, but he then topped with 25 goals in ligue 1 striker king. If, however, is a pure striker, inter I'm afraid would not move, because he-the inter striker carlos tevez has been full, and what's more, the transfer of the news is all Inter Milan Soccer Club Jersey over the place. "The market" says, more important is to "general-cable is more of a striker, as he is a midfield player." And this feature with inter for, obviously is very important.
Super salmon in the past who Russia's club will dig Angle of the target to inter milan, the chairman of the club is one of Russia's largest rich, inherited 5 billion euros, the huge balance to understand salmon, Carla hope to be able to use a huge sums of money will eto 'o income account, gennaro gattuso agent of m families to "the Italian football" confirmed it. But has to stay at inter President massimo moratti will had been Inter Milan Jersey assured the eto 'o clearly not leave inter rammed to the sky, and sports channels revealed it is his, and eto 'o inter.
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Istanbul for Liverpool is a remarkable city, six years of the "miracle" Istanbul before each the Liverpool fans the pride of the eternal. At that time, they in the champions league final 0-3 behind AC milan, in addition to the red army soldiers, almost all people believe they drubbing, but Steven gerrard head-butts blowing the horn of the counter-offensive, with strong will, Liverpool even pull three goals, and in a penalty Replica Football Shirt Supplier shoot-out defeat the psychological barrier already be overrun rossoneri champions, won!!!!! This is the champions league history of one of the greatest reversal!!!!! Now, Liverpool to return to the land, encounters the 3-0 backward situation, but no miracle, the score starts again cruelly stopped at 0-3 above, seems to be in the red army soldiers-remind less than before!
Liverpool and galatasaray pre-season this summer, the Liverpool game 4 of the pre-season friendly, also is the fourth consecutive times by rivals Liverpool even fill three goals, and second straight game 3-0 defeat by their opponents. And, the four opponents have not top team, even has the first three home can use "three-point banker" proportionality: ZhongJia guangzhou th spring, Malaysia 11 people, the championship to some. In the face of these premiership level of the team, Liverpool defence but exposed so much, just think, if the premiership loopholes open now, this will be how to drag the defence of the front suarez and EPL Football Shirts carol were.
Liverpool the soft rib of known: left-back and central defender. No one can be used in left-back, konchesky has benefited move to the championship, the leicester city; Insua following Malaysia game by the opponent ball through, the game easily clean sheet first goal and, and, and, and he burst its Banks from here, the last season on loan to galatasaray, but still need Liverpool pay money to Argentina stopper, it is difficult to get dalglish's trust. The Brazilian is 31 veteran aurelio injury-depleted roster, was born in 93, and the new Robinson was green. Even if the glen Johnson after return, can temporarily props up a united rent will be some brady smash on the right side of the road's, but the left hand side of the empty, will still serious constraints Liverpool.
Dalglish have realized that the team's problems, in the postgame news conference, aimed at the red army of king robin revive Liverpool Football Tops Kenny said: "they look more than us, maybe more than we have sharp lead a little. August 13 to us is a very important day, that day of the season is back. I'd better think of, how do we on that date, before the game to learn lessons."
But for Liverpool, is only the sum up lessons is not enough, and they need in the weak link introduce reinforcements. The red army so far summer new signings midfielder, but they can't appropriate cleaning super, call in capital, so was the guardian taunt: new season "0-from 10-0" formations. And in the left-back and central position, Liverpool have so far no as. The red army right now, the top priority is to sign the push, as soon as possible in the work of the Spanish club on Newcastle united left-back jose enrique, and take out Liverpool Shirt enough sincerity, Arsenal and Manchester city squeeze out the bid, from bolton defender Gary cahill acquisition. But dalglish but DuoCi says, want to sell people then bought one, in a deal with alberto aquilani has basically going about, is set in this principle, I'm afraid I will only but increase the Liverpool fans anxiety.
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Barcelona, cesc fabregas joined the club believe the nou camp, will get the final confirmation in this week, both Barcelona club or Arsenal football club, will be the final solution on Friday as a deadline. Arsenal manager arsene wenger said, if 3, 4 days have no other club quoted the price of satisfaction to Arsenal, so small law will stay at Arsenal World Soccer Shop and Barcelona, said this week also want to put to solve the problem of small method to join, if can't introduce small method, the Barcelona won't introduce this summer for any player.
Miami is the Barcelona coach, josep guardiola carries camp, and first more specifically talked about the transfer of small method, although he didn't name names, but as he said, everyone know he said is who. Asked when the transfer of the problem, and the melon is so handsome said: "we also sent complete a pile reinforcements, as for our goal is who, that is well known." It is reported, introduce the method for small, Barcelona President nasser in fact is not how he chose, josep guardiola insisted that the club is introduced small method. Last summer, the melon handsome is looking to buy a small method for a variety of reasons, but without success, and the melon is handsome and small method to ensure this summer, Barcelona Liga Futbol Shirt will introduce small method. Not long ago in Barcelona and Arsenal's negotiations stalled, nice and small method to melons, let the latter call the patience to wait.The Catalan media believe that cesc fabregas transfer can finished quickly. Last Friday, small method to arsene wenger said again, he left Arsenal determination has not changed, and Arsenal also must accept the fact that small method to leave.
In order to complete the transfer of small law as soon as possible, with Barcelona in the United States to participate in activities with Barcelona President ROM nasser, also had to Britain from the United States. Small method transfer has entered the final phase, Barcelona President ROM stark's intervention is a big proof. Had FC Barcelona Jersey been are Barcelona vice chairman of the club TuoMei baal in charge and Arsenal football club, and now he's negotiations will exercise helps.The club's offer, the Barcelona Numbers in a lot of claim. The latest news is Barcelona club reported 29 million euros is fixed and the price of 6 million euros, and a small floating method for the surge will also take out one of the 5 million euros, so the club's offer to Barcelona to 40 million euros, Barcelona of the club and believe, the price should be able to make Arsenal on promised to. It is reported, even small method have begun to and Arsenal player said goodbye. Arsenal of red bull New York after the game, small law came to Arsenal in the locker room, deep the feeling ground with Arsenal team-mate and all staff members to say goodbye, obviously, the small method in London, he recognized the professional stage to be the end of it.
Josep guardiola said, Barcelona's team of the framework has been set, "with the these players in the case, if I still complain about what, the taste is too bad." Barcelona club, or have also decided to introduce small method, or who Barcelona Soccer Jersey are not introduce. Despite the news that in gaby milito is likely to leave Argentina independent, Barcelona team needs to introduce a defender, but it is not that Barcelona top priority, for milito replacement also but is a substitute, and Barcelona have very good second team defender young plant.

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And valeri Aaron and in pre-season, and Liverpool do regular, Henderson, sent the existing Charlie Adam, downing three new signings appear together, reina, agger, glen Johnson three defender back together, still unable to save the team before the tournament season is flagging. Even three goals in the second half, 3-the final score 3 to "miracle" has a somewhat similar to Istanbul; But stop by for a stoppage time's opponent, and just move the 11 th the process and result of this, I'm World Cup Football Shirt afraid of any a Liverpool fans won't be satisfied.
In addition to the defence loopholes, Liverpool midfielder also very disappointing. The Liverpool captain Steven gerrard for inguinal infected, will continue to be out for at least six weeks. Before the game, summer new signing Charlie Adam had-secured, Liverpool midfielder said existing reserves are enough to fill the vacancy of Steven gerrard. But nearly three pre-season games, Liverpool midfielder in the home of mobile warfare cannot, defence and the lack of effective protection, knock on both ends English Premier League Football Shirts of the alarm bell rang: a lack of Steven gerrard and Brazil the small of the back, the red army fell at least Lucas a class!!!!!As Adam said, Liverpool in position in avant-garde many: candidate was dalglish great expectations of him, 2000 WanXinYuan Henderson, "old age academy product" (not yet to 23 years old in a team, a firm foothold) PiLin from charlton last year, the introduction of the new star XieErWei, from fc Porto MeiLei rice, purchases the fourth team high-paying Joe cole, and so on. But in the pre-season, save the team, unexpectedly is that many of the candidate most likely to be cleaning the-Italy midfielder alberto aquilani is right in Liverpool, this had to transfer policy a great ironies.
Aquilani substitute appearances in the 80th minute, just three minutes Henderson, after he was discharged in the chest for external use opposition defenders a headed clearance and volleyed in immediately, the other party goalkeeper hill anfield lubricious mian shu, Liverpool to win the ball over a corner. Aquilani would personally, smart passes assists agger after making to equalise. Another 5 minutes, aquilani outside the area BaJiao Liverpool Football Tops blasts, once again, he made a corner a corner found the nodded kuyt, the Dutch elano, assists the point after agger a brace. In the play of alberto aquilani after eight minutes, Liverpool two goals down, even magic way to realize the overhaul!!!!!But the team lost the ball again in stoppage time, failed to live up to the outbreak of alberto aquilani. And, aquilani magic work attendance, is just leave him a last gasps.
But the team lost the ball again in stoppage time, failed to live up to the outbreak of alberto aquilani. And, aquilani magic work attendance, is just leave him Liverpool Shirts a last gasps before, even though the team from losing streak in the awkward saved, but don't get out and he himself was the fate of the cleaning. The Liverpool in with 20 million pounds in the summer from the Roman bought star midfielder, this be regarded as xabi alonso double in two years, but his performance is up and down to the red army especially disappointed, "day price gray" label all recognized. The summer, Charlie Adam bought Henderson and Liverpool, the array of as many as nine, and avant-garde has to clean the dead wood, up to 70000 pounds a week, aquilani is selling first choice.

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In Argentina, gaza is considered domestic scores with the same academic pekerman: no prominent players era, but a study tactics and training hard slog of spirit. Talk about their scores, gaza said as the success of the three elements: coach, competent and honest learned. In his view, each coach will choose skilled players, but he would prefer a technology go in no features but can "kill" rivals in the field of the player. Pragmatism is he Wholesale Soccer Jersey Supplier from lal more than learn there, but he green is better than blue: not only can do Argentina at present the most lack of defense, also can try to ensure the flow of attack.Gaza on the core tactics scores fame is to keep the midfielder continued oppression, this is the same Argentina international problem.
Good midfield and defensive, the steady oppression of the college students' team scores for gaza in the 2009 copa libertadores cup 11 games in conceded only two goals, even if AnDu Hal flee Italy goalkeeper, his team will still boasts the cosmos Barcelona besieged the 88 minutes. He coached 2010 years, two, a season, college students are league team goals conceded team.To make good use of right-back assists, he World Cup Soccer Jerseys in college students' team cristiano rodriguez is deep essence, he almost control the whole article is difficult to use opponent right and left his assists flanks. For gaza, important for scores is how to let players through the unremitting running for midfielder set barriers, rather than relying on the players flashes. In this sense, wants to return to the national team has spoken publicly about the basic no chance. I'm afraid Juan Roman riquelme In 352 the team scores gaza for basic formation, with two wing-back is only player. Sometimes he will make the changes for 3412 or 442, but the result is very different: October 2010 against gaza rumsfeld when he only 352 harvest the 0-0 BaiJuan, but six weeks after the same formation but 4-0 victory lay champion. River
In addition to cautious optimism, the media and fans outside of the common fear was: gaza would scores like dunga, that too much emphasis on conservative? And in general lack of Argentina defender, to find three qualified central defender, how difficult. After all, in Mr Tower's door, nicolas burdisso and walter Samuel, after Argentina has not found even share in the centre of defence. And, his 352 wing side who to have high standards, this also is the largest Argentina short board--the lack of mobile full-back. Almost completely contacts SaLei palmer, defensive tactics of the system of the scores, actually in gaza can DuoDa Argentina Soccer Jersey extent improve the defense of Argentina, remains unknown. And as the paradox is that 352 is usually very active attack socialist system.
Whether can led Argentina out and gaza at least has created scores a record: he has become the united Arab emirates professional league one of history's most short-lived coach, from June 11 to July 28, sign contract, total 47 days. Want Messi Jersey to know, was last Tuesday he should arrive in ABU dhabi, the peninsula at the club, but on Thursday said roig break it off. Gaza without an scores carries a game, even training or not done a single reinforcements traded, let the peninsula to be unhappy with the club. The club's manager MaBuHu peninsula sports, said they will to Argentina football association and gaza compensation: "scores must be someone to pay the price."
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In the United States in a friendly, Barcelona than 1 2, this also is lost to Manchester united in Barcelona pre-season first defeat, but even worse World Soccer Shop than the loss of his injury, fee. Near the end of the race, o fee to feel your own's left leg muscle strain, after the game, according to the results of the inspection fee of the left thigh, o's biceps muscle fiber exist, he tore need to rest four to five weeks. If injury rehabilitation process is a bit slow, for the injured, o time may even for 2 months!!!!!
That is, not only will miss o fee, with real Madrid Spanish super cup (August 14 and 17), and will also miss the Porto for the European super cup (August 26,), and two rounds before the la liga to malaga and of villarreal (game time is respectively Liga Futbol Shirt on August 21 and 29) although banged up, o, or will follow the team for complete tour of America. O fee has won the josep guardiola's trust, although he in Barcelona not regular, and also received many clubs have invited, he decided to stay at Barcelona.
In addition, HuoNa teenager's o fee, soriano also, audi cup in the injury, such, josep guardiola the attack has faced staffing problem. More than the pre-season games, josep guardiola has arranged for a 9 o's number, and now he Barcelona Soccer Team Jersey must find new options. Diariosport says, "cost analysis of sarai injured let Barcelona striker become feeble, early season o, who is not and beriah fee and pedro together in the house. The Spanish super cups against real Madrid, and beriah and pedro looked on two of the main position, o, after injury in fee, the question now is who will become the third person. The Spanish super cups to start, Lionel messi and sanchez are trained for only a week, because they want to August 8, back to report to Barcelona, in that case, they in the bernabeu debut against real Madrid, will obviously be taking an enormous risk injury, josep guardiola is unlikely to let messi and sanchez from the start. So that does not have to be in Lionel messi on August 10 to national team for the game, because the Argentinian fa canceled the friendly against Romania, but sanchez had to that day against the French national team on behalf of Chile. Sanchez has been named in the England squad, but will not play still uncertain.
In Lionel messi and wait and see when sanchez state, josep guardiola must consider other options, the most likely is to let the forward position to play issue left winger, booth g watts, and Harvey keita, such, Barcelona Barcelona Jersey Soccer midfield of the large frame basic remain unchanged. Another option is to use the adventure of the academy members, but ephron the hittite still in the negotiations from Barcelona thing, the rove in Europe's youth championship, the card is Barcelona in the United States during the line find, but still needs further strength test.
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July 31, 2011, in the morning inter fans in Beijing organized a program called "cycle to blue port, the theme of" salute massimo moratti activities, to be in the Italian super cup final in the inter milan cheer, in a special way of health for people to set up the Chinese fans excellent representative demeanor. "Cycle to blue port, the activities of" salute to massimo moratti to now inter President massimo moratti express Chinese Cheap England Football Shirts inter fans for Mr. He respects. Although Mr Massimo moratti is a 0.1 billion rich, but having riding a bicycle to ground habit. China's inter fans it is based on the practice of Mr Massimo moratti is modeled after the event, decided to hold.
"Cycle to blue port, salute theme is moratti by two international milan official authentication of the fan club" inter front "and" moratti China "jointly. This activity of the start point is located in peace in the street to the sea before the end of the hospital, shop for inter in the blue harbor. The total distance of about 10 km ride for. In the sea before the players for cycling hospital, was 50, including the first Italian Football Shirts put into A, B, C, D four team, each team has cycling team 10 people, total 40 people, and the other 10 players for cycling bullpen. At the same time in the harbor and the blue the welcome team for the second person, they waiting for the team to come.
In order to let the event for excellence in the deep heart, inter fans especially for participants made the front beautiful T-shirt. On July 31, 8 a.m. 40 points, the team's first bike began to the hospital of the former, then 39 bike in the following order also. Due to the narrow road, organizers asked not to side by side of the road, the whole team in "a" glyph orderly forward. The street the formidable 40 bicycle long dragon Inter Milan Football Shirt caused the people on both sides of the road are gathering to watch, and not someone took the camera to take shots as.
About points, the team at 9 to a break point, KuanJie crossing the road a piece of open space, the team added the moisture and confirmed in players in good physical condition and continue to start after. About 9 32 points, the convoy reached the second break point, Beijing workers gymnasium door. Riding the personnel MILITO Inter Milan Football Kit and the crew are in succession, and rest stop for a photo. Period, chief still activities organized several for inter come on the practice of the slogan for the entire team, improved morale. The 10 backup players also on for the drivers, and to ensure that every part of signing up for fans have the opportunity to participate in this meaningful activities. Then the whole team ride to muster harbour, blue arrival time about 10 PM. Be worth what carry is in the second half of the workers stadium, ride journey appear around a adidas corner shops, above the giant with AC milan advertising, chaoyang park near a suspected the milan fans open restaurant, riding to the inter fans of the nature of these feel disdain.

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The whole summer, Manchester united have been to inter core sneijder was interested, including David Beckham, united's assistant manager MuLunSi d, a lot of people are strongly suggest, sir alex ferguson must sign sneijder. The Netherlands in 35 million pounds worth of heavenly king about the transfer, Manchester united, can bear; But he Cheap Soccer Jersey is as high as 250000 pounds of his requirements, let Manchester united to bear. Last night, inter in Dublin super cup final 3-0 defeat by Manchester city after the game, was asked if willing to play in England, 27, said, "maybe sneijder." Sneijder hinted that he may join Manchester united this summer, "always have a chance to what happens."
"I've played 10 years the highest-level event, there will always be a lot of speculation every year. I'm still here, every day I will be very happy with his teammates to training, for the fans and the club's every people play a good game. As for what will happen after that, we'll see. There are always opportunities what happens. I in the Netherlands, Spain Champions League Football Shirt and Italy were have played a lot of important events, in fact, I am still in Italian football. We wait and see what will happen, but I'm a very happy person." Last weekend, sir alex ferguson to sneijder issued an ultimatum, want to join Manchester united have to accept a salary, or Manchester united, will end talks. "If he wanted to come, he must accept we open the contract conditions. If he didn't want to come, we have other options. We have to take action." Although sir alex ferguson admits united have never to put forward sneijder offer, but inter coach sperry, said, and "a sneijder to offers."
"I have realized, have a for the price, they (sneijder Manchester united and inter's negotiations) should happen....... I don't have to worry, because in every year of this stage this happened is normal. The market will always open to August 31, therefore, we Manchester United Soccer Jerseys think that would have been to did not end then. Not only is inter, other giants, too, key players will be a lot of the club's objective. When a giants have this level of players, the goal must be to keep them, if these clubs want to sell them, it must rely on its own condition giants decision."
Manchester united CEO David gill in North America, said "tour when we end, will return to England tour and sir alex ferguson and his coaching staff, sat in the office talk. I don't want to talk about the details, but obviously, we just want to sign a really good players. The transfer market target is not much, because there are some reasons or contract is the club's not for sale, and did not appear on the market. The important Manchester Utd Football Club Jersey thing is that you never know what will happen in football world, things can change very quickly." The Daily Telegraph says, local time, on Monday morning, David gill and sir alex ferguson will talk about the last month's transfer, no doubt, is this meeting will sneijder mentioned the only one name.
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